Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan 3 written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Held for Training".


(Back at Professor Chi-Chi's house, Professor Chi-Chi wake up on a table, rubbing his eyes on the desk)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ah, the cube is still with me. You're not going anywhere Dimensional Cube 3000, or i would like to call you 5000 for sure.
  • ??? #1: *knock on the door* Hello?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: What?
  • ??? #2: Open up mister.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *walk to the door* Oh my god, what now? *open the door* Guys?
  • Stuart: Hey Professor Chi-Chi.
  • Aunt Martha: Just checking on you.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Oh, i thought a bunch of strangers were going to come and rob me up.
  • Stuart: Don't worry, we're always here for you.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Come inside. Let's talk more about our potion making study.

(Many potions are set up as Professor Chi-Chi sit down and talk to Stuart and Aunt Martha)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Like we did yesterday, we will discuss more about the potions and how can we pour a little drop on the cottons to make then big.
  • Stuart: Oh, how is Emily doing so far?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I wonder why. I give the earbuds to Pat and Stan so they can hear and listen whatever i'm guiding them to.
  • Aunt Martha: Can we at least go into the portal and find them?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: No. Let them have their property for now. No need to disturb them.
  • Stuart: Okay, whatever you say so.

(Back at Pluto in the King's castle, the King of Pluto is in the lab, trying to test out the airpods)

  • King of Pluto: Come on, come on. Why won't they fit?
  • Alien Boss: They're just earrings. Do you have a wife?
  • King of Pluto: I've never been married!
  • Alien Boss: Maybe those earrings could be a good fit for your daughter.
  • King of Pluto: She has been taken to the medicinal center. I hope she's feeling well.
  • Alien Boss: Do they have some sort of speaker?
  • King of Pluto: What are those? *speak to the airpods* Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?

(Back at Professor Chi-Chi's lab, the airpods are on, with the voice of the King of Pluto)

  • King of Pluto: *speakers* I know you're in there. But can you hear me?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: What is that strange sound?
  • Stuart: I think it's your earbuds.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Earbuds, why are they talking like they don't know what to do. *wear the airpods* What?
  • King of Pluto: Oh, you can talk.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Pat, there is no time for games. What do you want with me?
  • King of Pluto: These airpods are working! I can't believe it!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Airpods? Those are earbuds you wacky little hippo.
  • Stuart: Aunt Martha, i don't think they are earbuds.
  • Aunt Martha: They're airpods sir!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: What?! Airpods? I thought they were earbuds at first.
  • Stuart: I thought you have some sort of headphones to wear.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Shut up. I wonder why Pat is trying to act like he's british.
  • King of Pluto: What kind of accent do you speak with?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Are you a whacko? You speak with a regular voice, not with a New York accent.
  • King of Pluto: Ha ha ha. How funny you are. I think you must be a imaginary friend or a wise spirit.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Grrrrrr, stop playing Pat! Either one of you need to stop it. Including you Stan.
  • King of Pluto: Stand by me. How fighting this is.
  • Stuart: Uh professor, i don't think that's Pat's or Stan's voice.
  • Aunt Martha: You might be talking to a stranger.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Stranger?! No time for jokes and sorry for interrupting. See ya.
  • Stuart: That was a close one.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Okay, now where were we?

(The King of Pluto try talking with the airpods)

  • King of Pluto: That voice look weird inside of those thingies.
  • Alien Boss: Maybe you can wear them on when the little voice come back.
  • King of Pluto: Oh yes, i can. *wear the airpods in his ears* If that voice come back, i'll track his world down and end everything that annoying voice loves.
  • Alien Boss: So where are we talking the animals now?
  • King of Pluto: You know where. I had these strong cages up for them so they can't escape.

(At the locker room, Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Simba, Bunga and Emily are caged in the locker area)

