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  • I live in Good ol Texas!
  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is Proud Lovatic, Texas resident, Dodie fan, artist and vivid nutty dreamer
  • I am She/her, they/them

"I don't see a championship winner, but I see a fighter and someone who is going to continue to fight no matter what is thrown in their way... I love the person that I am today."

-Demi Lovato at the Teen Vogue Summit in 2019


Editor/Discussion Moderator/Content Moderator

Commonly known as Potato, Flakin, or Greenflower

Dallas, Texas

Greetings, fellow visitors. I am Potato Flakin, one of the main mods of this wikia. If you want to visit this userpage, I suggest that you continue scrolling down.

But if you want to see others, I recommend going to their profiles or leave a message on their wall!

Bucket List

  • Listen to Sorry Not Sorry at 3am
  • Draw more character headshots based on songs
  • Move an inch outside the house when coronavirus is over
  • Purchase a Demi Lovato album
  • Attend a Demi Lovato concert
  • Meet up with my friends again
  • Go planespotting at DFW airport
  • Splurge on Discord Nitro
  • Prepare for school
  • Continue wishing that James Corden won't replace Ellen on her show and that Demi Lovato or Wanda Sykes will host it instead
  • Yell at my friends in Discord DMs
  • Watch more Andi Mack and Best Friends Whenever, and start Euphoria
  • Read stuff on Demi Lovato
  • Find more content on Santana Lopez
  • Continue being who I am and continue working on improving myself
  • Practice laughing like Demi Lovato
  • Finish up more Alex Meyers/Aaron and Jo reviews
  • Write stuff
  • Watch sports
  • Find a 30 for 30 and watch it
  • Watch Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga on Netflix
  • Make room accurately reflect me


  • Ginny - a super special admin and close friend of mine.
  • Ava - a highly talented artist, writer, and legendary friend. I promise to always support her through the darkest times, and when she needs help the most.
  • Kuba - my best friend with asbergers syndrome, who I often correct and give advice to.
  • Sisi - close friend of mine.
  • Alyssa - another close friend of mine.


  • Ismael - an ally who I occasionally talk with.
  • Mario - an ally on the Discord server.

Shippings I Support

By Ava15

  • Kion and Mhina (Khina) - this is the most legendary shipping on this wiki. Created by the lovely Ava15, I really love this shipping for many reasons. For example, I love how it's an LGBTQ and cross-species shipping, making it unique. These two really hit it out of the ballpark and I love their growing relationship. They will always be better than KionXRani, the shipping I didn't want to happen. These two will always be my favorite shipping. I mean, they're so unique together. They're inseperable.
  • Rani and Kingiza (Rangiza) - this shipping is also very incredible. Rani is so helpful and supportive of Kingiza, like Kion to Mhina. She's the perfect mate for a hard-working leopon. I like their bond and relationship.
  • Nguruma and Mahuluti (Ngurumi) - this is a cute shipping. I love how Mahuluti loves Nguruma despite his disabilities, and bonded with him well. They're perfect for each other.
  • Nadra and Sabiha (Nabiha) - who doesn't love a sweet bisexual couple?
  • Denahi and Malka (Malkahi) - this is a awesome shipping as well! I love how it is LGBTQ.
  • Kenai and Kopa (Kenopa) - is another cute LGBTQ shipping.
  • Tatu and Jiwe (Tatwe) - this is a super cute relationship. These two fit together perfectly.
  • Baliyo and Mansa (Mansaliyo) - is another special LGBTQ shipping that's super cool.
  • Chriki and Chatur (Chaturiki) - this is a cute arctic fox shipping.
  • Uheri and Badili (Uherdili) - I'm glad to see Uheri has a new mate who loves her.
  • Z'Usho and Shimoni (Ushomoni) - this is a cute relationship as well as a good one.
  • Duka and Vitu (Vituka) - this is a small yet great shipping.

By Kanapkuba

  • Isabella and Phineas - also known as Phinibella, are two cute dinosaurs and a great pairing.
  • Onchao and Flair - also known as Flairao, is a cute alicorn pairing.

