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"We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky."
-Rihanna, Diamonds

Credit to Ava15
Hi there, friends!
My name is Potato, and I prefer to be called that or Greenflower.
I'm a bureaucrat on this wikia, whom I work hard to serve and edit for. A proud resident of Texas, I work hard to improve myself when wrong and be a friend to those around me.

I can be found all over the wiki, in blogs, discussions, and all other fanfiction.

You want to see my fanfiction? Sure! My story is called The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya, and you can find more information here. While the series has content found here, it has since moved to its own wiki.

My favorite Lion King movie is Simba's Pride.

I have made many friends on the wiki, and I applaud and like them dearly. Some of my friends include Sisi, Ripple, and many more.

I own many OCs, including my signature Warriors character, Greenflower.

While I do have an email that can be contacted, I prefer to be messaged via Discord. My name there is Greenflower#7496.

Bucket List

  • Draw Jennifer and Mya characters for its wiki
  • Move an inch outside the house when coronavirus is over
  • Purchase Demi Lovato's albums from Here We Go Again to Tell Me You Love Me
  • Purchase Rihanna's albums from Music of the Sun - Rated R and from Talk That Talk to Anti
  • Purchase Twenty One Pilots albums
  • Purchase Dodie's first album, Build A Problem
  • Meet up with my friends again
  • Go planespotting at DFW airport
  • Splurge on Discord Nitro
  • Continue being who I am and continue working on improving myself
  • Binge every 30 for 30 documentary
  • Prepare for school mania


  • Demi albums
  • Rihanna albums
  • Discord Nitro
  • 2021 being a better year than 2020


Friends and Allies

Shippings I Support

By Ava15

Canon Ships

Out of Universe Shippings

  • JadeXBeck (Bade) - Victorious
  • JadeXTori (Jori) - Victorious
  • DemiXWilmer (Dilmer) - although they've split and never gotten married, and although Demi Lovato is dating someone else now - their relationship is something that nearly caused me to burst out in tears. Out of all of Demi's relationships, this one has the best chemistry.
  • DemiXNick (Nemi) - unofficially.
  • CarlyXFreddie (Creddie) - iCarly
  • SamXFreddie (Seddie) - iCarly
  • CyrusXTJ (Tyrus or Jyrus) - Andi Mack
  • RueXJules - Euphoria
  • ChadXSonny (Channy) - Sonny With a Chance
  • LuzXAmity (Lumity) - The Owl House


Canon and Fanon Gallery

OOU Gallery

Shippings I Don't Support

  • Kion and Rani - Okay. The show ruined all potential this shipping ever had. It was rushed, felt forced, and lacked any sort of edge or anything special. I only believe Rani "loved" (probably not even loved) Kion just because of the Roar. I'm glad Ava15 made Rani fall in love with Kingiza rather than Kion.
  • KionXJasiri - I do not ship Kion with a hyena who is older than him. That's... gross.
  • KionXVitani - Are you kidding me? She's his sister-in-law.
  • KionXNirmala - Kill it. Kill it with FIRE.
  • FuliXRani - They are friends. Nothing more to be said.
  • VaryaXSurak - Uh look, I only ship Surak with Nirmala... This is a little weird.
  • SurakXKion - Wattpad. Please stop.
  • SimbaXKiara - Death to it.
  • SurakXReader - What has society even come to.
  • KionXKovu - Brotherly love taken way out of context.
  • KionXBunga - Earth is cruel.
  • KionXKiara - Incest is sickening beyond belief.
  • KionXLaini - This has the IQ level of Max Ehrich. I say that as a Lovatic.