  • Timon: My god, what happen? Again?
  • Pat: Never knew there was a locker room.
  • Stan: You! You ruined everything.
  • Bunga: What are we gonna do now?
  • Pat: Guys, i'm sorry.
  • Simba: Now we're stuck and locked for disaster.
  • Pumbaa: How are we gonna fart?
  • Timon: Pumbaa, no time for that.
  • Pumbaa: Oh, this place is no bathroom.
  • Pat: Darn it. I can't believe i trap you guys all.
  • Stan: Since you have that freeze power, you shouldn't have take us all the way to the spaceship and head home for victory.
  • Pat: But the spaceship crashed at Mars. We can't escape no more. We need to get those airpods back to call Professor Chi-Chi for help.
  • Stan: Professor Chi-Chi isn't going to help us for nothing.
  • Emily: We shouldn't have brought the cube in the first place. Now it's too late.
  • Timon: We gotta get things right in our own. Sorry about that guys.
  • Simba: If it wasn't for Pat. Then it's wasn't for me.
  • Timon: We wouldn't rule the Pride Lands without you Simba.
  • Simba: I know. The world will never be the same. Especially the Circle of Life.
  • Timon: If there is no Hakuna Matata, there is now Kahuna Potato.
  • Pat: I blew it you guys. I really blew it for real.
  • Simba: Thanks a lot Patty.
  • Pat: It's Pat. But you can call me Patrick.
  • Stan: This sucks.
  • Bunga: I wanna go home.
  • Timon: Gosh, i had a bad feeling about this. We would probably get executed for real.
  • Pat: Executed?! Ahhhh! *try to break out the cage* Get me out of this cage!
  • Simba: Well great. We're stuck in our own cages and you ruined it all.
  • Pat: There is no way out. What are we gonna do?
  • Pumbaa: I don't know.
  • Pat: Oh god, we're dead meat. REAL DEAD MEAT!
  • Timon: What a waste of time.
  • Alien Manager #1: *enter the room with his buddy* Attention everyone. Listen up.
  • Alien Manager #2: The King of Pluto will be here any sooner. Right now he is testing out the airpods from his little ears.
  • Pat: The airpods!
  • Stan: If the king doesn't like it, can we get those back?
  • Alien Manager #1: No, the king is going to throw it in the trash if he don't like it.
  • Pat: What?
  • Stan: We gotta get those back before it's too late.
  • Timon: Let me try to get out. *try to get out of the cage* Nope. Too thick.
  • Pumbaa: I can't even move my horns to the cage.
  • Pat: Can we keep the superhero suits? They look cool on us.
  • Alien Manager #1: No costumes or anything.
  • Alien Manager #2: Remove those costumes now.
  • Timon: Well fine. No superheroes. *deform back to his original form*
  • Pumbaa: Alright then. *deform back to his original form*
  • Pat: Aw man. *deform back to his original form*
  • Stan: Fine, whatever. *deform back to his original form*
  • Simba: No more superheroes and that's it.
  • Alien Manager #2: You're a pet. We're keeping an eye on you to see if you're trying to scratch all over the walls.
  • Simba: No i'm not.
  • Alien Manager #1: Oh, the king is here to check on you.
  • King of Pluto: Hello my friends, thank you for keeping an eye on them.
  • Bunga: But we didn't do anything.
  • Emily: We were just sitting.
  • King of Pluto: Ha ha ha, you maniacs try to escape my world. Did you?
  • Timon: It's all Pat's fault.
  • Pat: What? Now you're causing the blame on me?
  • King of Pluto: You guys are going to fight in the Gladiator games and i mean it.
  • Simba: I thought we already did.
  • King of Pluto: It's a very different one from last time. Battle mode!
  • Timon: Whoa, battle mode. You got to be kidding on this.
  • King of Pluto: Look what i'm wearing? *show his airpods on his ears*
  • Pat and Stan: The Airpods!
  • King of Pluto: Oh yes. One of them will die and get the grand prize.
  • Pat: Give those back.
  • Stan: Not you. They're mine.
  • Pat: Don't you like me no more?
  • Stan: Aw shut up. No one care if you're going to be a picky and nosey person to get that prize.
  • Bunga: Are you going to zap us all again?
  • King of Pluto: No. I will pinch you if you misbehave like a baby.
  • Simba: Misbehave? Is this misbehaving to you? *roar*
  • King of Pluto: That's not misbehaving and i like it.
  • Simba: Ha ha ha. I'm the Lion King still.
  • Pumbaa: Uh oh, does anyone has a rest stop in here?
  • King of Pluto: No rest stops. You're all perfect.
  • Pumbaa: No i'm not. I gotta go and i have a really bad feeling.
  • Stan: We're not perfect. You're not perfect and they're not perfect.
  • Simba: You don't get the meaning of perfection.
  • King of Pluto: Oh, glore me. I think perfection shouldn't even exist at all.
  • Timon: What a waste of talk in your mouth.
  • Pumbaa: don't.
  • King of Pluto: One of you will fight your friends to the match and i mean it.
  • Bunga: I thought we were going to team up together for the Alien Force.
  • King of Pluto: No worries! You guys aren't going to be a part of the team.
  • Pumbaa: *fart* Aw shucks. I fart....i fart.
  • Timon: Blah, gross.
  • Pat: Shoot. That was even a close one.
  • Stan: You're not helping Pat.
  • Pat: Oh yeah, wait til you get a punch in the face!
  • King of Pluto: My god, you guys stink.
  • Simba: We didn't fart. It was the warthog.
  • King of Pluto: You guys need a bath! All of you.
  • Everyone: All of us?!
  • King of Pluto: Yes. You're all going to take a bath. You gotta look clean and nice for the big Gladiator games. Managers!
  • Alien Manager #1: Yes king.
  • King of Pluto: Take them to the water room. They need to take a bath with nice soap, shampoo and water. And add some bubbles to it.
  • Alien Manager #2: We're on our way.
  • Timon: What now?
  • King of Pluto: *press the button to release the animals out of their cages*
  • Pumbaa: Gosh, what a stink.
  • King of Pluto: Come along animals, we're going to give you a nice and fresh comfortable bath.
  • Simba: Yeah, even at your crown.
  • King of Pluto: Don't ask the crown. Ask the managers.
  • Alien Manager #1: We have a place full of clean aliens on the block.
  • Alien Manager #2: You're all gonna like it. It's actually a shower room.

