Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan 2 written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Headquarters Breakout".


(The next morning in Pat and Stan's house at the attic, Timon and Pumbaa wake up for the morning)

  • Timon: *yawns* Good morning Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: Ah yeah, what a day.
  • Timon: Pumbaa, the next day just started.
  • Pumbaa: Oh, i wonder what we have for breakfast.
  • Timon: Guh, Pumbaa, you have to go downstair to serve some food for yourself.
  • Pumbaa: I only stand on four feet. I can't cook.
  • Timon: Yes you do. Remember when we first discovered the jungle and you cook all the grubs up with a delicious meal.
  • Pumbaa: Oh yeah, i can cook.
  • Pat: *enter the attic* Good morning boys.
  • Stan: *enter the attic* How is everything?
  • Timon: So good, so well.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: Are you ready for breakfast?
  • Timon: Oh yeah, come on, let's go.
  • Stan: Let's go right now.

(At the kitchen)

  • Pumbaa: Hey, where's the menu?
  • Pat: *giggles* It's not a restaurant. But what do you like for breakfast?
  • Pumbaa: I want, uh.......mashed potatos.
  • Pat: Mashed potatos? But it's not lunch time, but do you want eggs?
  • Pumbaa: Oh sure, i also want bacon on it.
  • Timon: Bacon!
  • Stan: Yummy bacon in my meal.
  • Pat: Coming right up boys.

(At Stuart's house, Stuart is making some pecan pinwheels on the stove)

  • Stuart: *smell* Ah, fresh breath of pecan pinwheels.

(At Lili's garden, Lili is planting some carrots in her backyard)

  • Lili: Good morning my carrots, ready for another day?

(At Emily's underground house, Emily is putting some jelly on her bread)

  • Emily: It's peanut butter jelly time. All i need is some peanut butter.

(At Stephanie's house, Stephanie is painting a picture of a grass hill)

  • Stephanie: Look like another day to paint a painting.

(Back at Pat and Stan's house, Pat is done cooking scrambled eggs with bacon in it)

  • Pat: Breakfast is served.
  • Timon: Oh boy, eggs.
  • Stan: This smells good.
  • Pumbaa: Ah, fresh from a bird's nest.
  • Pat: Well, i cook it on a pan. So want to eat on the sofa?
  • Timon: Oh sure.
  • Stan: I need a coffee break.

(At Professor Chi-Chi's lab, Chi-Chi is testing out a serum to a hamster)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Please make it work. *use the serum on the hamster and walk on two legs* Ah ha, it's working. I need to get Pumbaa for this.

(Back at Pat and Stan's house, the gang is eating scrambled eggs and bacon)

  • Pat: This stuff taste great.
  • Stan: Better than making those sandwiches.
  • Timon: This bacon is crispy.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: I alway wanted a egg muffin.
  • Stan: Egg muffins? They taste great.
  • Timon: You want a muffin on a egg? Ha.
  • Pat: Not those type of muffins. I mean the sandwich ones.
  • Pumbaa: Ham and Cheese?
  • Stan: No. Don't you get it, he wanted to make a Egg Muffin.
  • Timon and Pumbaa: Oh.
  • Pat: Maybe for next time and how about lunch?
  • Stan: Lunch is later and we got a lot of stuff to do.
  • Pat: *phone is ringing* Oh my, i think the professor needs me. *answer the phone* Hello?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Pat, please bring your friends over for a minute*
  • Pat: Right back at ya.

(At Professor Chi-Chi's lab, the gang made it all here)

  • Stan: You wanted what?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: No worries my friends, i invented a new serum for Pumbaa to walk on two legs. That's why he will be a citizen to this world and don't get caught by the animal control.
  • Pat: You never seen pets around in this world. Only birds and chickens do.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: A chicken is a bird. Don't you get it?
  • Pat: Oh, they are.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Pumbaa, sit down for a minute.
  • Pumbaa: *sit down* Okay.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Now stretch.
  • Pumbaa: *stretch* Oh yeah.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Stay here.
  • Pumbaa: What?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Stay, i have something for you.
  • Pumbaa: Is it candy? Chocolate? Gummy bears? Grubs?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's not candy or yucky grubs, okay?!
  • Pumbaa: Okay.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright, here it goes. *use a needle with the serum and pinch it to Pumbaa*
  • Pumbaa: Yao!

