Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan 2 written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Court".


(At court, a lot of people are there, sitting down in their places with the rabbit news reporting going on live)

  • News Reporter: This is your Local News going on live. Court is now in session.

(At the table where Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Brutox and the selfish meerkat are)

  • Timon: Boring.
  • Pumbaa: Are you guys happy?
  • Pat: No. This is all my fault. We blew it together.
  • Stan: Oh yeah, we couldn't have escaped in time if we have gotten the cube.
  • Brutox: You ruined everything! Now we're going to jail because of you.
  • Selfish meerkat: I wanna go home.
  • Pumbaa: Me too, but why we have to go to court?
  • Pat: Court is that one place people go for troubles.
  • Stan: Not just troubles. Just to clarify if your guilty or not.
  • Timon: We're not guilty.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah. Brutox and the meerkat are the ones who should be in charge of getting into a lot of trouble.
  • Brutox: Hey!
  • Selfish meerkat: Watch it buddy, he might need a little more help.
  • Timon: Don't listen to them Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: Okay.
  • Hippo Judge: Court is now in session everyone. Ordering the court, ordering the court. I repeat, court is now in session.
  • Pat: Oh no.
  • Pumbaa: Don't say a word.
  • Hippo Judge: Pat and Brutox, we know what crimes you bring to us and what did you do to the Diamond Headquarters?
  • Pat: Brutox and his meerkat friend with whiskers were trying to go after the cube. But we stopped them in time when the place was about to blow up.
  • Hippo Judge: Where is the cube?
  • Brutox: They stole it first.
  • Stan: No. Brutox broke the cube.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Pumbaa: Stan!
  • Stan: I thought we were going to work this out.
  • Selfish meerkat: I see no broken pieces on the car.
  • Timon: Stop lying and show us the truth.
  • Selfish meerkat: There is no truth you stubborn. You're already being an annoying doofus.
  • Timon: What did i do?
  • Pumbaa: Don't listen to them Timon.
  • Timon: Okay okay. We're in the middle of court right now. I don't know why we have to do this like we're at Pride Rock for some exile problem or something.
  • Pat: Professor Chi-Chi is gonna kill us for this.
  • Hippo Judge: What should you be consider?
  • Timon: Not guilty.
  • Pumbaa: Ooh, guilty pleasure.
  • Hippo Judge: All of you are guilty in the cause of the bomb explosion.
  • Pat: What?!
  • Timon: Pumbaa!
  • Pumbaa: Sorry.
  • Brutox: Too late, we're in trouble now.
  • Stan: You son of a-
  • Timon: Hey, watch it. No cussing during a court session.
  • Stan: Sorry.
  • Hippo Judge: Which one of you guys will be in jail?
  • Timon: *gulp* Jail?
  • Pat: Take Brutox to jail.
  • Brutox: No. Take them all to jail.
  • Selfish meerkat: What? Even me? Grub no.
  • Hippo Judge: Brutox after all these years of robbing and stealing the most famous diamond, where is that blue diamond you're suppose to return?
  • Brutox: It's still in my own secret vault.
  • Hippo Judge: Prove it.
  • Brutox: I'm not telling you. It's in my secret cave lair that no one of you will ever find.
  • Hippo Judge: Where are your toxic powers?
  • Brutox: Oh, after i steal Chi-Chi's coffee maker and waffle iron, i decided to steal a bunch of serums to power up my toxic power in order to destroy everything he love the most.
  • Hippo Judge: Monster! Take him away, he's going to jail.
  • Brutox: No. Wait til you see this. *hold a tiny square-sized bomb in his hand*
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Brutox: I have it in my pocket the whole day.
  • Hippo Judge: That not the serum. It's a prototype serum bomb!
  • Timon: Everybody run!

(The court explodes, injuring several animals as Brutox and the selfish meerkat escapes. Timon get up and chase after Brutox and the selfish meerkat.)