(At the shower room, the aliens are seen, taking a shower. One of them are big, small and fuzzy as they clean their bodies in the water.)

  • King of Pluto: Here we are. The shower room!
  • Pat: Look at that.
  • Stan: Who want to take a nice shower.
  • Pat: Ooh, me.
  • Stan: Not you Pat.
  • Pat: How rude you are. Don't make our friendship go down in pieces.
  • Timon: Ooh, rain.
  • Pumbaa: It's just a shower. You took a shower before at Pat and Stan's house.
  • Timon: Never mind.
  • Simba: Hello ladies.
  • Pink Alien Ladies: Awww.
  • Bunga: Simba's the man. I'm the man!
  • Dark Grey Alien: Hey, i thought i was the man.
  • Pat: I like them big and chunky. How about that?
  • King of Pluto: Your shower place should be here in any minute. Keep walking.
  • Timon: That's a lot of bubbles around here.
  • Pat: Ooh, bubbly.
  • Stan: That's just plain dumb.
  • Pat: Hey.
  • King of Pluto: There we are. Your shower spot.

(The shower spot is bigger and has over 10 shower water filters)

  • Timon: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pumbaa: We're in water paradise.
  • Pat: Oh my, this look like a clean area to take a shower.
  • Stan: Fresh outta the shower.
  • Simba: The floor look neat.
  • Bunga: What should we do?
  • Emily: Take a jump?
  • King of Pluto: Just clean yourselves.
  • Timon: Okay, now it is the time to take a shower!
  • King of Pluto: Go ahead. Have fun and no farting.
  • Pumbaa: We will.
  • King of Pluto: Well i didn't mean to.

(Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Simba, Bunga and Emily take a shower in their own shower spot)

  • Timon: Ooh, so cold.
  • Pumbaa: Uh Timon? It's warm.
  • Timon: Warm? What a cool breeze of water we got.
  • Simba: I haven't take a shower for years.
  • Timon: Well we did give you a bath when you were a cub.
  • Simba: Good old me. I wish i was a cub again. Too bad, i have to take care of the Pride Lands and watch what is going on within the Circle of Life.
  • Bunga: Zuka Zama.
  • Simba: Whatever.

(Pat, Stan and Emily are taking a shower on their own)

  • Pat: Hey Stan, your soap stinks.
  • Stan: Oh shut up. Go and find your own soap somewhere.
  • Emily: You two need to stop fighting.
  • Pat: Oh yeah, we started it first.
  • Stan: He trap us all with that cage.
  • Emily: Well lucky, we got our collars out from zapping.
  • Pat: That invention of the king's was stupid enough to carry us back to Earth.
  • Stan: You're being a meanie.
  • Pat: No, you are!
  • Emily: *snap her finger* Enough fighting. I'm going somewhere.
  • Stan: Thanks a lot big boy.
  • Pat: I'm going somewhere else.
  • Stan: Me too.
  • Emily: Boys will always be boys.

