Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan 2 written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Training for Superheroes".


(In the ocean, deep underwater, the stadium is now destroyed, sunken close to the sand. Timon wakes up from the water, looking everywhere for Pumbaa, Pat and Stan)

  • Timon: I need to find my friends! *swim into the stadium to find his friends* Oh my. *found Pumbaa and wake him up*
  • Pumbaa: Huh? What?
  • Timon: We need to find Pat and Stan and get out of here.
  • Pumbaa: Wait, where's the cube?
  • Timon: What cube?
  • Pumbaa: The Dimensional Cube 3000.
  • Timon: Oh my, we forgot about it. Let's get back on track.
  • Pumbaa: Right behind you. *swim into the office*
  • Timon: *swim into the bathroom* No sign of these boys.
  • Pumbaa: *found Pat and hold him to the surface*
  • Timon: Ah ha. *found Stan and hold him to the surface*
  • Pumbaa: Do you have a boat we can carry?
  • Timon: No. I think i'm drowning in here.
  • Pumbaa: Me too. We're not gonna make it.
  • Timon: Geez, the guts. They need to work out more to get ourselves out of here.
  • Pumbaa: Don't make fun of their weight.
  • Timon: What did i do? *drowning* Pumbaa, i'm drowning.
  • Pumbaa: *drowning* Me too.
  • Timon: No. Not....again. *drown*
  • Pumbaa: *drowning*

(A boat came with two elephant lifeguards and swim into the water to rescue Timon and Pumbaa and place them in the floor)

  • Elephant Captain: Are they okay?
  • Elephant Lifeguard #1: Stand back captain, they need some time to breathe in.
  • Elephant Lifeguard #2: Man, the weather looks bad after that strange portal open with the boxes.
  • Elpehant Captain: I see a hippo and a dog floating in the water.
  • Elephant Lifeguard #1: We'll get them. *swim into the water to get Pat and Stan* I got them.

(Pat and Stan are placed into the floor of the boat with Timon and Pumbaa)

  • Elephant Captain: Let take them back to the sea boys.
  • Elephant Lifeguard #2: Let's go.

(At the beach, the police cars came with a bunch of FBI people coming by to check on the incident caused by the nanobots' control. The crew came to check on the boats.)

  • Stephanie: I wonder where are they now?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Just take some time. They will rise up in the surface in water.

(Back at the boat, the lifeguards are pushing each animal's body to get the water out)

  • Elephant Captain: Keep pushing.
  • Timon: *spit water out* Where am i?
  • Elephant Lifeguard #1: He's alive.
  • Timon: What? What is this ship?
  • Elephant Captain: They rescue you and your friends.
  • Timon: What a relief. You saved my life.
  • Elephant Lifeguard #2: We have to get back to the beach.
  • Elephant Captain: Right away.

(At the sunken stadium, Brutox was awake and swim to grab the selfish meerkat and the cube)

  • Brutox: Yes. It's mine. The cube is all mine. Now let's take it back to the lab so we can take over the world anytime sooner. *swim into the surface*

(Back at the beach, the boat arrive)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Where is the boys?
  • Timon: Guys, i'm okay.
  • Stephanie: Timon.
  • Timon: Guys, i need some help. Take a look.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Oh my, it's them.
  • Emily: Are they okay?
  • Aunt Martha: My babies!
  • Stuart: Sorry to see this coming.
  • Timon: Guys, don't get angry at me. It's not my fault that they drown underwater.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Where's the cube?
  • Timon: It sunken to the water. Pumbaa forgot to swallow it again.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You know it takes day to wash that cube up. We can't time travel back where the incident is happening.
  • Pumbaa: *spit water off* Whoa, what happen?
  • Timon: Pumbaa?
  • Pumbaa: Timon!
  • Timon: Pumbaa! *cry of love with Pumbaa*
  • Stuart: Here it goes again.
  • President: Boys boys boys.
  • Panther Chief: They act like five years old.
  • Timon: I love you Pumbaa. You're alive.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah. Friends stick to the end like always.
  • Elephant Captain: What about the others?
  • Pat: *spit out water* Oh my.
  • Stan: *spit out water* What happen?
  • Stephanie: Pat and Stan!
  • Pat: Stephanie!
  • Stan: It's a dream come true.
  • Elephant Captain: Glad you guys are okay.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's glorious.
  • Timon: All safe and sound.
  • Lili: Even Momo misses you.
  • Momo: *sniffs on Timon*
  • Timon: Hey. Watch it bunny ball.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: We should all head home by now. There is a lot more things to learn about.
  • Timon: Like what?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Brutox used something to lift the stadium up. I'll tell you more.
  • Elephant Captain: Well, we should be heading back to the ocean. See you so soon.
  • Timon: Thanks a lot.
  • Panther Chief: Okay guys, back in business.
  • President: Those nanobots have failed to protect the world. I think our plan didn't work well.
  • Panther Chief: At least, we tried.
  • Pumbaa: *farts* Ah yeah. That's the point of coming back in action.
  • Stan: Ugh. Not again.
  • Pat: He's just being Pumbaa. That the way he is.
  • Stan: When will he stop farting?!