Things to Know


  • In the past, I may have seemed like a hardly unamused person who was always sharp-tongued, condescending, and blunt. However, I want to change from that. I want to be happy, while also being welcoming to new users who join the wikia and write their brilliant fiction. I don't want to be cold and snappy. I want to help best as I can, without ripping myself in two or feeling like I'm forced to mediate everything out. I don't wanna be some person I don't want to be. I don't wanna hide who I want to be. I want to love myself and not hide who I am inside.
  • Being a comedian is in my blood. I like to laugh and mimic others. My range includes:
    • Various animated characters
    • Iconic television lines
    • Squidward because he's such a mood
  • I have a sharp mind, and try to be open to change, even if I find it hard to adjust at first.
  • I want to fix the mistakes I've ever made. I may not be able to erase the past, but I want to be a good person.
  • I loathe lies. Like, seriously. I hate lies.
  • People can insult me for who I am, they can try breaking what I have, but I'm strong enough to know that it will not affect me.

Opinions on Things


  • Melissa is an amazing writer/artist.
  • I love all of Melissa's work.
  • Melissa draws better than me.
  • I've met amazing people here, such as Melissa, Alyssa, Sisi, and more.
  • I stick around for any wikia drama. Don't expect me to disappear, even I do for a while to breathe
  • If there's one thing I don't do: I do not give up on my friends on the wikia (unless I'm in mental hell)

Lion King Media

  • I strongly believe Kion deserved better than Rani.
    • I also fairly dislike Rani.
  • Season 3 of The Lion Guard was rushed.
  • I love Love Will Find a Way.
  • Jeremy Irons and Suzanne Pleshette will always be the only true Scar and Zira, respectively.
  • I applauded Kiara when she set Simba in his place in Simba's Pride.
  • Six New Adventures is NOT CANON to the main universe.
  • Tama is probably my favorite comic character.
  • The shading in TLG is very flat, and I would have appreciated if they gave characters more defined shading.
  • I don't support the theory that Kopa was in love with Vitani or was physically harmed in any way by Zira.

Original Characters

  • Mhina is an amazing OC.
  • Mhina the leopon is incredible as a teenager. I prefer for him to stay one. He really is perfect at that age.
  • KionXMhina is OTP and should not be changed. They're the best couple on this wiki.
    • Mhina only belongs with Kion. They should never ever ever break up. Never. Mhina doesn't deserve to be shipped with anyone else but Kion.
  • One of my favorite OCs here is Nadra the leopon. She's really pretty.
  • I own the following OCs (more below):

OC Info


  • Greenflower was the first OC I created, made sometime in late 2018.
  • She's a friend of my second OC, Tuliptalon.
  • She is heaviliy based off the Warriors character of the same name, and my Morgan horse, Greenflower, from Star Stable Online.
  • Her favorite song/anthem is Sorry Not Sorry.
  • She has an image and an article here. The image is made by Ava15.
  • Much of her personality is based on me.
  • Greenflower is a medicine cat.
  • She is a fan of Demi Lovato, Dodie, and Rihanna.
  • Greenflower likes to pretend Chris Brown doesn't exist.
  • She likes drawing and writing, and drinking herbal tea.
  • Greenflower barely knows any foreign language.
  • A green flower is often present in her ear. This is how she got her name.
  • Chamomile is her favorite herb.
  • She is dark brown. Her favorite color is green.
  • Her voice actor is Shohreh Aghdashloo in Melissa's fanfics. I personally like to imagine her being voiced by someone bubbly... Maybe Mae Whitman.


  • Tuliptalon was the second OC I created.
  • She used to roam the hunting grounds of Kate Cary's blog, BlogClan.
  • Using her imagination, she likes being a deputy.
  • Tuliptalon loves Rihanna. At times, she can be seen bopping to Only Girl, her favorite song.
  • She owns all of Rihanna's albums up until Unapologetic. Yes, she's that much of a dedicated fan.
  • Tuliptalon wears a tulip on her ear, which is how she got her name.
  • Her favorite colors are pink and orange.
  • She likes watching the sunset.
  • Tuliptalon is mottled gray.
  • She is a warrior.
  • Tuliptalon has an article here.
  • She is based off a Star Stable Online user's last name, which was Tuliptalon.
  • She participates in pride parades.
  • She is unaware of who Demi Lovato is.
  • Tuliptalon deeply hates Chris Brown, and she is noted to "stare daggers" whenever a music video of his pops up on her YouTube feed.
  • She is very lean and fit.
  • Her voice actor is Iris Bahr in Melissa's fanfic. I'd like to imagine her being voiced by Grey DeLisle with a similar voice to Raggedy Android, a character from My Life as a Teenage Robot.