(Pumbaa started to go through his mind and transform into a strong warthog. Back in reality. Pumbaa stand up and stand on two legs.)

  • Timon: Wow.
  • Pat: Are you kidding me?
  • Stan: He's not faking it.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: He finally did it. It's really working.
  • Pumbaa: Wow, i can walk.
  • Timon: You alway walk Pumbaa. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright, you guys are going to break into the headquarters and get that cube back.
  • Timon: Why would we break into the headquarters just to get something back?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I wanted you guys to do this so you can get back to your worlds by the next hour.
  • Pat: But Brutox is planning to destroy the world. What is wrong with that?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Nothing is wrong with that hippo. You guys will dress up as workers in the headquarters and get that cube back from the vault.
  • Pat: *salute* Yes sir.
  • Stan: Where can we put our uniforms on?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I have the uniforms of a business man. You guys will be business man and go after that cube. Oh, i have a small one for you Timon.
  • Timon: Hey, don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I'm not reading a book, i'm just saying, duh.
  • Stan: Can we get our outfits now?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *open the box with the uniforms* Sure, there they are. Now dress up and get in the car.
  • Pat: What car?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: My car you lucky animals. You know this by now.
  • Pat: Okay, not a problem.

(Back at Brutox's lair)

  • Brutox: It's time. Today it's the day we rob a place.
  • Selfish meerkat: What is the first thing to do?
  • Brutox: Rob the bank!
  • Selfish meerkat: Rob the bank? Oh well, i love the sound of it.
  • Brutox: What are you waiting for? Let's go.

(Brutox and the selfish meerkat went into the car and Brutox drive to the bank. Back at Professor Chi-Chi's lab, the gang is all dressed in their business man clothes.)

  • Pat: Man, what a day.
  • Stan: Now you act like a business man.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Now all you need is general hats.
  • Timon: General hats?
  • Pumbaa: But that's impossible.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's very important boys. You don't want to get caught.
  • Timon: I won't be caught.
  • Pumbaa: Me too.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Good, now wear them on.

(The gang wear the general hats)

  • Pat: Perfect.
  • Stan: We're ready Professor Chi-Chi.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Go now, it's about time.
  • Pat: Let's go boys, you know what to do.

(At the car, Timon and Pumbaa goes on the back and Pat and Stan goes on the front)

  • Timon: Are you ready?
  • Pat: Oh yeah, here we go.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Stan: What are you waiting for. Let's drive.
  • Pat: It's not a kart racing game. *giggles* Oh yeah, let's go. *drive the car*

(Meanwhile at the back of the bank, Brutox and the selfish meerkat arrive in the back)

  • Brutox: *get off the car* Oh yeah.
  • Selfish meerkat: He he he. Supervillain stuff.
  • Brutox: Climb the laddar boy, we found one.
  • Selfish meerkat: Fine. *climb up the laddar*
  • Brutox: *climb up the laddar to the top* Well, well, well. What should we do?
  • Selfish meerkat: Go inside?
  • Brutox: No. How about we break in without getting caught.
  • Selfish meerkat: Perfect plan.
  • Brutox: Then we go after that cube in the headquarters. I knew Pat and Stan are going after it first.
  • Selfish meerkat: We better stop them now.
  • Brutox: How about later, but let's focus on this situation.
  • Selfish meerkat: Ok.

(Inside of the bank)

  • Fox Worker: Sir, can you check if we still have money for everyone to get?
  • Rabbit Worker: Sure thing. No problem at all. *check the money vault* Yes. We still have money.
  • Fox Worker: Jackpot. Let's get back to work now.
  • Rabbit Worker: Right on.