Out of Universe Shippings

  • NothingXHover (Nover) - My Pride
  • JadeXBeck (Bade) - Victorious
  • JadeXTori (Jori) - Victorious
  • DemiXWilmer (Dilmer) - although they've split and never gotten married, and although Demi Lovato is dating someone else now - their relationship is something that nearly caused me to burst out in tears. They have perfect chemistry, and I someday hope they rekindle again (Demi, I know you still have feelings for Wilmer Valderrama! Can't hide what you said in your documentary now!)
  • DemiXMax (Dax) - They are special. I love them. And now they're engaged. You two are perfect together, and so special and loved. Demi and Max - you are one of the cutest irl couples I ever got to see.
  • DemiXNick (Nemi) - unofficially.
  • LunaXLupis - Cow of the Wild
  • CarlyXFreddie (Creddie) - iCarly
  • SamXFreddie (Seddie) - iCarly
  • SantanaXDani (Dantana) - Glee
  • SantanaXBrittany (Brittana) - Glee
  • CyrusXTJ (Tyrus or Jyrus) - Andi Mack
  • RueXJules - Euphoria
  • ChadXSonny (Channy) - Sonny With a Chance


Fanon Universe Gallery

OOU Gallery

Shippings I Don't Support

  • Kion and Rani - okay. The show ruined all potential this shipping ever had. It was rushed, felt forced, and lacked any sort of edge or anything special. I only believe Rani "loved" (probably not even loved) Kion just because of the Roar. I'm glad Ava15 made Rani fall in love with Kingiza rather than Kion.

Discord Sever Info

Currently, Discord invites to the server are OPEN. If you want to join, please leave a request on my wall, and I'll send the server link to you as soon as I can.

My Favorite Songs


  • Take a Hint: Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies
  • You Don't Know Me: Elizabeth Gilies
  • Give It Up: Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande
  • Rasputin: Boney M
  • My Own Way: Diamond White
  • Dodie
    • Monster
    • Guiltless
    • Sick of Losing Soulmates
    • Secrets for the Mad
    • Would You Be So Kind?
    • Human
    • In the Middle
    • Boys Like You
    • Intertwined
    • Party Tattoos
    • Absolutely Smitten
    • 6/10
    • If I'm Being Honest
    • She
    • Burned Out
    • When
    • Dear Happy
    • Ready Now
    • Adored by Him
    • Not What I Meant
    • My Face
    • A Love Song/A Non Love Song
    • Arms Unfolding
    • Freckles and Constellations
    • Build Me Up Buttercup
    • Paint
    • I've Been Busy
    • I Knew You Once
    • Crazy Human Pyscho Crush
    • Bitter Content
    • The Slowest Man Alive
    • I'm Bisexual (Dodie's coming out song)
    • You
    • Just Fine
    • Words Ain't Enough
    • Instrumental
    • Novels
    • Social Dance
    • The Moon Song
    • Years Years Bears
    • Down
    • There's a Storm Coming Tonight
    • No Words
    • Pas de Deux
  • Make It Shine: Victoria Justice
  • Leave It All to Me: Miranda Cosgrove feat. Drake Bell
  • Love Will Find a Way: Liz Callaway and Gene Miller
  • We Are One: Cam Clarke and Charity Sanoy
  • Ain't It Fun?: Paramore
  • Fake Happy: Paramore
  • Each incarnation of Hakuna Matata
  • Music from 1980-2012 (the good years of music in my world)
  • Of the Same Pride: Aaron Daniel Jacob and Cade Sutton
  • Kuishi Ni Kucheka: Beau Black
  • I'll Be Complete: Blixemi
  • One Not Two: Blixemi
  • Bad Guy: Billie Eilish
  • You Should See Me in a Crown: Billie Eilish
  • Friends to the End: Diamond White, Dusan Brown, Atticus Shaffer, Bryana Salaz, and Landry Bender
  • Remember What Makes You You: Diamond White and Bryana Salaz
  • Demi Lovato
    • Confident
    • Cool for the Summer
    • Catch Me
    • Don't Forget
    • Fire Starter
    • Wildfire