(In the other side of the beach in the forest, Brutox arrive back to the sand and put the meerkat down with the cube)

  • Brutox: I command for you to come back to life! *punch the meerkat's body with the water popping out of his mouth*
  • Selfish meerkat: Ow. What did you do that for?
  • Brutox: Ho ho ho. You're alive.
  • Selfish meerkat: Where is the cube?
  • Brutox: We got it at last. Look like we are going to take over the world with this cube. Both Pat's and Timon's world will be erased from existance. We will build a better world with supervillains. *evil laugh*

(Back at the Jungle Oasis, Ma and Uncle Max are about to make an announcement to the whole colony)

  • Ma: Ladies and gentleman, thank you for all coming. I would like to have Mody and Dacey to come up to the tree.
  • Everyone: *claps*
  • Mody: Come on brother.
  • Dacey: It's us.
  • Uncle Max: Alright boys, do what you have to say.
  • Mody: Ladies and gentleman, we have great news.
  • Dacey: We are now the co-leaders of the jungle. Thanks to Timon's Ma and Uncle Max.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Mody: We are proudly present to give you the future of our jungle.
  • Dacey: If Timon is not there, we will still protect the jungle for any causes.
  • Mody: We are here to make this jungle a better place. Who's with us?
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Monzo: That's our boys.
  • Della: Oh goodness.
  • Uncle Max: Do what you have to do boys.
  • Dacey: We promise Uncle Max.
  • Mody: This is going to be great.
  • Ma: Let's go grab a snack of grubs for now.

(Back at Professor Chi-Chi's lab outside)

  • Emily: How was the trip?
  • Timon: Goodness, it was great.
  • Pumbaa: Where are we going Chi-Chi?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Nowhere. Well guys, back to business.
  • President: Let's head back to the helicopter before my men locates me.
  • Panther Chief: Right at your service.
  • Lili: See you for a little while.
  • Stuart: Take care you guys.
  • Stephanie: Goodbye my love boys.
  • Pat: Goodbye Stephanie.
  • Stan: See you later.
  • Pumbaa: Um, Stan. Why are your cheeks red?
  • Stan: I'm not having a cold. It's what your cheeks does when you fall in love with someone.
  • Timon: Both of you love Stephanie at the same time?
  • Pat: Yes. This is what happen.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Everyone to my lab.

(Inside of Professor Chi-Chi's lab)

  • Timon: What do you want us to do?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *show the blue potion to them* You see? This is called the superhero potion.
  • Pumbaa: Superhero potion?
  • Pat: Whoa, i didn't see that coming.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Brutox stole one of my potions to have the ability to fly. Now he's even powerful than before. You guys need to use this to stop Brutox from destroying the world.
  • Stan: Now he's going after the whole world. What are we gonna do?
  • Timon: Maybe one of you guys can stay at the jungle with Ma and Uncle Max.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: No. All of you guys need this.
  • Pumbaa: But i'm already standing on two legs.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Right. You need to power up more. I have a few superhero suits for you guys to show. Follow me.

(In the other side of the lab, we arrive at the station area)

  • Pumbaa: Wow.
  • Pat: This is like a airport.
  • Timon: Never checked this room before from behind the scenes.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Keep going, almost there.

(At the secret lab)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Here are the superhero suits.
  • Pat: Wow.
  • Stan: You been reading too many comics, huh?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Not all comics is about a superhero. This is what you are going to do. Train and stop Brutox from destroying the world.
  • Timon: I thought he was dead. You guys didn't know that?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: If he was alive, then you need some training. Let me show you a bunch of potions i have.

