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Status: Active ♥️

Hi! I'm SisiNiSawa621. You can find me here and on the Lion Guard Wiki, but mostly here.

My Favorites

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Animal: Koala

Favorite TLG Song: A New Way To Go

Favorite Song: Friends on the Other Side :3

Favorite Movie: Mulan

My Favorite OC (created by me): Kosa

My Favorite OC (not created by me): Nguruma

Friends, Allies, and Acquaintances


Lopez-Lopez is one of my very good friends on here and on discord.

Potato-Potato is a discussions mod and a good friend Of mine

Ava-An amazing artist with the best ships.

Ginny-an active admin, and great friend

Echo-Echo is my friend on discord.


Myers-A good ally of mine

Alyssa-One of my allies

NightPrideFan02-Another ally of mine

My Pages

Favorite Songs

  • A New Way To Go
  • The Worst Hyena We Know
  • Sisi Ni Sawa 😉
  • On the Last Night

Favorite Ships



Shipping Gallery

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