    • Give Your Heart a Break
    • Heart Attack
    • Tell Me You Love Me
    • Lionheart
    • Yes
    • Stone Cold
    • For You
    • Here We Go Again
    • Really Don't Care (with Cher Lloyd)
    • Lonely
    • Anyone
    • I Love Me
    • La La Land
    • Remember December
    • My Love is Like a Star
    • Body Say
    • Fix a Heart
    • Sober (even though it's all about the relapse it's still emotionally good to listen to)
    • Let It Go (better than Idina Menzel's version)
    • Made in the USA
    • Daddy Issues
    • Father
    • Kingdom Come
    • Got Dynamite
    • Lightweight
    • I Will Survive (The Angry Birds Movie soundtrack)
    • This Is Me (notably better without the awkward Camp Rock scene)
    • Two Pieces
    • Old Ways
    • Unbroken
    • Smoke & Mirrors
    • Stay (Rihanna cover)
    • Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran cover)
    • Something That We're Not
    • Cry Baby
    • You Don't Do It For Me Anymore
    • Ruin the Friendship
    • Who's That Boy
    • Together (with Jason Derulo)
    • You're My Only Shorty
    • Fall in Line (with Christina Aguilera)
    • Only Forever
    • Sexy Dirty Love
    • Concentrate
    • Échame La Culpa (with Luis Fonsi)
    • So Far, So Great (intro to Sonny With a Chance)
    • Games
    • Get Back
    • It's On
    • All Night Long
    • Ain't No Friend
    • Sorry (not to be confused with Sorry Not Sorry)
    • Proof
    • Spotlight (one of my favorites from the unreleased collection)
    • Pattern
    • How to Love (Lil Wayne cover)
    • (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin cover)
    • Moves Me
    • Behind Enemy Lines
    • Back Around
    • Only Color I See
    • Open
    • Shadow
    • Stronger
    • Trash
    • That's How You Know
    • Shut Up & Love Me
    • Stop The World
    • Besame Mucho
    • The Beauty
    • Somebody New
    • Bad Chick
    • The Middle
    • Believe In Me
    • Until You're Mine
    • Quiet
    • Party
    • For the Love of a Daughter
  • No Promises: Cheat Codes feat. Demi Lovato
  • Irresistible: Fall Out Boy feat. Demi Lovato (especially the video with Doug the Pug)
  • I'm Ready: Sam Smith feat. Demi Lovato
  • Solo: Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato
  • Centuries: Fall Out Boy
  • Mortals: Warriyo feat. Laura Brehm
  • Try: P!nk
  • Ho Hey: The Lumineers
  • Renegades: X Ambassadors
  • Learn to Love Again: P!nk
  • What Do You Want From Me: P!nk
  • All the Right Moves/We're Going Down: OneRepublic
  • Happier: Marshmello
  • Let's Go: Calvin Harris
  • Whatcha Say: Jason Derulo
  • Toxic: Britney Spears
  • Scream and Shout: and Britney Spears
  • Lots of Bon Jovi and The Eagles
  • Domino: Jessie J
  • Rolling in the Deep: Adele
  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover): Adele
  • Stressed Out: Twenty-One Pilots
  • Ride: Twenty-One Pilots
  • Young Blood: 5 Seconds of Summer
  • High Hopes: Panic! at the Disco
  • Sledgehammer: Fifth Harmony
  • Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5
  • Just Can't Get Enough: The Black Eyed Peas
  • Rihanna (older music only)
    • Umbrella
    • S&M
    • Only Girl
    • Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem)
    • We Found Love (with Calvin Harris)
    • Diamonds (her last good one in my opinion)
  • Single Ladies: Beyonce
  • Lady Gaga (older music only)
    • Pokerface
    • Just Dance
    • I'm On the Edge of Glory
    • Bad Romance
  • Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke
  • Get Lucky: Daft Punk
  • Bust Your Kneecaps: Pomplamoose
  • O.D.D: Hey Violet
  • Generation Why: Conan Gray
  • Crush Culture: Conan Gray
  • Greek God: Conan Gray