(Pat and Stan are in the other side of the shower area)

  • Pat: I wish i was alone.
  • Stan: I wish i was alone too.
  • Pat: Don't even think about it.
  • Stan: Not me twice.
  • Pat: Uggghhh, you didn't even say it first.
  • Stan: I wish you weren't here.
  • Pat: Shut up.
  • Stan: Don't ask. Ever!
  • Timon: Hey Stan, wanna hang out with us?
  • Stan: Oh sure, i would love to. But not with Pat!
  • Pat: *mocking Stan* But not with Pat! *act regular* How dare you.
  • Stan: Pat, i will never have a friend like you ever-
  • Emily: Stan, just ignore him.
  • Stan: Whatever, let's go.
  • Pumbaa: *grab the soap and drop it* Darn it.
  • Timon: Pumbaa, it's not food, it's a thing to wash.
  • Simba: I don't know how to use soap.
  • Bunga: Is it chewy?
  • Timon: And creamy?
  • Stan: No. It's what we use for cleaning our bodies.
  • Simba: I see your point.
  • Timon: Can we eat it?
  • Emily: No. That's not food.
  • Timon: Never mind.
  • Simba: How can we use it?
  • Stan: We're suppose to use it for washing. *use the soap and clean his body* See?
  • Timon: Take the soap and rub it in our bodies. Got it.
  • Stan: Now you guys try. It's very simple.
  • Timon: Alright. I can't believe you. *grab the soap and rub it in his hands and feet*
  • Simba: Are there any more soaps to use?
  • Stan: Yes. We got a plenty.
  • Simba: One of you guys are going to clean by mane.
  • Bunga: What? Pick Emily.
  • Emily: Hey.
  • Stan: Come on. It's not that complicated to clean your own body.
  • Pumbaa: One of you guys clean my body too.
  • Timon: What? Gross.
  • Simba: Really Pumbaa?
  • Pumbaa: Yeah, i wanted to be like you.
  • Stan: *clean Pumbaa with soap* Don't worry warthog, i'm cleaning you right now as possible.
  • Pumbaa: Ah, thanks a lot. You really got get a nice scrub on my belly.
  • Stan: Just sit like a hippo. I'll get you started on cleaning your hair and belly.
  • Pumbaa: Okay. *sit down* Hakuna Matata.
  • Simba: Anyone else?
  • Emily: *grab the soap and clean Simba* Me.
  • Simba: You shouldn't have say yes before you can start cleaning me. But that's okay, just learn your manners.
  • Emily: I promise. Man, you really have a nice mane.
  • Simba: Ah, i better relax my paws when i get home.
  • Emily: Oh well, no worries.

(Pat is at his own side, taking a shower by cleaning his body with soap)

  • Pat: Pesky people, they don't know what to do with a soap. I clean my body with soap on the right way.
  • Stan: Hey Pat, your soap stinks!
  • Pat: Your soap is bad and it smell like school's bread!
  • Stan: Well school bread taste like soap and yours is even worse!
  • Pat: You're not helping.
  • Stan: You're not helping us out too.
  • Emily: Just ignore him.
  • Pat: Nah, i won't talk to him for a while.
  • Stan: We shouldn't even break our friendship in the first place.
  • Pat: Grrrrrr. *ignore Stan*
  • Stan: I won't listen listen to him. *ignore Pat*
  • Pat: Hmm, i wonder what this one do? *he pumps the soap dispenser, and the top is pushed off by pressure from bubbles forming inside of it* Ooh, bubbles! *pumps more*
  • Stan: Let me just- Hey! What is going on here?
  • Pat: Guys, check this out. This dispenser has bubbles!
  • Timon: Bubbles? *pumps the soap dispenser and make bubbles* Whoa, we got some bubbles going on.
  • Pumbaa: Ooh, let me try. *pumps more bubbles in* Bubble party!
  • Stan: There's over 10 dispensers in the room. Let's spread some bubbles everywhere.
  • Emily: *pumps more bubbles in* It look like we're having a bubble party today!
  • Stan: Make more bubbles!
  • Emily: *pumps more bubbles in* Here we go.
  • Pat: *punch the bubble dispenser as the bubbles spread around* It's a bubble palooza!

(The bubbles grow bigger as it spread around the room with bubbles floating everywhere)

  • Simba: Look at that.
  • Stan: How did you do that?
  • Pat: We're in the world of bubbles!
  • Timon: This isn't a bubble place. This a shower zone!
  • Stan: Who want to sing in the shower, huh?
  • Bunga: Not me.
  • Stan: Whatever, i'm going in!
  • Pumbaa: Hey, you didn't even clean my hair.
  • Emily: We don't have shampoo in here. I guess we have to clean your hair with some soap liquid.
  • Pumbaa: Awww.