(Back in the top of the bank)

  • Brutox: What should we do?
  • Selfish meerkat: Break in without getting caught?
  • Brutox: Great idea. That a perform plan.
  • Selfish meerkat: Just break into the vault.
  • Brutox: Fine. You asked for it. *use his toxic powers to break in the vault by the hole* Ah, money.
  • Selfish meerkat: Need a rope?
  • Brutox: Yes. Go grab a rope in the back of the car. You'll see it.
  • Selfish meerkat: Yes master. *go to the car to get a rope*
  • Brutox: I hit the jackpot and skip the lottery. *grab bags of money* Darn it, what should i do? Ah ha. *throw money in the top of the building* This should do the trick.
  • Selfish meerkat: *came back with the rope* I got it.
  • Brutox: Did you tie it in the car?
  • Selfish meerkat: Yes. It's a very long rope like a snake.
  • Brutox: Easy piecey. I'll be back with the stolen money.
  • Selfish meerkat: Steal all the money?
  • Brutox: No. I needed six bags of money. Better than breaking the piggy bank.
  • Selfish meerkat: Don't piggy back me with that bank stuff.
  • Brutox: Okie dokie.

(Brutox steal some money bags and head back to the top)

  • Selfish meerkat: How do we close it?
  • Brutox: Fix fix fix. *close the top by using the tape*
  • Selfish meerkat: Tape?!
  • Brutox: Go! We don't want any trouble. *he and the meerkat head back to the car* Now let's move.
  • Selfish meerkat: Here we go.

(Brutox drive the car to the headquarters. Meanwhile, Pat is driving the car to the Diamond Headquarters.)

  • Timon: Pat, what is the first thing to do.
  • Pat: Greet all the people in the world.
  • Stan: No Pat, how about we wear our fake mustaches?
  • Pat: Fake mustaches? Sound like a great idea.
  • Pumbaa: Alright, where are the fake mustaches?
  • Timon: Ooh, i didn't know there's four of them in a case.
  • Pat: Those were in the past Halloween parties. It's okay if we wear them for disguise.
  • Timon: Good idea Pat.
  • Stan: This is a little good trick for the company.
  • Pumbaa: Nah, they won't find out. They're just here to say hi for us.
  • Pat: There we are, the Headquarters.
  • Stan: This is where that Cube is located at.
  • Timon: We gotta get it back now before it's too late.
  • Pumbaa: It's about time we get that cube.
  • Pat: Alright, let's park the car and beat the house. *park the car in the parking lot*

(At the office of the Diamond Headquarters)

  • Panther Chief: Ah, time for a little snack of potato chips.
  • Gorilla Manager: Chief, we have visitors coming in.
  • Panther Chief: Oh my, they're here already in a minute?

(Outside of the headquarters, Pat ring the door bell)

  • Pat: This is like the White House of the United States.
  • Stan: It's from Washington D.C.
  • Pat: That where the president lives.
  • Timon: Ah, back home, we have a leader who rule our pride.
  • Pumbaa: The king is alway a lion.
  • Stan: Hakuna Matata.
  • Panther Chief: *open the door* Good morning men, glad to have you join. Wait a minute, you guys look familiar. Were you at Professor Chi-Chi's lab yesterday for the incident?
  • Timon: Our twin brothers were there. They were frightened of Brutox trying to blow up the lab. They are depressed of the incident that happened yesterday and went into their mamas house for a little nap in the bed.
  • Panther Chief: Interesting. You reminded me of a voice actor in a movie.
  • Pat: What?!
  • Panther Chief: No screams in whats. Not allowed in my headquarters.
  • Stan: This place look like a building of a hotel.
  • Panther Chief: Sure is. Come inside for the tour.
  • Pat: No need for the tour. We already been there like many times and let us in.
  • Panther Chief: If you say the magic world?
  • Pumbaa: Please?
  • Panther Chief: You're free to welcome.
  • Pumbaa: Alright, let's go inside.
  • Panther Chief: Thanks again.

(Inside of the headquarters in the hall)

  • Pat: Okay guys, this is the place to look for the cube.
  • Timon: Let's look around like it's a museum.
  • Stan: Pretend that this is a museum where you look around in places.
  • Timon: Yeah, let's do that.
  • Pumbaa: Oh boy, here we go.

(With Pat's group, they sneaked into the computer lab)

  • Timon: A computer lab? Do we need to locate the cube?
  • Pat: No. You're not here to play games, we're here to look for the cube.
  • Timon: Oh my.
  • Stan: Pretty much of a computer lab at school.
  • Pumbaa: *farts* Excuse me.
  • Stan: Pumbaa, the bathroom is on the other side you moron.
  • Pumbaa: Who do i look like? A pig?
  • Pat: Hey, no fighting. There's cameras watching us.
  • Stan: Fine. Let's keep on going.