  • Sorry Not Sorry: Demi Lovato (anthem for my haters, enemies, and people who mess with me - you're in for a treat. Not sorry. Also a party anthem.)
  • Shotgun: Pomplamoose feat. Dodie (feel-good anthem)
  • Jump Around: House of Pain (alongside Sorry Not Sorry, this is a party anthem. After all, Wisconsin Badgers football fans know this very well, or Pittsburgh Penguins fans.)
  • Warrior, Nightingale, and Skyscraper: Demi Lovato (these are anthems for recovery, perseverance, and determination, along with showing strength.)
  • I Got a Feeling: The Black Eyed Peas (Party anthem, and an anthem to remind me of the nostalgic times. I fell in love with the song because it was played a lot when I was young, especially during a special night eating out at a Steak 'n Shake where the song played, especially since that tonight was a good night, making me thing of the line Tonight's going to be a good night. I also had a lyric discussion with my father in my garage. I was really young, maybe 4, and I remember talking about the line Mazel tov. This makes the song really special for me, as I love my childhood memories and the nostalgia.)
  • Neon Lights: Demi Lovato (feel-good anthem, and a good luck anthem as well)

Things to Know


  • In the past, I may have seemed like a hardly unamused person who was always sharp-tongued, condescending, and blunt. However, I want to change from that. I want to be happy, while also being welcoming to new users who join the wikia and write their brilliant fiction. I don't want to be cold and snappy. I want to help best as I can, without ripping myself in two or feeling like I'm forced to mediate everything out. I don't wanna be some person I don't want to be. I don't wanna hide who I want to be. I want to love myself and not hide who I am inside.
  • Being a comedian is in my blood. I like to laugh and mimic others. My range includes:
    • Demi Lovato's laugh
    • Cher Lloyd (reciting her lines from Really Don't Care)
    • Various animated characters
    • Glee lines
  • I have a sharp mind, and try to be open to change, even if I find it hard to adjust at first.
  • I want to fix the mistakes I've ever made. I may not be able to erase the past, but I want to be a good person.
  • I loathe lies. Like, seriously. I hate lies.
  • People can insult me for who I am, they can try breaking what I have, but I'm strong enough to know that it will not affect me.

Opinions on Things


  • Ava15 is an amazing writer/artist.
  • I love all of Ava15's work.
  • Ava15 draws better than me.
  • I've met amazing people here, such as Ginny, Ava, Alyssa, Sisi, and more.
  • I stick around for any wikia drama. Don't expect me to disappear.
  • I act as the mediator/babysitter for everyone here.
  • If there's one thing I don't do: I do not give up on my friends on the wikia.

Lion King Media

  • I strongly believe Kion deserved better than Rani.
    • I also fairly dislike Rani.
  • Season 3 of The Lion Guard was rushed.
  • I love Love Will Find a Way.
  • Jeremy Irons and Suzanne Pleshette will always be the only true Scar and Zira, respectively.
  • I applauded Kiara when she set Simba in his place in Simba's Pride.

Original Characters

  • Mhina is an amazing OC.
  • Mhina the leopon is incredible as a teenager. I prefer for him to stay one. He really is perfect at that age.
  • KionXMhina is OTP and should not be changed. They're the best couple on this wiki.
  • One of my favorite OCs here is Nadra the leopon. She's really pretty.
  • I own the following OCs:

Personal Facts/Opinions

My Things

  • I'm a teenager, age range between 13-16.
  • I am an animal lover. I love cats and horses. I own two cats named Boris and Natasha.
  • My favorite video game is Star Stable Online.
  • My favorite sitcoms are Drake and Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, and Andi Mack.
    • My least favorite sitcoms are from Disney, especially Hannah Montana, A.N.T Farm, and more.
  • Warriors and Scarlet and Ivy are my favorite book series.
  • I have questionable opinions.
  • 'Nonce' is a word I often use.
  • 'What in the name of StarClan's green earth?' is my catchphrase.
  • I love using Photoshop.
  • I love memes, especially ones relating to current events.
  • TikTok is a thing I generally dislike, unless someone posts cringey Disney content on it.
  • I'm a true Lovatic at heart.
  • My bucket list of shows to watch include Best Friends Whenever, Euphoria (when I'm older), Autopsy, and more.
  • My favorite TV show crush is Dani, Demi Lovato's character that had a small role in Glee.
    • Why I love her: I find Dani pretty; she's a lesbian, she has an amazing singing voice, she could fit with Santana Lopez if Brittana never existed, she's quirky, fun, and silly, and she's voiced by Demi Lovato. I literally cried looking at her once.
  • I haven't firmly decided on a cartoon or movie character crush.

Personal Favorite People

  • Dodie is currently my favorite singer, and I love her songs, such as Monster, Guiltless, If I'm Being Honest, In the Middle, Sick of Losing Soulmates, and much more. I also like her collab with Pomplamoose, Shotgun.
    • Demi Lovato is currently second (funny because I used to loathe Demi lol). Some songs I love include my current personal favorites, Neon Lights, Give Your Heart a Break, Confident, and Sorry Not Sorry.
  • The following are my favorite actors:
    • Demi Lovato (Various works)
    • Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious and Dynasty)
    • Maia Mitchell (The Lion Guard)
    • Landry Bender (The Lion Guard and Best Friends Whenever)
    • Peyton Elizabeth Lee (The Lion Guard and Andi Mack)
    • Selena Gomez (mainly Wizards of Waverly Place)
    • Zendaya (K.C Undercover and Euphoria)
    • Joshua Rush (The Lion Guard and Andi Mack)
  • The following are queens I stan:
    • Dodie
    • Demi Lovato (lots of stanning for this one)
      • Sonny (Sonny With a Chance)
      • Dani (Glee)
      • Jenny (Will & Grace)
    • Selena Gomez
      • Alex Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place)
    • Naya Rivera (RIP)
      • Santana Lopez (Glee)
    • Heather Morris
      • Brittany S. Pierce (Glee)
    • Peyton Elizabeth Lee
      • Andi Mack (Andi Mack)
    • Elizabeth Gillies
      • Jade West (Victorious)
      • Fallon Carrington (Dynasty)
    • Dallas Lovato and Madison De La Garza (Demi Lovato's amazing sisters)
    • Zendaya
      • Rue Bennett (Euphoria)
    • Landry Bender
      • Cyd (Best Friends Whenever)