(Stan walk into the pile of bubbles and he pretend to make hair out of bubbles and put it on his head)

  • Stan: Hey, cool looking shot. How about i dress up as a Santa Claus? *use the bubbles to dress as Santa Claus* Ho ho ho, merry Christmas. How about that one. *dress up as Elvis Presley with the bubbles* I call it a trap, i can't walk up. *get the bubbles out of his head* Now, in singing mode. *singing*

I'm singin' in the rain

Just singin' in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I'm happy again

I'm laughin' at clouds

So dark up above

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love

  • Pat: *look at Stan* Weirdo.
  • Stan: Don't ask me. Ask the bubbles.
  • Pat: The bubbles are not people. They're soap and gas in a liquid.
  • Stan: I know what they are.
  • Pat: Hey, you wanna try some of this?
  • Stan: What? No. They're not food.
  • Pat: Is this shampoo?
  • Stan: That's soap!
  • Pat: Can you eat it?
  • Stan: No. You didn't hear me, didn't you.
  • Pat: *play with the bubbles* Uh uh uh, squishy.
  • Stan: I think you should be singing in the rain. Can you?
  • Pat: Oh yes, i can sing.
  • Stan: Think about it. Can you?
  • Pat: *singing*

Singing in the rain

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba

Ba ba ba

  • Timon: What are they doing?
  • Pumbaa: They're singing?
  • Simba: Well this is kinda weird.
  • Bunga: They might be a bit goof off into something.
  • Emily: At least the bubbles are always here to have our little fun.
  • Stan: Singing in the rain, baby!
  • Pat: *play with the bubbles* Bubble fight! *throw the bubbles at Stan*
  • Stan: Hey, ready or not, here i throw. *throw the bubbles at Pat*
  • Pat: Take that puppy. *throw the bubbles at Stan*
  • Stan: I am no kid! I am a man! *throw the bubbles at Pat*
  • Timon: *mock Stan* I am a dog and i am a man. He he he.
  • Pumbaa: *fart on the bubbles* Whoa, i never knew that i could fart to make the bubbles pop like popcorn.
  • Simba: Gross dude.
  • Bunga: You're so funny.
  • Timon: *throw bubbles at Bunga* Bubble fight!
  • Bunga: Bubble fight! *throw bubbles at Timon*
  • Timon: Get me here.
  • Emily: Okay, here i throw. *throw bubbles a Pat*
  • Pat: Hey, that tickles.
  • Stan: Here you have it. Bubbles! *throw bubbles at Pat*
  • Pat: My god. Now i throw it to the lion. *throw bubbles at Simba*
  • Simba: *get hit by the bubbles and growls*
  • Pat: He he he. Whoops.
  • Simba: *roar at the bubbles*
  • Emily: Whoa.
  • Timon: Whoosh!
  • Pumbaa: Look at that.
  • Pat: It's a city of bubble clouds!
  • Stan: Ha ha, you can't- What the? What is going on?
  • Pat: Now we're in a circle.
  • Simba: Ha! Chase me while you can.
  • Pat: Bubble race fight!
  • Stan: *throw bubbles at Pat*
  • Pat: Take that dog! *throw bubbles at Stan*
  • Stan: Right back at ya. *throw bubbles at Pat*
  • Timon: *throw bubbles at Pumbaa* Tag, you're it.
  • Pumbaa: Pip pip. *fart on the bubbles*
  • Simba: *roar at the bubbles*
  • Pat: That's it, no more bubbles for now. Let's splash with some water. *turn off the shower mode and let the water come out of the filter*
  • Simba: Water?!
  • Bunga: Whoa, the water is flooding.
  • Timon: Now the bubbles are going up.
  • Pumbaa: Big big big.
  • Bunga: Whoa, we're floating.
  • Simba: You're floating up the whole room.
  • Timon: Don't worry, the door is locked and the whole place won't get flooded.
  • Stan: We have to drain the water now!
  • Pat: Oh, the button is for draining. *push the button to drain all the water out*
  • Timon: Whoa, why are the bubbles popping out?
  • Pat: Cause the shower is over.
  • Simba: Man, my fur is all wet.
  • Bunga: Me too. I'm like a shaggy dog.
  • Timon: We're gonna drown, we're all gonna die!
  • Pumbaa: We're not drowning. It's just liquid of water.
  • Timon: I get it Pumbaa. It's just water.
  • Pumbaa: You can see with water.
  • Timon: Okay. I'm not a mermaid or a merman.
  • Emily: Are you a fish?
  • Timon: No. I don't swim and i'm not a fish.
  • Emily: It's just a funny question.
  • Timon: You're not taking jokes seriously.