(In the copy room)

  • Timon: Whoa, what is this place?
  • Pat: This place is used to copy your papers in the copy machine.
  • Stan: Look like a good job for us.
  • Pat: Yep. Just like working in a real office.
  • Pumbaa: We can't just tour around. We need to look for the cube.
  • Timon: Right. *check the drawers* Nope, not in there.
  • Pat: *look under* Not in there.
  • Stan: Guys, let's check the other rooms.
  • Timon: Okay, we look for it.

(In the other hallway)

  • Stan: Whoa, look like people are hungry for food.
  • Timon: They're just doing their job. M'kay?
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: No worries after all. Let's go check the kitchen.

(At the kitchen)

  • Timon: This place look empty.
  • Pumbaa: Don't be rude Timon. They haven't start working yet.
  • Pat: It's already 9am in the morning. They should be here by now.
  • Stan: What could possibly go wrong?

(A mosquito fly over to the kitchen)

  • Timon: Man, look at this stove. Fresh and sound.
  • Pumbaa: Be careful, it's alway hot when you cook.
  • Pat: Where is that sound coming from?
  • Stan: Maybe it's the cube.
  • Pat: No. That strange sound is coming from my ears.
  • Stan: You have a seizure?
  • Pat: No. It must be a Mosquito.
  • Timon: Eek! I hate mosquitos.
  • Pumbaa: Me too. They bite like bees.
  • Pat: Bees and mosquitos string you for a bit of a boo boo.
  • Stan: I hate boo boos.
  • Timon: Look out, it landed on the cup.
  • Pat: It's on sideways so who cares.
  • Stan: Let's watch and see.
  • Timon: It make noise.
  • Pat: I hope it's not one of Professor Chi-Chi's inventions who wanted a bug like this.
  • Stan: It wings move.
  • Pumbaa: It's a.
  • Timon: Uh oh.
  • Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan: MOSQUITO!

(The mosquito pop out with a little tune of "Mosquito" by Loco Loco playing in the background as Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan run after the mosquito)

  • Timon: It flys everywhere!
  • Pumbaa: Get the mosquito!
  • Pat: *use the pot* I will trap it.
  • Stan: Use a pan to hit!
  • Pat: *use a pan instead* Fine.
  • Timon: I will kill the mosquito.
  • Pumbaa: *throw the forks at the mosquito* Quick. It's getting away.
  • Timon: We door the close just in case.
  • Pumbaa: We're making a mess.
  • Pat: No time for messes and it's time to kill the monster! *use a fly swatter*
  • Timon: *use a fly swatter* Ah ha, there's another one.
  • Stan: Save the kitchen, stop the mosquito*
  • Pat: *go after the mosquito* Die you evil beast! *splat on the wall* That bug keep flying away like a airplane.
  • Stan: That bug flyer is gonna pay for this.
  • Timon: I got it, i got it. *hit on the wall* Ooh, that gotta hurt.
  • Pumbaa: Ooh, i got one. *fart* Gah, it didn't hurt.
  • Stan: Stop with the fart jokes and kill the stupid mosquito!
  • Pumbaa: Fine! There it goes! *throw the pot at the mosquito as the bug keep flying away* Darn it.
  • Timon: Come back you little beast! *go after the mosquito and climb on the table* Metal, huh?
  • Stan: Go get it Timon, it's landing on the wall.
  • Timon: Gotcha! *kill the mosquito with the fly swatter*
  • Pat: Did you kill it?
  • Timon: Yes. I kill the mosquito.
  • Stan: You did it.
  • Pumbaa: Woo hoo.
  • Pat: Yabba yabba doo!

(In the cameras, the moles were watching the video of Timon and his gang cheering in the kitchen)

  • Mole #1: What?
  • Mole #2: They made a mess.
  • Mole #3: Look like someone need to clean the mess up.

(The background song ends and outside of the headquarters, Brutox arrives with the meerkat buddy)

  • Brutox: We finally made it.
  • Selfish meerkat: He he ha ha ha.
  • Brutox: It's time to sneak in without getting caught. That cube is ours first.

