• Roleplaying is a fun activity that we welcome on this wiki, but there are some rules that must be abided by.

    • Be polite, respectful, and appropriate.
    • No powerplaying(controlling characters that do not belong to yourself) unless you are given permission by the owner of the character in question.
    • No giving your character(s) an abundance of powers and abilities. For example, if your character is a flying hyena with fire breath, immortality, and the ability to control water, you would not be allowed to use it in roleplay unless you receive permission from those you wish to roleplay with.
    • No making your character automatically win battles. I understand that it is sometimes hard to roleplay a fight scene, since they often happen quite quickly, but if two characters are facing off, try not to make the move that wins the fight(Example: Kion pounces on Janja, pins him to the ground, and kills him). Try to give the other participant(s) a chance to defend themselves.
    • Do not join a roleplay without receiving permission unless the creator of the roleplay explicitly states that the roleplay in question is an open roleplay.
    • Try not to make your character(s) summon allies randomly(Example: Kion, standing alone, faces Janja's clan as they surround him. Suddenly, Jasiri and the Lion Guard rush forward, attacking the hyenas!)
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