  • The Houston Astros are the Houston Asterisks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers rightfully deserve the 2017 WS trophy.
  • Demi Lovato may or may not have a crush on Rihanna.
    • This is supported in two interviews, where she said that she would be with her if she was male, in addition to choosing Rihanna over anyone else during a game on Ellen.
    • Demi has also covered one of Rihanna's songs, Stay.
    • This is quite hilarious to me, as Rihanna used to be my favorite singer until Dodie (and later Demi) took that spot. I still hold her close to my heart, though, as she is a big part of my childhood with S&M, Only Girl, We Found Love (with Calvin Harris), Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem), and Diamonds.
  • If I drink a glass of tea each night, I'll fall asleep quicker.
  • I'll personally feel happier and luckier if I mouth the main lyrics to Neon Lights after I go to bed each night.
  • I can work with pixel blanks better than sketching on a piece of paper and coloring it digitally.
  • My cats are secretly dogs in disguise.
  • Angry Birds Stella is the BEST game to be released by Rovio Entertainment. Please don't shoot me.
  • Seeing the Astros/Asterisks getting heckled is fun.
  • Poot Lovato, Dula Peep, and Adele Dazeem are the Unholy Trinity of real life.
  • General music has frankly died over the last decade for me. There have been few that have successfully landed in my heart and memories (look at my song list), but most music has just lost the old spark it had.
  • People need to stop slamming Disney for not renewing Sonny With a Chance for a third season. Demi Lovato needed to leave Disney in order to go to rehab; she needed help, and her mental/personal health issues were getting out of hand. Disney could do nothing much to help Demi, and staying for a third season would have probably been a fatal mistake, as Demi could have died filming it (she was not even 20 yet). Someone who knew her well said she was "on the road to suicide". Cancelling Sonny With a Chance was the best decision made; Demi Lovato is also in a much better place and is living a happier life now.
  • I stan Demi Lovato, and nothing changes that. Call me a crazy, fried, silly hooligan Lovatic, but I don't care. I'll still stan this precious person, one who I deeply love and appreciate, with all my heart. I mean, I listen to her every single day.

Userpage Lyrics

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by

You'll be coming home with me tonight

We'll be burning up like neon lights

Be still, my heart, 'cause it's freaking out

It's freaking out right now

Shining like stars, 'cause we're beautiful

We're beautiful right now

You're all I see in all these places

You're all I see in all these faces

So let's pretend we're running out of time

Of time

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by

You'll be coming home with me tonight

And we'll be burning up like neon lights

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by

You'll be coming home with me tonight

And we'll be burning up like neon lights

(Neon lights, neon lights, neon lights)

Like neon lights, oh

Like neon lights, oh

Be still, my heart, 'cause it's freaking out

It's freaking out right now

Shining like stars, 'cause we're beautiful

We're beautiful right now

You're all I see in all these places

You're all I see in all these faces

So let's pretend we're running out of time

Of time

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by

You'll be coming home with me tonight

And we'll be burning up like neon lights

Baby, when they look up at the sky

We'll be shooting stars just passing by

You'll be coming home with me tonight

And we'll be burning up like neon lights

(Neon lights, neon lights, neon lights)

Like neon lights, oh

Like neon lights, oh

Shining like stars, 'cause we're beautiful


You're all I see in all these places

You're all I see in all these faces

So let's pretend we're running out of time

Of time

Like neon lights, oh

Like neon lights, oh

Be still, my heart, 'cause it's freaking out

Neon Lights - Demi Lovato

Neon Lights is a passionate song by Demi Lovato that first became a song I liked, and now as moved up to a night anthem that makes me want to go stargazing. It also makes me feel very strong and beautiful. This song will be forever close to my heart despite its short length, and all I'll think about will be the brightest teal and magenta sparks swirling around Demi and her fiance Max Ehrich. The song goes good with the two.