(Back with Pat's group, they were cleaning up the mess in the kitchen)

  • Pat: Gosh, we shouldn't go here in the first place.
  • Timon: Me too. Kill a mosquito and make a mess.
  • Pumbaa: I hate when people leave doors open and let the bugs come over.
  • Stan: The bad part is that the boo boo stay for several years.
  • Timon: Eek, you better watch out.
  • Stan: Let's go check the other room then.
  • Pat: Okay Stan, come on guys, the cube must be here somewhere.

(In the cafeteria, a lot of people were eating in the tables as Pat's group got out of the kitchen)

  • Stan: What is this place suppose to be, a school?
  • Timon: No. This is a headquarters place. More like a big lab or something.
  • Stan: I think we should check the vault.
  • Pat: The vault?
  • Timon: Wait wait what? What did you say?
  • Stan: I think they must have hide it under the vault. Let's go check it out.
  • Pumbaa: Oh yeah, good idea.
  • Timon: Gotta beat the house and let's go boys.
  • Pumbaa: Here we go baby.

(At the secret vault place, the gang arrives with a passcode)

  • Pat: This can't be, a passcode? You brought us all the way for a passcode?
  • Stan: Sorry bud, i knew vaults have passcodes like a password on your smartphone.
  • Pat: I don't have a smartphone. Who uses smartphones anyways?
  • Timon: There might be a leak in here.
  • Pat: Let me just type in the code. *type in 5463* Ah ha. *press the publish button and got it wrong* Gah! Wrong passcode. Darn it.
  • Stan: This sucks. We can't get the cube.
  • Pat: I wish this place is never born.
  • Timon: Stop it Pat. Let them do their job.
  • Pat: Why can't we be smart enough to enter these type of vaults!
  • Pumbaa: Pat, no one is smart in here. People don't know things like you don't know Pride Rock.
  • Pat: I want that stupid cube anyways.
  • Stan: Let's just try entering the code again to get into the vault.
  • Timon: Good idea. But it gonna take a lot of wrong answers to get into the vault.

(Back with Brutox and the selfish meerkat outside, they sneaked to the back)

  • Brutox: Now this is the chance to break in.
  • Selfish meerkat: Do it.
  • Brutox: *set up the bomb in 60 seconds* Ah ha, this might do the trick.
  • Selfish meerkat: Move back, it's gonna blow.
  • Brutox: *move back* Eek, my bad.

(Back with the Panther Chief, he headed to the secret vault to see what Pat and the gang is doing)

  • Panther Chief: Men, what is going on around here?
  • Pat: We can't get into the vault.
  • Panther Chief: Are you trying to break into my stuff?
  • Timon: No. We just wanted to take a look. See?
  • Panther Chief: Okay, i'll show you my collection. *type in the code to 3987 and press the publish button and got it right* Bingo. Now move back, let me open it for you guys.
  • Stan: Yes.
  • Pumbaa: Fun fun fun.
  • Panther Chief: *open the vault* See?
  • Pat: The cube!
  • Stan: We got it.
  • Panther Chief: No one in here touches the cube. I'm sorry to say this that we don't want anyone sucking into the other world.

(The bomb explodes, breaking most of the wall in the headquarters with the alarm sound going on)

  • Brutox: Yes! Let's break in.
  • Selfish meerkat: Okie dokie.

(At the Diamond Headquarters, the alarm goes on with a flash of red)

  • Speaker: Attention everyone! A theft has enter the building. Please evacuate outside!

(Back at the secret vault place)

  • Panther Chief: Oh no.
  • Pat: What should we do, what should we do?
  • Panther Chief: Everyone go outside, the theft is inside.
  • Stan: No. We're stealing the cube anyways. *punch the Panther Chief*
  • Panther Chief: I know you from somewhere. *fell down*
  • Pat: Get the cube.
  • Stan: *use a hammer to break the glass display and get the cube* Gotcha.
  • Timon: Let's escape now.
  • Pumbaa: Come on, they caught us all.
  • Timon: Run for your lives!

(Back with Brutox, the hippo soldiers goes after him as Brutox use his toxic attack to the soldiers. One rhino security was about to hit him as Brutox kick him to the wall.)