(in the potion room)

  • Timon: Wow.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: There's a list of potions i created over the years.
  • Pat: What about the beautiful smelly perfume?
  • Stan: We don't wanna talk about it. You know what could go wrong.
  • Pat: Sorry.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ah, the superhero potion.
  • Pumbaa: There's more of these?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yes. I made it all for myself.
  • Pat: I thought you were a scientist and a superhero.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I was one before. But i decided to become a scientist instead.
  • Timon: Was Brutox a superhero before?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: He was never was. He made my life a living hell once. I have a few pictures of them in which i made fun in class.
  • Timon: Like what? It's just a bunch of old photos.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I have a story once when me and Brutox were in the same class together.

(In a flashback in a university, Professor Chi-Chi and Brutox were in science class together)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: *narrate* It all started in university where i was partners with Brutox. This happen all the way before he started becoming a supervillain.
  • Fox Scientist: Okay guys, you know what to do. Just connect these atoms together like you all did in high school.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Mind as well stick the atoms?
  • Brutox: Why are we sticking like glue?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's part of the semester. You don't want us to all fail.
  • Brutox: Sure thing. Let's connect these atoms together.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Right my friend. *connect the atoms in the table on the glass case*
  • Brutox: Interesting.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Professor, we are done.
  • Fox Scientist: Looking perfect. It look like a butterfly.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Sound like a butterfly to me.
  • Brutox: It look perfect-o.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Do we sucess the plan?
  • Fox Scientist: I'll say yes.
  • Brutox: Ah ha.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Jackpot.
  • Brutox: Ho ho ho.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: How did we do? How did we score?
  • Fox Scientist: An 80%.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: 80%?
  • Brutox: What's wrong with that?
  • Fox Scientist: Just a few flaws over that atom. Need a little work. I give you a B for it.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: But why did you change your mind?
  • Fox Scientist: No disturbing, the others are focusing on their project.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: We need to have a talk Brutox.

(In the hallway after class)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Why did you rush on the assignment?
  • Brutox: That wasn't my idea.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Oh yes you do. We almost got an C on it, or a D, or a F.
  • Brutox: 80% was bad enough?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yes. Such a fair grade to collect.
  • Brutox: But i had a better plan.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You shouldn't tell me before the project. We also failed on it because of you.
  • Brutox: Well it's not my fault i low down a grade for you.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Think of a new plan. We can't have anymore low grades than last time.
  • Brutox: One day, i will have a better grade than you.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You can't just make up a promise just because you got a low grade on it.
  • Brutox: Because i can! It's my work, not yours.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Fine, i'll work alone.
  • Brutox: No longer a class project. I have a new plan.

(At Brutox's house, Brutox at his garage created a green potion to test out on his next science project)

  • Brutox: This potion will do the trick. I am a genius.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *narrates* He later use toxic to make his next plan on a science project. It has poison in it that no one ever find out.

(The next day at the university hallway)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Brutox, Brutox!
  • Brutox: What? It's Botox.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Robin Botox?
  • Brutox: You don't call me Robin. You call me Botox, or Brutox.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Just stick with Brutox like a superhero name.
  • Brutox: Ah. I like it.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: We have another assignment to do as well.
  • Brutox: I thought we were finished with the project yesterday.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: That was our class project, now we're doing another one on my own.
  • Brutox: You know what Chi-Chi? You're a nag.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *narrates* He called me a nag after that as class is about to start.

(At the classroom lab)

  • Fox Scientist: Okay class, today you guys are going to do your next assignment on your own. This time, you will create a potion to test it on a cotton.
  • Cat Student: Did you say cotton candy?
  • Fox Scientist: Not cotton candy. The white cotten that you use all the time.
  • Cat Student: I thought cottons are candy before the pink cotton was made.
  • Bear Student: Nah. It's just a tasty snack from the fair.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Oh boy, i wonder what we're making next.
  • Brutox: This is going to be great. Now i have a new potion to test out.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You did yours already?
  • Brutox: I invented it from yesterday. I was too lazy to do one from school. Look like i got the test in the game.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: What's that?
  • Brutox: Behold, the mighty Toxic! Be careful, if you touch it, you're dead.
  • Pig Student: Eek. I don't wanna touch it.
  • Brutox: Too bad, keep your hands to yourself.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Just test it you piggy.
  • Brutox: Fine. Just a little drop. *drop the toxic liquid on the cotton*
  • Fox Scientist: Ooh.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's getting bigger.
  • Brutox: Macho. It's big as a rock!