(All the water is drained as the gang land down)

  • Pat: Gosh, i am so wet.
  • Stan: Is there any towels?
  • Timon: I don't think there's a towel in here.
  • Simba: Meh, i just we're just gonna go as being wet as a frog.

(The hair dryer came from the top of clean off Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Simba, Bunga and Emily)

  • Timon: Gosh, what is this thing?
  • Pat: It's a hair dryer!
  • Simba: It's cleaning off my mane.
  • Stan: So hot.
  • Bunga: It's not that hot.
  • Emily: It's just air.
  • Pumbaa: Ah, i can feel the air.

(All of their hair poof into their afro-like wigs)

  • Timon: Wow.
  • Simba: My god, i can't see. Am i blind?
  • Pat: Oh my, look at my wig.
  • Stan: What? You got a afro wig and i don't?
  • Pat: Yours is smaller. Ha ha.
  • Stan: Grrrrrrrr, now our friendship level has gone downhill since we crashed on Mars.
  • Emily: Is it me or we're in the 90's again.
  • Bunga: Everyone in the Pride Lands is going to freak out about this.
  • Pumbaa: I feel so smooth.
  • Timon: Early in the gypsy.
  • Pat: Check this out. I have smooth moves.
  • Stan: Your smooth moves huh? You're not going to get smarter than that.
  • Pat: How about you think first before we get out of the shower.
  • Stan: Well fine. We're already clean and do we need a musical number to start off with?
  • Pat: Oh yeah. Just like in a animated movie.
  • Emily: Not every form of movie is going to be a musical you know.
  • Pat: Think.
  • Emily: Oh well, he said it.
  • Pat: Think.
  • Stan: Think.
  • Pat: Think.
  • Stan: Think.
  • Pat: Think.
  • Stan: Think.
  • Pat:

Let's go back, let's go back

Let's go way on, way back when

I didn't even know you

You couldn't have been too much more than ten

  • Stan: Just a child.
  • Pat:

I ain't no psychiatrist, I ain't no doctor with degrees

But, it don't take too much high IQ's

To see what you're doing to me

  • Timon: You better think.
  • Pumbaa: Think.
  • Pat:

Think about what you're trying to do to me

Yeah, think

  • Simba: Think.
  • Bunga: Think.
  • Pat: Let your mind go, let yourself be free.

(The platform move up for Pat to go high)

  • Pat: Freedom.
  • Stan: *hold on the platform* Freedom.
  • Pat: Freedom.
  • Stan: Freedom.
  • Pat: Freedom.
  • Stan: Freedom.
  • Pat: Freedom!
  • Stan: Ah! *land to the floor*
  • Pat: *cough and land on the floor* Hey, think about it.
  • Timon: You better think.
  • Pumbaa: Think.
  • Timon: Think about what you're trying to do to me.
  • Simba: Think.
  • Bunga: Think.
  • Emily: Let your mind go, let yourself be free.
  • Pat:

People walking around everyday

Playing games, taking scores

Trying to make other people lose their minds

Ah, be careful you don't lose yours, oh

  • Timon: Think.
  • Pumbaa: Think.
  • Simba: Think about what you're trying to do to me, ooh.
  • Bunga: Think.
  • Emily: Think.
  • Pat: Let your mind go, let yourself be free.
  • Stan: Without each other there ain't nothing people can do, oh
  • Pat:

Think about it, baby

What are you trying to do me

  • Emily: Yeah, oh baby, think about it now, yeah.
  • Timon: Think about, forgiveness, dream about forgiveness.
  • Pat:

To the ball, forgiveness

Think about it baby

To the ball, forgiveness

To the ball, forgiveness

  • Stan: Hmm, what does this button do. *turn off the lights*
  • Pat: Hey.
  • Timon: Who turn off the lights in the middle of a musical number?

(The lights came back on with a colorful neon light with a disco ball turning around with Stan walking with his sunglasses and ready to sing "YMCA" by Village People)

  • Stan:

Young man, there's no need to feel down

I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground

I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town

There's no need to be unhappy

  • Timon:

Young man, there's a place you can go

I said, young man, when you're short on your dough

You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find

Many ways to have a good time

  • Pat:

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

  • Stan:

They have everything for you men to enjoy

You can hang out with all the boys

  • Bunga:

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

  • Simba:

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal

You can do what about you feel

  • Pat:


You can go to the bath

  • Stan: YMCA!