  • Brutox: I know this place. That cube belongs to me!
  • Pat: Oh no it's Brutox. Run!
  • Selfish meerkat: There goes the cube!
  • Brutox: *run after the group* Morons! *grab Pat*
  • Pat: Hey.
  • Brutox: Gimmie the cube.
  • Pat: No. It's Chi-Chi's.
  • Brutox: I hate that rat. Gimmie it now.
  • Pat: *throw the cube* No!
  • Timon: The cube!
  • Pumbaa: Awoooo, it didn't crack a single piece like a cup.
  • Timon: Glass break like diamonds Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: Oh.
  • Selfish meerkat: Stop right there!
  • Timon: Take this! *punch the selfish meerkat*
  • Selfish meerkat: OW! STUPID!
  • Brutox: *go after the cube and grab it* Oh yes, it's mine now. Time to take over the world.
  • Stan: *kick Brutox's back* Not so fast piggy.
  • Brutox: Hey, why you kick me?
  • Stan: Give the dimensional cube back.
  • Brutox: No. I will use this cube to destroy everything in the universe.
  • Stan: This is not a toy to play with. It's a invention to warp to universes.
  • Brutox: That the stupidest thing i've ever heard.
  • Stan: You WHAT?!
  • Brutox: *use his powerful sphere attack on the wall* Show's over amigo.
  • Stan: We're not your amigos you piggy. *fight Brutox*
  • Timon: Pumbaa, now it is the chance to fart.
  • Pumbaa: Wait, i can't fart in public.
  • Timon: What?
  • Pumbaa: What happen if i get kicked out?
  • Timon: We're guests, we only get kicked out if you do something bad.
  • Pumbaa: Oh.

(Pumbaa started to have a weird dream with a lot of people in a meeting on a table)

  • Pumbaa: So, what should our new job be?
  • Lemur Worker: I think we should clean up the floors.
  • Monkey Worker: Maybe we do some paperwork.
  • Pumbaa: I think i should clean up the diamonds and- *fart in front of people* Oops, sorry, i shouldn't have used the bathroom before going to the meeting.
  • Hippo Manager: Pumbaa, go see the Boss right now!
  • Pumbaa: Uh oh.

(At the Boss Office)

  • Panther Boss: You did WHAT?
  • Pumbaa: Sorry boss, it was a accident.
  • Panther Boss: No sorry warthog, YOU'RE FIRED!
  • Pumbaa: Fired?
  • Panther Boss: Yes. Out of my office now!
  • Pumbaa: Huh?
  • Panther Boss: I have something for you.

(The cannon hits Pumbaa out of the office. The dream was over in Pumbaa's mind.)

  • Pumbaa: Oh my, it was a strange dream after all.
  • Timon: Come on Pumbaa, no one is gonna kick you out of the place. Just do it like you did at Pride Rock.
  • Pumbaa: Fine. *farts in front of the group*
  • Brutox: The smell! I can't see.
  • Stan: *punch Brutox and got the cube* I got it. It got it.
  • Pat: Let's get out of here.
  • Timon: What a weapon once again Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: Oh no, the FBI caught us again.
  • FBI Soldier #1: Hold it right here! Give us the cube now.
  • Pat: We're caught.
  • Stan: We're all gonna die.
  • Timon: Come on, press the button and we go back to my world.
  • Stan: We can't. We're in dangerous already.
  • Pumbaa: Trap in two places at the same time.
  • FBI Soldier #2: Drop the cube and let's go!
  • Pat: Those hippos look alot like me.
  • Stan: Boys, let's take the other way.
  • FBI Soldier #3: Let's go. They're stealing the cube.
  • Brutox: *stand up and use his magic to break all the alarm sounds in the headquarters*
  • FBI Soldier #4: Where's the siren?
  • Brutox: There is no siren. *use the force to hold the weapons up*
  • FBI Soldier #5: What the? Is he a Jedi or a Sith?
  • FBI Soldier #6: I think he watch too much action movies in his life.
  • Brutox: Die you son of bacons. *make the rifles shoot against the soldiers as the soldiers run away* Ha ha ha ha ha. No one can beat me now.
  • Selfish meerkat: *get up* Brutox, you almost forgot that these fat hogs are stealing the cube!
  • Brutox: Oh no, the cube! Let's go after them. *run after the cube with his meerkat friend as the rifles drop down from Brutox's control*

