"The vampire world" is a nameless location that's not actually present on Earth.
It's inhabited by vampiremeerkats only, and is ruled by a king and/or queen.

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There are invisible portals all over the regular world that lead to the vampire world. Only supernatural beings are able to see and open them. If one were to see a portal, they'd see a square brick wall. In order to open the portal, the bricks need to be removed, and behind it is a void which the person can enter.

All portals lead directly into the royal castle; more specifically, a long and wide corridor leading to the throne room. The castle is almost always crowded with vampiremeerkats, as they are allowed to roam around the throne room as they please.

The vampire world itself resembles a huge, neverending city. There are no trees or plants in this world, but at the same time there's oxygen, as it's possible for mortals to breathe.


  • There are three portals near Damy's house.
  • Cheekah is currently queen, but doesn't visit the vampire world or reigns over her people, which means they are in need of a competent ruler.
  • Deirdre is the only mortal who has visited the vampire world so far.

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