• Kanapkuba

    Voice Actors

    June 12, 2019 by Kanapkuba

    this is voice cast in my universe Elena-Zofia Nowakowska

    Isabell-Julia Totoszko

    Skylar-Wojciech Brzeziński

    Anna Szymańczyk-Luna

    Witt Apostolakis-Gluziński-Phineas Flynn

    Justyna Bojczuk- Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

    Monika Pikuła-Cadance Flynn Ewa Serwa- Jenny Brown Jan Rotowski-Liliput Beata Wyrąbkiewicz-Cera

    Karina Szafrańska- Prince James as a doe

    Grzegorz Pawlak-Princess Kari as a buck

    Paweł Ciołkosz- Steve Rogers/Captain America

    Mariusz Bonaszewki-Tony Stark / Iron Man

    Grzegorz Damięcki- Bruce Banner / Hulk

    Beata Jankowska -Tzimas -Zosia 

    Agnieszka Fajhauer- Kate (she -wolf)

    Tomasz Sapryk- James Rodhes / War Machine

    Zofia Młodej -Mohatu and Kiara Junior

    Krzysztof Banaszyk-Simba

    Grzegorz Kwiatkwski- Vision

    Paweł Iwanicki-Aladar

    Bartosz Obuchowicz-Kenai(bear)


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  • Kanapkuba

    New Year's wishes

    December 31, 2018 by Kanapkuba

    as the new year is already at your belt, I intend to give you New Year greetings like those I have made to you dear Christmas users who have passed me a few days ago so I wish your characters for the new year would not burn, do not drown that they would not fall under the panic flock like Mufasa so that they are not hit by a bolt that they were burned eaten so that they do not fall off the cliff so that it does not hit the branches of the head so that they are not hunted by hyenas (of course skipping good hyenas) and that in your character in your seriously this year passed somehow good

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  • Kanapkuba

    Christmas wishes

    December 23, 2018 by Kanapkuba

    as tomorrow is Christmas and the day after tomorrow is the first day of Christmas, I would like to wish Christmas wishes to all users of The lion king fanon Wiki both from America and from Europe, also from Italy, but also from Poland as I am Polish on how everyone knows their nation because I love my nation too I would like to wish you for the holidays to your characters when in your storytelling stories they kept it so that it would not fall off the rock shelf so that they would not be burned eaten murdered or would never break legs so that they would not struck a branch in the head so that no one would disturb their adventures to easily deal with opponents. Well, for you and your characters and your fan series, this year the coming and …

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  • Kanapkuba

    and can you make   drawing where Sofia is the adult mare of unicorn?:

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  • Kanapkuba

    please 3

    November 5, 2018 by Kanapkuba

    could you take pictures for these people's infoboxes for me ?:

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