(The cotten stated to get bigger in size of a boulder)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ah! It's even bigger! I was right.
  • Fox Scientist: Class, stand back! We need to call the fire department to get that toxic out.
  • Brutox: No guys. Don't hide. I can fix it. *use a water bottle to feed it on the cotton*
  • Professor Chi-Chi: What are you doing?
  • Brutox: My plan will work, my plan will work!

(The cotten explodes as the toxic burn as dust from the water)

  • Brutox: Awkward.
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Brutox: Grrrr!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: That cotten of yours doesn't work out.
  • Fox Scientist: I'm sorry, Brutox, but i'm giving you a F for this assignment.
  • Brutox: An F? No! You can't give me a F for something that is a problem with the cotton. It was a mistake! Can you give me another one?
  • Fox Scientist: I'm sorry, but you failed this time than the other day.
  • Brutox: What? No! Curse this classroom, this toxic stuff is never going away. I'm out of here, goodbye. *leave the class*
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Brutox, wait.
  • Fox Scientist: Chi-Chi, stay here.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Fine, he's out of trouble.

(The other day in the soccer field)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: *narrate* Back in the day after collage, we were playing soccer and Brutox brought a group of elephants to play with.
  • Elephant #1: Hey pipsqueak, you're going down.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Uh uh uh, i have a group of other mices to play with.
  • Rat #1: Oh yeah, you will down.
  • Rat #2: Bring it on.
  • Brutox: Ha ha ha, we have a soccer game going on. Look like it's you and me now.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You never win. You'll alway do.
  • Brutox: Don't make me cut our friendship in half.
  • Rat #3: Half like a pizza?
  • Hamster #1: Maybe soft like a ball.
  • Brutox: I see hamsters on your group. Ha! They're just rodents.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Hey. Knock it out.
  • Elephant #2: Come on, are we going to play or not?
  • Elephant #3: Let's just get it over with it and play.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I'm gonna beat you in a game of soccer.
  • Brutox: Look like we have a challenge.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yeah. Now the coach is coming.
  • Raccoon Coach: Okay animals, you want to go pee pee on your pants? Well keep it to yourself. It's time to play some soccer.
  • Brutox: Alright.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Bring it on!
  • Raccon Coach: *blow the whistle*

(The soccer game begin as Chi-Chi's team and Brutox's team compete together on the field. One elephant kick the ball as the hamster kick the ball to Chi-Chi's goal.)

  • Hamster #1: Yes!
  • Hamster #2: We score!
  • Raccoon Coach: One out of zero!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: That's 1-0 Brutox.
  • Brutox: You're going to pay for this.
  • Raccoon Coach: *blow the whistle*

(The next match begin as the team start passing and kicking the ball to each other the rat kick it to Chi-Chi's goal)

  • Rat #1: Oh yeah. High score!
  • Rat #2: 2-0!

(The last match begin as Brutox's team keep kicking the ball from Chi-Chi's team and reach to their goal. Moments later, the game is tied with a 2-2 score.)

  • Brutox: Oh yeah, we are going to win!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Not without a chance piggy.
  • Brutox: Elephants, after the ball!

(The elephants keep kicking the ball to another)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: No. Over here. The goal is right here!
  • Hamster #1: Into our goal!
  • Hamster #2: To the net!
  • Rat #1: *kick the goal* Goal again!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: We finally won!
  • Brutox: No! You little mices.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Whoo whoo! We won.
  • Elephant #1: No!
  • Elephant #2: My dad is gonna kill me for this.
  • Raccoon Coach: Tough luck elephants, look like the rodents has won the game.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yippie! Take that Brutox.
  • Brutox: Shame on you. You're not going to get away with this.
  • Hamster #1: Oh yeah, where's your mommy?
  • Hamster #2: Are you going to cry that you lost?
  • Brutox: No. I hate mouses!
  • Raccoon Coach: Don't be a fool, be yourself.
  • Brutox: I am myself. I am a pig, not a mouse!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Heh, he won't stand a chance against me like drinking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

(Years later, Professor Chi-Chi and Brutox are walking together in the streets)

  • Brutox: Why everytime you win, i alway lose!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Fast heartwarming scientist. We just graduated from university years ago.
  • Brutox: I alway have been a failure. But i will get my revenge on those hogs.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You don't need a master's degree to get a job.
  • Brutox: If i earn a job, i would be a auto mechanic. *get splashed by the car driving* Splashbumps!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: *laughs*
  • Brutox: Shut up. That's not funny! Ugh! I'm out.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Brutox, wait. It's just a joke. Come back.
  • Brutox: Get a life.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: But friend? Oh man.

