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Trot, run
Sable Antelope
Palahala Herd
Close Relations
Ndugu(brother) Kahawia(mate) Inayotaka(daughter)
A Friendly Lion

Tim'ka is a sable antelope bull and the leader of the Palahala Herd.


A sturdy antelope with long, sharp horns, Tim'ka is given a wide berth wherever he goes. He is wide across the chest and powerfully muscled, with tall legs and a bulging, sinewy neck. His face is long and rugged, with glinting black eyes that seem small by comparison. His tail ends in an excessively bushy tuft, and his ears are narrow and pointed. His coat is glossy and black, except for the white markings on his face, his white underbelly, and the thin brown fur that covers the back of each of his ears. He sports thick, shaggy brown eyebrows, so dark that they are almost black. His mane is long and fragmentary, ending between his thick shoulders and starting with a long tuft that sweeps forward between his recurved gray horns.


A blunt, bullying animal, Tim'ka has fought his way to the top of the herd. Though some believe him to be unintelligent, his brutish appearance hides a sly underside. He knows when to lie and when to bargain information rather than just telling anyone whatever they ask to hear. However, his stubbornness often gets in the way of his sensibility, causing him to be irrational when irritated. He often has explosive fits of temper, and by now the members of his herd know well to stand out of the way when this occurs. A good runner, he will chase away any animals who bother him.


Early Life

As a calf, Tim'ka had the misfortune of seeing both his older brother and his younger sister dragged off by predators. When the hyenas killed his younger sister, Tim'ka's parents decided leave their herd and move away from the Pride Lands, where Janja's clan invaded frequently. They made it over the Poromoko Cliffs and into the Drylands. Here, the family grew up and formed a new herd. But before Tim'ka's little brother was full grown, several lionesses from the Moyo Hodari Pride killed him. Since then, Tim'ka has harbored a hatred of lions.

He soon left the herd of his mother and father and started his own, consisting of five females and two males as well as Tim'ka himself.