Princess ava15

aka Mhina

Little Lion Guard Member Majordomo
  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 14
  • I am Female

Hi im princess ava15 but you can just call me ava15. I'm a writer and artist. If you need anything you can talk to me on my message wall here or on my wiki.

I make edits, comments, and more. I am also a huge fan of The Pokemon series, Survivors, Seekers, and Warriors cats.

Facts about Me:

  • I have self esteem issues.
  • im a best friend.
  • I use to write Lion King/Lion Guard fanfics, I also use to write Warriors and Pokemon fanfics as well
  • im a big fan of pokemon since i was little
  • The lion king fanon wiki is the first place i've actually posted stories for the public. I've written stories for years, but never ever showed anybody, or have only posted a tiny snippet.
  • I am pretty much a child at heart.
  • I am usually very friendly unless you make me mad- I can get extremely angry when pushed off the edge. Please don't test me cause I really have to restrain myself on here from ranting a lot of the time.


  • When people constantly ask "Are your requests/trades/commissions open??" When I have it clearly marked and have clearly stated that i am not. I ALWAYS tell people when I am open again, so if any journals or pages say "CLOSED" Then just, please, don't ask
  • People who ask a question, and will keep repeating themselves until it's answered.
  • When I tell people to keep my characters in character and they say they will and they don't
  • Those who are constantly talking about a pairing and won't stop shoving it in your face
  • I cannot stand liars and ignorant jerks- I cannot stand people who lie for attention. Lie to me, and you lose all my trust.
  • When people use my Drawings without my Permission.

Fandoms I am a part of

(feel free to ask or talk to me about them)

  • Survivors
  • Seekers
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Wings Of Fire
  • Warrior Cats
  • Pokémon (Obviously)
  • The Lion King/ The Lion Guard

My Ships

They will never change to another pairing in my fanonverse so please don't try to it sneak in.

Shippings Gallery


Images of Shippings I Support

My Fanfics

  • Legends of the Lion Guard Chronicles (2018-present)
  • Story of the Northern Pride [2020-present] (Creator)
  • Tales of Mhina (Creator)(2020)
  • Journey of two Siblings
  • The Adventures of Altus [2018-present] (Creator)
  • The Journey of Two Siblings (creator) (TBA)
  • The story of Flametiger (Tales of Dawnclan)

To-do List


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