(Back with Pat's group, they are running in the hallway to find the exit)

  • Timon: The car is back there! Why didn't you go back.
  • Pat: These soldiers could almost kill us like we're in some type of prison.
  • Stan: This is a jailbreak now. More like a headquarters break.
  • Pumbaa: The alarm went off. Who caused to do that?
  • Pat: I think it was Brutox's special powers that made us escape.
  • Stan: This place is out of control. It's like we're almost on a diet.
  • Timon: Let's take the other way boys.

(Back with the Panther Chief, he got up and saw that the dimensional cube was stolen)

  • Panther Chief: I can't believe it. These men stole the cube and they won't get away with this.

(Back with Pat's group, they went outside as they got into Brutox's car)

  • Pat: Alright, seat belts.
  • Timon: *put his seat belt on* I hate seat belts.
  • Pumbaa: *put his seat belt on* Me too.
  • Stan: *put his seat belt on* It's for your own safety guys. You don't want to get hit or something.
  • Pat: *put his seat belt on* They're coming, let's escape! *drive the car to the city*
  • Brutox: Hey. MY CAR!
  • Selfish meerkat: Those party animals will pay for this.
  • Brutox: And they even have the cube with them.

(The police cars are stopping by Brutox and the selfish meerkat)

  • Brutox: Oh poop.
  • Selfish meerkat: Run!
  • Brutox: Wait! I got something for them.
  • Selfish meerkat: Like what?
  • Brutox: *clap his hand with a strong wind attack on the police cars* Yes! How powerful that is.
  • Selfish meerkat: We need to go after these men.
  • Brutox: Let's take the motorcycle.
  • Selfish meerkat: Right at ya. *hold on to Brutox*
  • Brutox: *get on the motorcycle* Time to stop these party animals. *ride the motorcycle to chase after the car Pat, Stan, Timon and Pumbaa are*

(The fox polices get up from their cars as the chief call out the panther chief)

  • Police Chief: Sir, the pig and meerkat are after the hippo, dog, meerkat and warthog.
  • Panther Chief: *in the secret vault, hearing a call from the police chief* I've got your back.

(Back with Brutox and the selfish meerkat are in the motorcycle and they're after Pat's group at the car)

  • Brutox: Those guys don't stand a chance. That cube is mine first!
  • Selfish meerkat: We got a list of worlds to take over amigo.
  • Brutox: That fat hippo won't get it first.

(Back in Pat's car)

  • Pat: Oh no, Brutox is after all, we gotta escape.
  • Timon: Fast the car up.
  • Pat: Oh yeah. Fast and Furious! *drive the car fast to the city*

(Back with Brutox and the selfish meerkat)

  • Brutox: HEY! That's cheating! *drive the motorcycle fast* You're not going anywhere fatties.

(They head over to the city, driving from left to right and crashing a bunch of cars in traffic as the group crash into the wall)

  • Pat: Ow!
  • Stan: At least we got the cube.
  • Brutox: Stop right here morons!
  • Timon: Worries! They're here.
  • Pumbaa: We need to hide the cube.
  • Stan: Just eat it Pumbaa so they don't steal it again.
  • Pumbaa: Got it. *swallow the cube* Eek.
  • Timon: The cube! You crumble it up.
  • Pumbaa: No i didn't. I just swallow it. There wasn't a place to hide it.
  • Brutox: We gotta do something.
  • Selfish meerkat: The bad boys are here.
  • Brutox: Oh no.

(The police cars arrive, stopping Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, Brutox and the selfish meerkat from the crash)

  • Police Chief: *with a megaphone* Get off the car now boys!
  • Timon: *he and his gang get off the car* We're busted.
  • Pumbaa: Oh noses.
  • Pat: *gulp* More like trouble.
  • Stan: We're in big trouble.
  • Brutox: This is all your fault Pat and Stan.
  • Selfish meerkat: Here we go again.
  • Police Chief: Please see your hands up as we can see them.
  • Police #1: Steady, good.
  • Police #2: You're all going to court.
  • Pat: Oh no, not again.


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