  • Timon: You monsters!
  • Brutox: Run buddy, he caught us all!
  • Selfish meerkat: You're not going anywhere. *scratch Timon's belly*
  • Timon: Ow! *get down*
  • Selfish meerkat: You broke the cube, you ruined everything. *escape*
  • Timon: Come on, it was joke. Pumbaa swallow it!
  • Selfish meerkat: Liar!
  • Brutox: We're out of here.
  • Timon: I'm sorry Ma. I tried.... *fell to sleep*

(Moments later, Timon wakes up from a bed in another location, which is the hospital)

  • Timon: Pumbaa? Pat? Stan? Aunt Martha? Uhhhh. *sleep*

(Pat, Stan and Pumbaa are also there in their beds)

  • Pat: Uh. What a day.
  • Stan: I feel.....okay.
  • Pumbaa: *sleeping* Hakuna Matata.
  • Timon: My friends, you're okay.
  • Fox Hospital Waitress: So far, these guys are going well.
  • Elephant Hospital Waiter: Yeah, i can see that.

(Back at the Diamond Headquarters, the construction site workers are repairing the walls from the bomb explosion)

  • Panther Chief: I can't believe the cube is gone.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yeah. They try to go after it, but they broke it by accident. It was my rarest invention since the middle part of the year.
  • Panther Chief: If anything bad happen like Brutox trying to steal one of your inventions, just let me know.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ok.
  • Panther Chief: I'll be there to check if Brutox is up to something bad.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: He won't steal another of my inventions ever again.
  • Panther Chief: That's my man.

(Two days later, Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan are fully recovered from their health and free from the hospital. Outside, the gang is breathing from the air peacefully.)

  • Timon: Ah, yeah.
  • Pumbaa: Man, i can walk on four legs again.
  • Pat: Look like things are getting cleared.
  • Stan: Let's go home now.
  • Timon: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pumbaa: I want to go have some breakfast.
  • Stan: Sure thing my friend.
  • Timon: Come on and back to the house.

(Back at the neighborhood, the gang return home)

  • Pat: Ah, what a nice day.
  • Stan: No surprise party huh?
  • Pat: I knew doing one is a bad idea.
  • Timon: They're not that bad. Even for someone's birthday.
  • Pumbaa: When i was little, our birthday meal was steak.
  • Timon: Everyone's birthday meal was steak.
  • Pat: I thought cake was the birthday meal.
  • Stan: Yeah. Man, those hot dogs gave me a heart attack once.
  • Timon: Any bugs on the floor to eat?
  • Pat: Timon, we don't eat on the floor, let's try eating a salad.
  • Stan: Right on.
  • Pumbaa: We're gonna watch TV for now.
  • Timon: Yeah, we needed a break and let's watch the news.
  • Pumbaa: Right on.
  • Timon: *turn on the TV to see footage of the court incident from two days ago* Oh no, we're on the news.
  • Pumbaa: Bad luck.
  • Pat: I can't believe Brutox brought in a tiny bomb to kill us all.
  • Stan: We didn't die you stupid!
  • Pat: Hey, no bad words in my house.
  • Stan: We own the house, we pay the mortgage, pay our taxes and buy food for ourselves.
  • Pumbaa: Uh oh. *choking*
  • Timon: Guys, he's choking. Help him out.
  • Pumbaa: *lay on the floor to choke something out*
  • Pat: What's the matter?
  • Stan: I think he's throwing up.
  • Pumbaa: *spit out the dimensional cube*
  • Timon: The cube!
  • Pat: We did it. It's alive.
  • Stan: It wasn't damanged after Pumbaa swallow it to prevent from being broken.
  • Timon: Ew, now it was saliva on it.
  • Pat: Gotta put on my gloves and let me wash it with soap.
  • Stan: Does it still works?
  • Pat: Let me wash it first.
  • Pumbaa: Thank goodness. I didn't chew it up, didn't i?
  • Timon: Nope.
  • Pat: *put on gloves* Stand back guys, let me clean this up. *grab the cube and wash it in the sink with soap*
  • Stan: Don't get electrified*
  • Pat: I won't. Done, all clean. *hold the cube*
  • Timon: Thank goodness, it's clean than before.
  • Pumbaa: Perfect. I need water.
  • Stan: Coming right up.
  • Pumbaa: Ah.
  • Stan: *grab a water bottle from the fridge and pour water to the cup and give it to Pumbaa* Here you go.
  • Pumbaa: Thank you very much. *drink the water* Gulp, gulp water.
  • Stan: Man, it been two days we haven't been at home.
  • Pat: Salad's ready.
  • Timon: Oh boy, salad time.
  • Pumbaa: Winner Winner Salad Lunch.
  • Pat: Take a look at this, we added the bacon and stuff for Pumbaa to eat.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: Let's eat it up and serve it up.