(Back at Brutox's house in the bedroom)

  • Brutox: When i get my own lair, i am going to destroy every single place i hate. Even with my new suit. *open his closet with his red suit* For now on, i am no longer Robin Botox. I am Brutox. Time to steal some toxic potions.

(At the laboratory, a group of chicken scientists are testing on the toxic of the cotton)

  • Chicken Scientist #1: Whoa, that kinda hot.
  • Chicken Scientist #2: It's only get bigger and bigger like a marshmallow.
  • Chicken Scientist #3: Put it on the cotton, check.

(Brutox sneaked in outside)

  • Brutox: Now it is my chance to go grab the potions. They're all mine. *sneak in and knock out a chicken* Ah ha.
  • Chicken Scientist #4: Freeze!
  • Chicken Scientist #5: What are you doing theft?
  • Chicken Scientist #6: Ooh, are you all dressed for a costume party?
  • Brutox: No. Come and roast me now.
  • Chicken Scientist #4: KARA-TEY! *hit Brutox*
  • Brutox: *fight the chickens*
  • Chicken Scientist #5: Fire!

(The chicken scientists shoot their laser guns at Brutox as Brutox jumped and knock every chicken around, heading to the laboratory and breaking in the potion room)

  • Chicken Scientist #1: Excuse me, you cannot be in here. This is a private only area.
  • Brutox: I got my private on you. *use the toxic shot gun and shoot on the chickens* Mama mia, the toxic is right on the cotton. *shoot on the cotton and destroys the laboratory* Where is that secret potion? Ah. *enter the secret room, grabing a bunch of yellow potions, spilling some on the floor* No, no. Don't fall. *slip* Whoa! *silp on the floor, healing his powers by destroying most of the lab* Ah ha. I have toxic powers. *use his hands to destroy the safe door where the secret potion is found* Ah last! The secret potion is mine! *evil laugh and escape the lab*

(Back at Brutox's house in the garage)

  • Brutox: Now with this secret rare potion. I wonder what does it do? *drink the potion, get a stomach ache* Ahh, i have to go to the bathroom. *walk to the bathroom* My guts, my feet. To the toilet! *at the bathroom, he sit on the toilet* Come on, make it go, make it go. I forgot to take off my pants. Grrrrrrrr!

(Brutox suddenly destroys the whole house with his toxic powers)

  • Brutox: Mom? Dad? Nah, i'll live alone. *evil laugh* Yes! I am the most powerful supervillain in the world! No one can stop me now!

(The backstory ends as the story flashforward to the present after Professor Chi-Chi is finished with his story)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: And that how Brutox got his powers.
  • Timon: He is really a threat to this world.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah. Almost make a fart in front of the neighborhood.
  • Stan: Quit with that fart joke Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: I didn't make it up.
  • Pat: Come on guys, there have to be a way to stop Brutox now.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright guys, do you have to be superheroes?
  • Pat: Yes.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I can't hear all of you!
  • Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan: Yes!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright! Now let's head over to the training room.

(At the training room)

  • Timon: Whoa, look at this place.
  • Pumbaa: I cannot wait to fight like a regular animal.
  • Pat: When do we get our powers?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: After you guys trained your skills, i will give you some with my special potions.
  • Stan: Look like the dog is about to be a hero.
  • Pat: Dogs are alway the heroes like they're with police officers.
  • Timon: I'm going to see if i can claw the target out.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Okay my friends, this is your first test. Make sure you hit the targets. *press the buttons*

(The targets move up from Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan)

  • Timon: Hey look, it's a circle spot.
  • Pat: They are targets, don't you expect a target match?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright, now punch as you can.
  • Pat: *punch the targets*
  • Stan: *punch the targets*
  • Timon: *punch the targets*
  • Pumbaa: *punch the targets*
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yes! You guys are genius. Now it's time to get yourselves into some challenging stuff.
  • Timon: Oh yeah. Time for real training.
  • Pumbaa: Let's break.

(The background song "Super-Duper-Man" by Toy-Box play as Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan begin to train as the targets keep coming and punching them)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Oh yeah. Bring it on. Keep training hard. Now here come the lasers. *turn on the lasers*

(The lasers come in a line as the gang jump together)

  • Timon: Jump jump jump.
  • Pat: Might as well jump!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I have something else for you.