(The aliens look at the animals in the shower room, gasped with their faces as one short orange alien clap at the animals)

  • Short Orange Alien: Wow.......just wow. That's a new level of honor.

(Back at the shower room the animals are right now)

  • Timon: With honor of proud, we sing the best songs in the world.
  • Pumbaa: We are friends forever.
  • Pat: Yay, friends.
  • Stan: Ugh, seriously. Why do we have to team up.
  • Simba: Because, we're planning to get out as soon of possible.
  • Bunga: Come on, this planet has everything. We don't need to go back to follow the lions' order.
  • Emily: Of course, every state has orders.
  • Pat: Are you breaking the law?
  • Simba: No. We're just perfectly fine.
  • King of Pluto: *on speaker* Attention everyone. I want the animals over at my throne room this instant. Bring the animals now!
  • Timon: Hey, that's us.
  • Simba: Now what the king want from us?

(At the throne room, the King of Pluto is sitting with Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Simba, Emily and Bunga standing to see the king)

  • King of Pluto: My friends, you guys have a good wacky shower. First of all, your wigs look like afro samurais and ninjas.
  • Timon: At least we rub it out. I feel so smooth with my fur.
  • Pumbaa: Are we now in a meeting?
  • King of Pluto: No. I have good news for you. My daughter is healing much better and you guys have some training to do.
  • Simba: I thought we trained for the fight.
  • King of Pluto: No you guys not. You are going to wear armor suits to train for the big Gladiator games.
  • Pumbaa: Wait, there's more games of Gladiator?
  • King of Pluto: Yes. It's a big big tournament out there to compete in.
  • Timon: This is going to be so much fun.
  • Stan: Boring. I'm not going to compete with a bunch of aliens flying out and spitting on our heads.
  • King of Pluto: You will compete in my tournament and that's final!
  • Stan: Eek! Okay! I'll compete.
  • Pat: So where can the training room be at?
  • King of Pluto: Follow me.

(At the training room, it shows a locker room with many armor suits placed in)

  • King of Pluto: This is the locker room. You will train and fight for justice in battle.
  • Timon: Oh look, we got sticks.
  • Simba: Do i need a stick?
  • King of Pluto: No stick for you. You're good.
  • Simba: Well thanks a bunch.
  • King of Pluto: I want this room to be clean as always. No mess, no trash, no food and anything but sticks on the floor. I'll keep my eye on you on camera. *leave and close the door*
  • Pumbaa: That was odd.
  • Timon: So, how about we suit up.

(The gang has suit up into their armor knight forms)

  • Pat: Check this one out.
  • Stan: It's a Gladiator suit.
  • Timon: Where are the swords?
  • Pumbaa: There's only sticks Timon.
  • Timon: Oh, sticks.
  • Pat: Like a cotton stick for cleaning your ears?
  • Stan: Gross. I told you about this like 30 minutes ago.
  • Pat: That was strange.
  • Simba: Is this good on me?
  • Bunga: Yes. You look like a robot.
  • Simba: Oh god. Just why.
  • Timon: I told Bunga about the robots back at Professor Chi-Chi's lab. One of them are maids.
  • Emily: And suddenly. Poof, they all shut down.
  • Pat: That what happen when you don't change the battery.
  • Stan: Like changing a Wii Remote's battery?
  • Pat: Yes. That's what life is.
  • Stan: A Wii U Gamepad doesn't take batteries. That's stupid.
  • Pat: Unless you charge it.
  • Stan: D'oh. That's enough of references. We have to train.
  • Timon: There is a room that we should train in.

(At the training room, the animals enter the ring which is shaped as a circle)