(At the couch, the gang started to eat their salads on a plate and watch some elephant soccer)

  • Timon: What a nice day to be back.
  • Pumbaa: I thought we were going to die.
  • Pat: Yeah, i thought we would never live.
  • Stan: I have a fear that we were going to be sent to a foster home.
  • Timon: Well that not gonna happen at all.
  • Pumbaa: Nah, who cares.
  • Pat: My grandpa was in a foster home once. He complained, smash his crackers and got send back to his regular home. That happen all the way back in 1995.
  • Stan: This bacon stuff taste crunchy like a Frosted Flakes.
  • Timon: They're great.
  • Pumbaa: Ho ho ho. This stuff never gets old.

(Back at Brutox's cave lair)

  • Brutox: No no NO! I want that cube so bad. I wanna use it so we can take over the world together.
  • Selfish meerkat: I'm sorry master. I tried.
  • Brutox: We must, we must get that cube right away!
  • Selfish meerkat: I think of a newer plan to stop Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan.
  • Brutox: Good idea. When i am ready to get the cube, both of the worlds will be destroyed by us and everything in the multiverse will be ours. *evil laugh*

(Back at Pat and Stan's house)

  • Pat: *hold the cube* This cube is looking shiny and does it work?
  • Stan: Maybe it need some fixing. It doesn't work in reverse or something.
  • Timon: Let's take to to Professor Chi-Chi to fix the cube.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah so we can go back home after Brutox is defeated.
  • Pat: Then what are you waiting for? Come on and let's go.

(The gang leave the house and went to Professor Chi-Chi's lab)

  • Pat: *knock on the door* Hello? Is someone here?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Please come here. *giggles*
  • Timon: What's so funny Chi-Chi? Are you trying to make fun of our return?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Making fun, huh? Please come in and no silly jokes.
  • Pumbaa: Okie dokie. *open the door* Huh?
  • All: SURPRISE!
  • Stan: A surprise party for us? Wow, i can't believe it.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Welcome back you guys, we were so worried about you. Sorry for the explosion of the court that Brutox set up. Look like we have a lot of cupcakes and crackers to share with.
  • Aunt Martha: My boys!
  • Timon: Oh boy, party at the lab.
  • Pat: Hakuna Matata!

(Everyone grab a cracker and a cupcake. Momo and the other bunnies feed on the crumbs)

  • Stuart: This stuff taste good.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, yummy in my tummy.
  • Emily: I love the cupcakes so much that it make me want to eat a real cake already.
  • Lili: Ooh, these crackers taste like the ones in the restaurant.
  • Timon: Thank you for the party Professor Chi-Chi.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You guys are welcome, i appreciate it.
  • Pat: Oh, we brought the cube back. Pumbaa swallow it at first so we decided to clean it up. *give the cube to Professor Chi-Chi*
  • Professor Chi-Chi: My cube. These gamma gamma chameleons are even nicer to me with the cube. I will upgrade it to make it work better.
  • Aunt Martha: So boys, i have a gift for you.
  • Timon: What it is?
  • Pumbaa: Ooh, it is grubs?
  • Pat: A new video game?
  • Stan: A new dog bone?
  • Aunt Martha: No. It's a surprise, open it.
  • Timon: *open the gift* Whoa, tickets to the movies.
  • Aunt Martha: No. It's tickets for a camping trip.
  • Pat: Tickets to camp? Yay! We're going camping.
  • Stan: Oh boy.
  • Pumbaa: Another vacation for us.
  • Timon: Gotta go pack our bags for the big trip.
  • Pat: Who needed a vacation if your days are tired? Oh well, it's vacation time.


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