(In the fighting area)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Alright, now you guys are going to train. Let's go.
  • Timon: *fight Stan*
  • Pat: *fight Pumbaa*
  • Timon: *karate kick Stan
  • Stan: *slam on Timon*
  • Timon: Ouch! Watch it!
  • Stan: Sorry.
  • Pat: *push Pumbaa* Come on big hog, move.
  • Pumbaa: I feel strong.
  • Pat: Gah. You're too big.
  • Pumbaa: *push Pat* Ah ha.
  • Pat: Hey.
  • Timon: *kick Stan*
  • Stan: *look for Timon* Huh? Where you go?
  • Timon: *jump and kick Stan*
  • Stan: You got me.
  • Timon: I got you.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ooh. *pour a bit of potion on each orange juice* Drink break!
  • Pat: Ooh. Orange juice.
  • Stan: Zippie zip.
  • Timon: Ah, smell like fruit and a candy to me.
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Drink up. You're gonna need it to be healthy.
  • Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan: *drink the orange juice and feel their powers*
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Ah ha.
  • Timon: I can feel my powers.
  • Pumbaa: Come on. *float* Wow, i can fly!
  • Pat: I am a superhero now!
  • Stan: I thought we were superheroes before!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's working. They are given new superhero powers.
  • Timon: Hey Pumbaa, come get me.
  • Pumbaa: Okie dokie! *fight Timon*
  • Timon: Ah ha. I now have the strength of a rhino.
  • Pumbaa: Huh?
  • Pat: *grab Pumbaa* Gotcha!
  • Stan: Come over here.
  • Pumbaa: Get over here!
  • Pat: Gimmie a hug.
  • Pumbaa: But you are hugging me.
  • Timon: No time for cuteness and get some fighting going!
  • Pat: Yes! *throw Pumbaa on the wall*
  • Pumbaa: Hey.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: No time to talk and fight!
  • Timon: *fight Pat and Stan*
  • Pumbaa: *run to Timon, Pat and Stan* Bowling for animals! *slam three of them*
  • Timon: Yaoi!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Excelente. Now you need superhero suits.

(In the superhero room, Professor Chi-Chi, show the purple suit of a banana symbol, a yellow suit of a bone symbol, a red suit of a blue beetle symbol and a green suit of a gas symbol)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Wear them on guys. You guys are going to be superheroes at last. *pass the purple suit to Pat, pass the yellow suit to Stan, pass the red suit to Timon and pass the green suit to Pumbaa* Get dressed, these suits will suit you in forms.

(Back in the fighting area, Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan are in their superhero suits)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: Now train like a kung fu fighter.
  • Timon: *use fire breath on Pumbaa* Whoa, i can breath fire like a dragon.
  • Pumbaa: *use fart power on Pat*
  • Pat: Hey. *dash and punch his friends*
  • Stan: *blow by winding the fart away* That does it well.
  • Timon: *fire punch on the ground*
  • Pumbaa: Whoa. Be careful.
  • Timon: Look at my fist. How do you like me now?
  • Pumbaa: Watch it where your fighting. *fart again*
  • Stan: Worst superheroes ever.
  • Pat: Best superheroes ever!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: I'm impressed.

(The background song end and back at the lab area)

  • Professor Chi-Chi: You guys done well! I am very impressed of you. Now you are really to save the world from evil.
  • Timon: These suits really fit me.
  • Pumbaa: I can smell my tail from here.
  • Pat: Ooh. These suits aren't that bad. I can imagine these superheroes like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk saving the world.
  • Stan: Have you been reading too many comic books?
  • Pat: No.
  • Timon: Oh boy, we are ready to defeat Brutox.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You guys are not ready to defeat Brutox. He may be powerful, but try focusing on the thefts all over the world.
  • Timon: All over the world?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Yes. There is good and evil out there. The world isn't a safe place for us. Since you four are formed into superheroes, you guys have a chance to protect the city for good. Use a raddar to locate the bad guys all over the world.
  • Pat: *grab the raddar* Ah, what's this? A map?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It's like a map. But try to locate the bad guys all over the world.
  • Stan: I found them. They're going after the bank!
  • Timon: Look like trouble is found.
  • Pat: It seems that the robbers are going after the bank. Let's stand aside and stop the robbers for good.
  • Pumbaa: It's time for justice! *farts* Aw man, i forgot to fart in the bathroom.
  • Stan: Hey food hog, the bathroom is in this place. You shouldn't hurry before we go.
  • Pumbaa: Now we're ready.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Go stop them now!
  • Timon; Everyone to the city!
  • Pat: Right back at ya!

(Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan fly to the city to find the robbers)

  • Timon: Where would the bad guys be?
  • Stan: The bad guys alway lose. I know where they are.
  • Pat: There they are! In the blue van.
  • Pumbaa: Let's stop them right away.
  • Timon: Okie dokie. *fly after the blue van*
  • Timon: Boars?!
  • Boar #1: Ho ho ho. We got cash!
  • Boar #2: We're rich.
  • Boar #3: Now we can buy ourselves a house.
  • Boar #4: No more being poor.
  • Timon: Pat, stop them!
  • Pat: Stop right here. *stop the blue van*
  • Boar #1: Move out of the way!
  • Pat: Are you trying to rob the bank? Are you?
  • Stan: Tell us the truth.
  • Boar #2: Why are they flying?
  • Pumbaa: Move out.
  • Boar #3: SUPERHEROES?!
  • Timon: We found you.
  • Boar #4: He's coming.
  • Timon: *break the glass of the van and fight the boars*
  • Pat: What is he doing?
  • Pumbaa: Timon is a small meerkat and he's tuff on beating those guys?
  • Stan: Don't judge them by their size.
  • Pat: You guys aren't doing nothing. Let me smash the car. *smash the van with his hand*
  • Timon: *he and the robber got out of the van* Whoa, what a relief.

(The police cars came and the hippo polices get out of the car to use their tasers on the boar robbers)

  • Timon: Look like your new superheroes has arrived.
  • Hippo Police #1: Who are you?
  • Pat: I am Pat-Man.
  • Stan: I am the Woof Man.
  • Timon: I am The Taser Meerkat. *use his electric powers*
  • Pumbaa: And i am Gas Man. *farts and giggle*
  • Timon: We stopped those robber for you just to save the world.
  • Hippo Police #2: Oh my, the world has chosen the heroes.
  • Hippo Police #3: We are saved by those superheroes.
  • Timon: Yep. You heard us. We will protect the world from any causes of evil and crime.
  • Hippo Police #4: Attention everyone! The world has chosen our new heroes!
  • Everyone: *run and cheer to the superheroes*
  • Pumbaa: Hey, watch it.
  • Pat: Give me some space.
  • Stan: We got ourselves some fans.
  • Timon: Wow, look like they are willing for us to be part of the news broadcast. We are famous!

(On the news, the rabbit news reporter is reporting some news about the new superheroes)

  • News Reporter: This just in, heroes from above has arrive at the city to stop a gang of boar robbers from stealing money from the bank. Pat-Man, Woof Man, The Taser Meerkat and Gas Man are here to protect the city from any causes of evil and crime. They will be traveling around the world to stop the bad guys and save our world. Even if the big bad Brutox is still around with us. Oh look, Gas Man has something to say on camera.
  • Pumbaa: You live a worry-free lifestyle and like to go with the flow. Always willing to help a friend or stranger, you’re a sensitive soul with a big heart. You’re sweet, optimistic, and jovial.
  • Timon: We are here to protect the world for all of you guys.

(At Stephanie's house)

  • Stephanie: Oh my, the city has chosen our new heroes.
  • Stuart: One of them look like Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan.
  • Emily: Is it me or they look like relatives to me?

(The background song "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift plays as Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan are flying in the sky)

  • Timon: I wonder what country we can go to?
  • Pat: Play a country song?
  • Stan: No. We find a place to stop the bad guys in. We got tasks to go to.
  • Pat: Pay your taxes? Just kidding. Oh no, i see people robbing a house in Miami, Florida.
  • Pat: Let's stop them.

(The pig thefts are robbing a house in Miami, Florida as the superheroes came to stop them)

  • Pig Theft #1: What are you doing?
  • Pat: Stop right here!
  • Stan: We are here to stop you.
  • Timon: Gas Man, now.
  • Pumbaa: Here come my superpower! *fart on the pig thefts*
  • Timon: That's more like it.