  • Addersong was the third OC I created.
  • He is my first male OC.
  • He has a very fluffy tail, and cinnamon-colored stripes.
  • He likes rock music. His favorite group is Linkin Park.
  • His favorite song is Hotel California by The Eagles.
  • Addersong has a sharp, tangy voice that grabs attention.
  • He has a fluffy chest.
  • He dislikes Dodie and Demi Lovato.
  • Addersong is often overconfident and goes into situations without thinking.
  • A scar mars his right thigh.
  • He is mates with Tuliptalon.
  • Addersong was named via a fan device on
  • He is the best hunter around.
  • He is slightly annoyed with how obsessive Tuliptalon is over Rihanna.
  • Addersong is a music guy. He owns a lot of rock albums.
  • He cannot draw or write well, but he is a fluent speaker.
  • Addersong can speak Romanian.
  • He has an image and article here.
  • He is voiced by Ace Gibson in Melissa's fanfics. I'd personally see him be voiced by John Hodgman.


  • Brownwing is my fourth OC.
  • She is white with brown patches on her sides.
  • She has green eyes, one of which is darker than the other.
  • She is an excellent stalker.
  • Brownwing is fast and uses her speed to get tasks done.
  • She's a big sports fan, and likes watching ice hockey, football, and basketball.
  • Her favorite song is Behind Enemy Lines by Demi Lovato.
  • Her voice actor is Dallas Lovato, the sister of Demi Lovato.
  • She is a little hyper when speaking at times, and can come off speaking like she has a lisp.
  • Her favorite color is olive green.
  • Brownwing has an easy ability to find what's rotting and what's not.
  • She loves spending time with Brindlekit and Flickerkit.
  • Brownwing, unlike my other OCS, came from an OC adoption. The user lost their rights to their OCs after homophobic comments, and thus, I stepped up to adopt Brownwing.
  • She has a thin tail.
  • She is personally voiced by Elizabeth Gillies.


  • Brindlekit is my fifth OC.
  • She is an orange and blank brindled kitten.
  • She is mostly based off Brindleclaw from the Warriors series.
  • She has heterochromic eyes, one blue, one green.
  • Brindlekit loves to play.
  • She is quite nervous around other strangers.
  • She has gently tapered ears.
  • Brindlekit loves hockey and the Olympics.
  • Her voice actor is Madison De La Garza, the younger sister of Dallas and Demi Lovato.
  • Brindlekit has a gritty, but proud singing voice.
  • Her favorite music is by Hot Chelle Rae. Her favorite song is Tonight Tonight.
  • Her favorite colros are red and orange.
  • Brindlekit's favorite hobby is painting.
  • Like Brownwing, I adopted her from an OC adoption from the user who lost their rights due to homophobic comments.
  • She is close to her brother, Flickerkit.
  • Her eyes grow large when something surprising happens.
  • She is voiced by Dakota Fanning.


  • Flickerkit is not based after the character of the same name from the series.
  • She is tortoiseshell with yellow and orange flecks.
  • Half of her ear is missing.
  • She has a catchphrase, "Wherever you go, I shall follow."
  • She is a huge fan of sports.
  • Flickerkit isn't skilled at hunting.
  • She likes annoying Brindlekit.
  • Flickerkit loves to hang out with Brownwing.
  • She loves to hear stories from Penda.
  • EDM is her jam.
  • She doesn't have a favorite singer.
  • Flickerkit enjoys playing video games.
  • She likes to eat grass.
  • Flickerkit is prone to getting sick in the winter.
  • She can't write well.
  • Her voice actor is Elle Fanning.