"Hey, you better watch yourself, bro."
-Billie Eilish to Ellen

-Jade West each time she's annoyed in Victorious

"What's that supposed to mean?"
-Cat Valentine being confused in Victorious

"No one likes you."
-Jade West roasting Trina in Victorious

-Andre's Grandma screaming her head off in Victorious

"Are you supposed to let people talk on this show?"
-Dakota Johnson clapping back at Jimmy Fallon

The Best of Demi Lovato (Herself and her characters)


-"Marrying" a five year old on stage

"I like mugs because they're very comfortable in your hand, and they hold the hot things that you don't have to touch. So, you know, coffee and hot tea."
-On mugs

-Proudly showing off her and Jimmy Fallon's ship name

"I'm about to beat this [explative] up."
-When recounting the backup dancer incident

"See, I'm just so busy co-hosting The... The View that I forgot he was on the show."

"Oh, this is a gift for you. (starts laughing) I didn't know if I could give it. Yeah yeah yeah, there you go."

"Wammy. Wammy."

"Do you realize who you're talking to? I'm constantly in therapy!"

"I'm really weird."

"Great, cool, awesome, thanks. Thank you so much."
-To Simon Cowell

Demi: "A lot of people work really really hard for their dreams, but it's not meant for everybody."
Contestant: "That's why you use autotune and I don't."
Britney (to Demi after a bit of conversation): "Are you serious?"
-Demi, a contestant, Britney Spears, and a lot of wack

Demi: "By the way, Niall says hi."
Simon: "From... From One Direction? Keep away from him. He's pure."
Demi (through laughter): "Excuse me?"
Simon: "Okay?"
Demi: "I'm not looking for anything."
Simon: "Really?"
Demi: "Yes! I'm not gonna date anybody for a full year!"
Simon: "Okay, well..."
Demi: "And I made it clear Joe-"
Simon: "Have you kissed him?"
Demi: "No!"
Simon: "Look at me."
Demi: "Simon, no."
Simon: "Look at me. Why are you smiling?"
Demi: "Because it's a weird question!"
Simon: "What everyone is thinking?"
Demi: "Stop it!"
-Demi and Simon

"Ma-tick-ulous? Homeschooled!"

"Cue the sunglasses and the jewelery."
-Demi while recording

"Um..." (laughing) "I was put in handcuffs recently by a cop... Um... Just for fun. Just to see what it would look like to get arrested."

"I'm sorry... What???"
-Demi being confused at British stuff

"Shhhh! Shh! I gotta do this, okay?"
-Demi while writing "Play more Demi" on a wall

"I love this man, and I have to have him."
-Demi on Wilmer Valderrama in Simply Complicated

"I'm good. My feet hurt."

"I also am a magician, so..."

"Well, at least you know I'm not lip-syncing."
-Demi after botching the beginning of Stone Cold at a concert

"Initially, it starts off as my pillow, but I leave that one at the Ritz, and there... They've got money there, they can afford another pillow."

Lovatic: "I'm a fan too, Demi."
Demi: "Name my second album."
Lovatic: "Aw, come on..."
-Demi being savage

"Videos are awkward!"

Demi: "You pick my mic up."
James: "Sorry, what?"
Demi: "No, can you just pick my mic up? [Explative]."
-Demi and James Corden

Interviewer: "So, who in your families are most excited to see this movie?"
Demi: "I think my parents are the most excited because they grew up watching it."
Joe: "Now that makes me feel old. Thanks, Demi."
Demi: (laughing) "I'm sorry!"
-Demi in a Smurfs: The Lost Village interview

"Um, what are you doing? You. You, what are you doing? My fans can stand up if they want to."
-Demi standing up for her Lovatics

"I was praying that the Russians were going to pull through for me."

"You can't kick them in a certain area."

"Well, there's other rules like that... I... I don't know all the other rules, but..."

"I love being here! This is my favorite."
-Demi expressing her love for being on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"Oh honey, go to Vegas."
-Demi showcasing her savageness

"Ask my record label."

"Those are the kind I like! Those are the best kind."
-Demi when gifted a huge jar of pickles

"I like that one, but it sounds like she's screaming. Selena is so much more talented."
-Demi while doing an undercover Lyft

"Hey, it's a sport!"

Smurfette: "Alright, do you have any more questions for me?"
Demi: "I just have to know. Are you a natural blonde?"
Smurfette: "Demi! Wow! Okay girl, you got the part."
Demi: "Yes! High five! Low four?"
-Demi and Smurfette

"Hey guys, it's me, Demi! #votedemilovato because I'm an American."

Jimmy: "Come on, it's your turn!"
Demi: "Okay!"
Jimmy: "What are you gonna do?"
Demi: "I'll do the crying laugh fake face."
Jimmy: "Oh my god! We're so crazy!"
-Demi and Jimmy Fallon while playing Ew!

"I am a tough cookie."

"I would go lesbian for my Lovatics."