(In Piqua, Ohio, a crocodile supervillain is spreading toxic all over the streets with people panicking and running)

  • Crocodile Supervillain: Ha ha ha ha ha! You can't stop me. The toxic will now spread all over the world.
  • Timon: *fly to the supervillain* Stop right here! *use his taser hands on the supervillain and kick him to the trash can*
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Timon: Thank you, thank you. We come in peace.
  • Pumbaa: Who want free gummy bears! *spread the gummy bears*
  • Pat: Gummies! *eat the gummy bears*
  • Stan: No time to eat. We got more places to go to.

(In Memphis, Tennessee, a group of hippo bandits hold their guns at the people in the store)

  • Hippo Bandit #1: Hands up! Give me all your money!
  • Hippo Bandit #2: Don't even think about it.
  • Pumbaa: *arrive and fight the bandits* Oh no. *fart at the bandits*
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Pumbaa:: Hakuna Matata.
  • Pat: Ooh. Bananas!
  • Stan: Pat-Man, you have to pay for them!
  • Pat: Awww.

(At Speedway, Indiana at the Indianapolis 500, a gorilla in a robotic armor is smashing the cars as the people are running)

  • Gorilla Supervillain: *evil laugh* Come over here now racers! The powerful gorilla is here to destroy the Indy 500!
  • Stan: Stop right here!
  • Gorilla Supervillain: A little puppy. Ha! You're a baby and you're too old to be a superhero.
  • Stan: I have something for you. *blow the gorilla supervillain to the wall*
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Stan: Oh yeah. We are the heroes.

(In Tokyo, Japan, a group of panda ninjas are fighting Timon, Pumbaa, Pat and Stan at the temple where the people are trapped inside)

  • Timon: *taser the panda ninja*
  • Pumbaa: *fart on the three ninjas*
  • Pat: *electric punch on the panda*
  • Stan: *use a sword to fight the panda ninja leader*
  • Panda Ninja: Come on! Don't you stand aside.
  • Stan: *throw the sword and kick the panda ninja leader on the ground*
  • Timon: *open the door and freed the people* You're all safe now.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Pumbaa: Okie dokie. That's every last one of them.

(In Atlanta, Georgia, a giant robotic bear is destroying the city. Inside is a mad scientist rat controlling the robotic bear)

  • Mad Scientist Rat: Ha ha ha ha ha! You can't stop me now. How you like me now.
  • Pat: Stop right here!
  • Mad Scientist Rat: Ah! Superhero hippo!
  • Pat: Ah! *hit the robotic bear*
  • Stan: *punch the robotic bear high*
  • Timon: Now it's our chance. *use his taser powers on the robotic bear*
  • Mad Scientist Rat: No! You little rat!
  • Timon: I am not a rat. I am a meerkat.
  • Pumbaa: Come on. Fire fart, fire fart. *power fart on the robotic bear*
  • Stan: *drop the robotic bear* Piece of cake.
  • Pat: Shake it off.
  • Mad Scientist Rat: Noooooo! *crash on the ground*
  • Timon: *fly to the ground and break the robotic bear's door* We found you!
  • Mad Scientist Rat: *scream like a rat*
  • Pat: *punch the mad scientist rat* Gotcha.
  • Stan: You're going to jail!
  • Pat: Back in the car! *throw the mad scientist rat to the police car*
  • Mad Scientist Rat: Curse you Pat-Man, Woof Man, Gas Man and Taser Meerkat!
  • Bear Police: *close the police door* Look like your mad science days are over.
  • Mad Scientist Rat: I hate this place.
  • Timon: Ladies and gentleman, your new superheroes has arrived.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Pumbaa: Autographs, autographs.
  • Pat: Gather around, no line needed. One at a time.
  • Stan: The world will be safed by us for now on.
  • Timon: Hakuna Matata!
  • Everyone: Hakuna Matata!

(The background song ends and back on the news, the rabbit news reporter is reporting the news on the new superheroes at Atlanta, Georgia)

  • News Reporter: They're at it again! The new superheroes Pat-Man, Woof Man, the Taser Meerkat and Gas Man have been protecting the world for the whole day from supervillains alike. Look like we all live in a better place with a bunch of superheroes from around the world. Are you up on becoming a superhero like Pat-Man?

(At Brutox's lair, Brutox is disgraced by the news of the superheroes on TV)

  • Brutox: No! Those supervillains are weak to defeat those guys.
  • Selfish meerkat: Trust me, they're the same guys we fought at the stadium.
  • Brutox: It's them. The meerkat, warthog, hippo and dog. I'm going to make some new potions to power up ourselves to destroy those super losers.


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