  • Penda is Melissa's lion OC that I share ownership with.
  • She enjoys spending time with Greenflower and her friends.
  • She is fond of Brindlekit and Flickerkit, and enjoys chilling with them.
  • Penda acts as a guard and sentry.
  • She is a strong-bodied fighter.
  • She dislikes bees.
  • Penda likes watching long movies and documentaries.
  • She is a sportsball fanatic, and her favorite sports are football and basketball. She enjoys college sports more than professional sports.
  • Her favorite film to watch is The U and its sister film The U: Part 2.
  • Penda enjoys listening to general upbeat songs; her favorite is All I Do Is Win.
  • She has a sensitive stomach, and can't eat much meat.
  • She prefers living a solitary life when she's not with Greenflower and her friends.
  • Her voice actor is Elizabeth Daily, who also voices Amira in my fanfic.

Personal Facts/Opinions

My Things

  • I'm a teenager, age 14.
  • I am an animal lover. I love cats and horses. I own two cats named Boris and Natasha.
  • I used to play Star Stable Online and Minecraft. I now play Meadow and Among Us.
  • My favorite shows are Victorious, iCarly, Andi Mack, Euphoria, The Owl House, and My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • Warriors, Scarlet and Ivy, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole are my favorite book series.
  • I have questionable opinions.
  • 'Nonce' is a word I often use.
  • 'What in the name of StarClan's green earth?' is my catchphrase.
  • I love using Photoshop.
  • I love memes, especially ones relating to current events.
  • TikTok is a thing I generally dislike, unless someone posts cringey Disney content on it.
  • It ticks me off when...
    • People upload their images to the wikia and don't name them.
    • When I recieve a Discord ping, and the person knows I'm in school.
    • Someone trashtalks my friends.
    • People who defend Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna.
    • Someone who insults me for personal decisions and beliefs.
    • People who CONSTANTLY PESTER ME TO BE HERE when I have other things to do on other wikis, or in real-life
    • Impatience is beyond annoying to deal with. If you want me to do something and pester me about it every day, you're more than likely going to bother me. It makes my already short temper even more short.


  • The Houston Astros are the Houston Asterisks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers rightfully deserve the 2017 WS trophy.
  • Demi Lovato is crushing on Rihanna.
  • If I drink a glass of tea each night, I'll fall asleep quicker.
  • I can work with pixel blanks better than sketching on a piece of paper and coloring it digitally.
    • Nonetheless, I also have a hobby of digitially creating my Jennifer and Mya characters.
  • My cats are secretly dogs in disguise.
  • Seeing the Astros/Asterisks getting heckled is fun.
  • General music has frankly died over the last decade for me. There have been few that have successfully landed in my heart and memories (look at my song list), but most music has just lost the old spark it had.
  • My best friends mean a lot to me, and I work my butt off to make sure they're happy. I go to whatever lengths possible to do so, and also help them improve themselves.
  • Rihanna's name has always been pronounced "Re-on-nah" to me, even though she has confirmed that it is pronounced "Re-an-nah."
  • If you play Umbrella on a rainy day, you have a 50/50 chance of getting actual rain.


  • I'm a true Lovatic (Demi Lovato fan) at heart.
  • I stan Demi Lovato, and nothing changes that. Call me a crazy, fried, silly hooligan Lovatic, but I don't care. I'll still stan this precious person, one who I deeply love and appreciate, with all my heart. I mean, I listen to her every single day.
  • For ages, I didn't have a favorite band. The Black Eyed Peas were when I was growing up, but they never really stuck. However, I've now become hooked to Twenty Øne Piløts, and they are now my favorite band. OneRepublic follows closely in second.
  • I hate Chris Brown. Not only does his music suck, I can NEVER forgive him for what he did to Rihanna. He beat her up and bruised one of my favorite singers, who has deeply influenced my life, and could have potentially harmed her career. He was deserving of all that backlash. I hope he regrets beating Rihanna up for life.
  • While Demi Lovato is my favorite, Rihanna stands out to me on a personal level. I've been a fan since her early 2010's reign on the music industry. My favorite song from her is Diamonds. A few songs of hers that have grown on me are Te Amo, Disturbia, Love on the Brain, What's My Name?, and FourFiveSeconds.
  • One Direction and KPOP are overplayed and overrated.

Featured Song of the Month

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