"I love my lesbian fans."

"This one's for my lesbians: Who's That Girl!"

"You're beautiful!"
-Demi usually while performing Neon Lights

"We're beautiful!"
-Sometimes says this while performing Neon Lights as well

"That baby is so cute right there."
-Demi while performing Don't Forget in 2013

"You did so good. I'm proud of you."
-Demi to her younger sister, Madison, after performing Together in 2012


Chad: "It's funny because it's true."
Sonny: "Wow, you're being an awfully good sport."
Chad: "There's no reason not to be, except I'm thinking about what you said about how I was letting So Random's win get between us and I wanted to fix that."
Sonny: "See? I'd knew you get past this."
Chad: "And I had to. For us."
Sonny: "Gosh. It's just so good to hear that coming from you. You know, some silly award shouldn't get between us."
Chad: "I totally agree. So I ordered a recount of the votes for best tween show."
Sonny: "You did what now?"
Chad: "I ordered a recount. Oh, great news. So Random lost."
Sonny: "I can't believe this."
Chad: "What, that you lost? Uh, don't worry about it. You'll get used to it. I did."
Sonny: "No you didn't. You ordered a recount, Chad. And why would you even think about doing that?"
Chad: "You felt weird about winning. I felt weird about losing. And now, thanks to me, mmm, we don't have to feel weird anymore. But you do have a very weird look on your face."
Sonny: "It's called disappointment, Chad. You were so miserable that you weren't the center of attention for one day that you went out and ordered a recount?"
Chad: "Whoa, okay. I just wanted things to go back to normal like I promised."
Sonny: "Normal? Oh, the normal where you always win and I always lose? I don't like that normal. Boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to support each other, root for each other. You know I can't be in a relationship with someone who always puts himself first."
Chad: "Oh, I did this for us, okay?"
Sonny: "No. Chad, the only us there is now is between you and this award. I hope you two will be very happy together."
Chad: "Sorry, are you breaking up with me? Because I thought it was helping."
Sonny: "That's the worst part about it. Goodbye, Chad."
Chad: "Sonny, don't do this-"
Sonny: "No. Just go."
Chad: "But I ju, jus-"
Sonny: "Chad, there are no second chances this time. I'm sorry. You've won the recount, but you lost me."
-Sonny and Chad's argument/breakup in Sonny With a Chance

"I am dreaming! Oh my gosh!"


Santana: "I dig your name. So, did you think your parents like, knew that you were gonna grow up to be a lesbian giving you the boy name?"
Dani: "I'm not a lesbian."
Santana: "Oh... Um... You just wear so much eyeliner I-"
Dani: "No, I'm totally kidding. I love lady parts!"
-Dantana moment!

Santana: "I've never seen it."
Dani: "Stick around. We'll watch it together."
-Dani and Santana on watching the sun

"You just rocked it so hard!"
-Dani's praise

Dani: "Bye, Rachel. See you tomorrow."
Rachel: "Bye Dani!"
-Dani and Rachel

"I think you need a 100% Sapphic goddess."
-Dani to Santana

Santana: "So I guess that's goodbye?"
Dani: "For now." (proceeds to kiss Santana) "See you around."
-The cutest Dantana moment

The Best of Santana Lopez

Rachel: "Can I ask you guys something private?"
Santana: "Yes, you should move to Israel."

"I like yeast in my bagel, but not in my muffin."


"Also, I have razorblades hidden in my hair. Tons, all up hidden in there."

"Please stop, all of your ideas are horrible."

"Please. You guys love me. I keep it real, and I'm hilarious."

"Oh, good. Finally some songs about Rachel's hair extensions."

"If you want a pep talk, you can call Mr. Shue or rent the notebook."

"So freaking charming."

"Wow. Twitter update!"

"Don't listen to her, look at her shoes."

"Ugh, gross. How is this possible? I'm the hottest piece of action at the school, and here I am on Valentines, single. Ugh, whatever. I'll just marry an NFL player. They're super reliable."

"Legend has it that when I came out to my mother, I told the nurse she was fat."

Santana: "Excuse me? We'd like to send these back."
Waitress: "But you ate all of it."
Santana: "Look, I'm pretty sure you have to do what we say. And this food was not satisfactory."
Brittany: "There was a mouse in mine."
Santana: "So we'd like more, please."

"Sure, you're secret's safe with- Oh my god, Brittany's pregnant."

"I know what cheating looks like. I do it all the time."

"Nobody tells you anything because a, you're a blabbermouth, and b, we all just pretend to like you."