  • Timon: Oh my goodness.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Bunga: This is so cool.
  • Simba: Where are the people?
  • Pat: There's no people. Most of the locker rooms are different, depending on what size you are.
  • Emily: Like a hamburger.
  • Stan: Close.
  • Timon: What are you waiting for? Let's train!
  • Pat: *hit Timon with the stick* Gotcha.
  • Timon: Whoa, how did your stick get bigger?
  • Pat: The sticks are different in the size we are.
  • Stan: I'm gonna get you!
  • Simba: *roar at the animals*
  • Timon: *fight with Pumbaa*
  • Pumbaa: I got you now Timon.
  • Timon: Hey Pumbaa look, a utamu sticking on the wall.
  • Pumbaa: *look at the wall* Utamu, where?
  • Timon: *hit Pumbaa* Fanta!
  • Pumbaa: Hey.
  • Bunga: Where's the utamu?
  • Timon: It's just a joke Bunga. People don't take jokes seriously.
  • Bunga: *hit Timon: Boo-yah.
  • Timon: You hit me on the head.
  • Bunga: Zuka Zama, better luck next time.
  • Emily: *hit Bunga* Tag your it.
  • Bunga: Whoa, you got me.
  • Emily: Um, that's okay.
  • Stan: Hey, no love on sights. We have to get to work and battle for the Gladiator games.
  • Emily and Bunga: *hit Stan*
  • Stan: Hey, come on. It was just a compliment.
  • Pat: Well that was competitive. *hit Stan*
  • Stan: Ow. You ruthless hippo! I'll get you for this.
  • Pat: What a fierce fighter you are. Come face with me your courage.
  • Stan: *hit Pat*
  • Pat: Ow.
  • Stan: I got you this time.
  • Pat: I have some payback on you!
  • Stan: Bring it on hippo boy.
  • Pat: *hit Stan on the back*
  • Stan: Dude.
  • Pat: Ahhhhhhhhhhh, PAO!
  • Stan: Help me! Somebody get me a lift!
  • Pat: I'm gonna chase you. Ha ha ha.
  • Stan: Come right at ya.
  • Simba: *roar at the gang*
  • Timon: Whoa.
  • Pumbaa: Nice battle cry.
  • Simba: It feel good to be the king.
  • Emily: Oh look, there's more.
  • Stan: More for what?
  • Pat: *hit Stan* Gotcha.
  • Stan: Stop hitting. There's also something else.

(At the punching bag room)

  • Stan: Who is the biggest punching bag of all?
  • Timon: That's a stuffed alien toy.
  • Stan: Yeah. I bet this alien is going to get punched in the face! *punch the alien punching bag*
  • Pat: Punch punch punch! Teach this alien a lesson.
  • Stan: It's not a living creature. It's a toy! *punch the alien punching bag to the wall*
  • Timon: Whoa.
  • Pumbaa: Boom.
  • Simba: Well that was bonkers.
  • Stan: Oh yeah, Stan is number one!
  • Timon: That was impressive.
  • Stan: Who likes kung-fu?
  • SImba: Kung foot?
  • Stan: No. Kung-fu.
  • Timon: Everybody love kung-fu fighting.
  • Emily: We all do Timon.
  • Pumbaa: Can we race already? My feet is getting so stressed out.
  • Pat: Fine. Let's just race.

(At the racing zone, the race pods are floating for the animals to ride on)

  • Emily: Is this a racing zone?
  • Timon: Yes. This room has everything for training.
  • Pat: We also have to race for the Gladiator games. That's what the king want us to do.
  • Stan: He's the king. Yeah, we're gonna win and get out of here in no time.
  • Simba: Are you ready?
  • Emily: Yes.
  • Bunga: You know i am.
  • Pumbaa: Are you mark, get set. *fart*
  • Simba: Really Pumbaa?
  • Pumbaa: Sorry. Just go.
  • Timon: What?
  • Pumbaa: Go! *race*
  • Timon: He's ahead of us. Go! *race with the other animals on the loop*
  • Emily: Yee-haw!
  • Bunga: This is so awesome.
  • Simba: This thing is actually great.
  • Stan: This is just like playing a racing game at home.
  • Pat: It's a video game in real-life.
  • Stan: More like playing a game in Virtual reality.
  • Pat: I will win once and for all.
  • Stan: You can't beat me. I'm the very best. *speed up*
  • Pat: Hey. No cheating. *speed up*
  • Simba: Come on, you know that the king have to win. *speed up*
  • Timon: What about me? *speed up*
  • Pumbaa: What the?
  • Timon: Ah ha! First place is on the block!
  • Simba: Not so fast. *speed up more*
  • Timon: Are you kidding me? *speed up more*
  • Pat: No!
  • Stan: Tartar sauce. They beat us all.
  • Pat: Cheaters.
  • Timon: I'm ahead of you now Simba.
  • Simba: Wait til i drift more, And boost it up a little more.
  • Timon: One day, we're making a race track at the jungle and everyone will love it.
  • Simba: *speed up and go to the finish line*
  • Timon: Nooooooooooo!
  • Simba: Woo hoo! First place!
  • Pat: Ugh. I can't believe it.
  • Pumbaa: Last place, darn it.
  • Timon: You won Simba. Good game.
  • Simba: Good game to you.
  • Stan: Well that was a bit fun.
  • Emily: Friendship never ends.
  • Simba: It mean no worries.
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Pat: I wish we had coffee to drink for the games.


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