I realize I'm trying to punch you a couple times, but sometimes when you're not looking I put weird things in your food."

"You will never be able to look down on me and redeem yourself because I was better than you then, and I'm always going to be better than you. You are short, your are awful, and that is never going to change."

"I like to make an entrance."

"I don't really think I need to be taking any advice from TV's blossom, and Lady Elaine Fairchild."

"I just try to be really really honest with people when I think that they suck."

"You seriously think that you can out-insult me? I'm from Lima Heights. I was raised on insults. It's how my Abuela put me to sleep at night, and she is not a nice lady. You know she tried to sell me once, and it wasn't until I got to kindergarten that I learned that my name wasn't Garbageface."

"Brittany and I are too young to get married. I mean, after all, that's why it didn't work out with you and Blaine, right?"

Rachel: "What did I do?"
Santana: "Oh, I'm sure you did something."

"I've seen what you can do, and what you can do is stand in the back, sway, and sing very, very quietly."

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any gayer, it does."

"When I look at a person, I don't see someone who looks a certain way, or has this or that amount of chromosones, I just see someone who I may or may not have to destroy. So, if you ever tell me what to do, I will end you."

"Please stick a sock in it, or shoot yourself back to Scotland."

"Despite the fact that your mouth-to-face ratio is like, way off, you still somehow manage to be cute."

"Shut the other- Berry."

Santana: "Yeah, but he's not hot, though."
Brittany: "He really isn't."
Santana: "And you know what, Britt? I think that dwarf girlfriend of his is dragging down his rep. I mean, if you were dating, say, popular pretty girls like us, he would go from dumpy to smoking."

"No, not really."

"You know, I've kissed Ben, and let me say, not worth the book."

"But I actually dig this look. Yay!"

"Seriously, what era are you from?"

Santana: "Rachel Berry is the most horrible human being on the planet."
Rachel: "What?"
Santana: "Can it, troll."

"You have sold half the people in this room down the river more times than I can count so you can get a solo, or the lead in a musical, and I'm pretty sure you don't even know the names of the other people."

"You are utterly, utterly intolerable. Maybe that has something to do with it."

Rihanna's Wisdom

"I'm not looking for a man... I'll start there."

Rihanna: "So is that really coming up? Like soon or something?"
Interviewer: "It's in a week."
Rihanna: "Oh shoot! See, this is... See, I need to stay on the internet more."
Interviewer: "So you weren't invited? I was hoping we would see Rihanna."
Rihanna: "Why would you think I'm invited?"
Interviewer: "I don't know, you met him!"
Rihanna: "Okay, you met me. You think you're coming to my wedding?"
Interviewer: "Maybe!"
Rihanna: "Am I coming to yours?"
Interviewer: "I mean, you'll get the invite."
Rihanna: "Oh girl. Okay, well maybe I should feel a way then."

"That's because you wear dresses like that."


Demiiiiiii Lovatooooooo

"Because the grass is greener under me, bright as technicolor, I can tell that you can see."
-From Sorry Not Sorry

"Cause payback is a bad chick, and baby, I'm the baddest, I'm playing with a savage, can't have this, can't have this."
-From Sorry Not Sorry

"So you say I'm complicated?"
-From Confident

"You've had me underrated, rated, rated..."
-From Confident

"Oh oh oh, I really don't care."
-From Really Don't Care

"I'll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air."
-From Really Don't Care

"Baby, when they look up at the sky, we'll be shooting stars just passing by."
-From Neon Lights

"You're all I see in these places. You're all I see in all these faces. So let's pretend we're running out of time, of time..."
-From Neon Lights

"You ain't nobody 'till you got somebody."
-From Tell Me You Love Me

"I know that we will be all right, all right, yeah."
-From Tell Me You Love Me

"I'm a sweet disaster."
-From Fire Starter

"I melt hearts like water."
-From Fire Starter

"I can keep a secret, can you?"
-From Cool for the Summer

"Cause you and I, we're cool for the summer."
-From Cool for the Summer


"I'm not bitter, I'm just tired, no use getting angry at the way that you are wired."
-From Guiltless

"Paint me in trust, and I'll be your best friend. Call me the one, this night just can't end."
-From Human

"Flirting is delicious, proven beneficial for mental health."
-From If I'm Being Honest

"I won't take no for an answer."
-From Sick of Losing Soulmates

"Gotta get up early tomorrow again."
-From 6/10

"The new 'it' word."
-From Monster

"I, promise you, it will all make sense again."
-From Secrets for the Mad


"You ask me what my sign is and I told you it was STOP."
-Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies in Take a Hint
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