"The monkey is his uncle?"
This story is a fanfiction, which may mean it is a theory of what might have or might happen. You might be surprised by the author's view.

The Lioness on Mango Street

The Lioness on Mango Street is a work in progressive fanfic. It's a crossover between House on Mango Street and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride starring Kiara. It is short and not formatted properly like how the character in the book writes. Fanfic link


Sounds at Night

Esperanza the protagonist of House on Mango street is trying to sleep when she hears crying. She thinks it's her sister Nenny, but Nenny is still asleep. As she wonders what the sound is, she falls asleep.

Four scratches

Esperanza goes to the four skinny trees, a place she feels most converbal being. The trees remind her of herself because of how skinny they are. However, she notices that each tree has a scratch line on it and wonders what it is.

Golden fur

It turns out that by the trees  Esperanza found some golden fur. Her sister Nenny thinks it's cat fur, but Esperanza knows better.

The Lioness

Esperanza is sitting by the trees again trying to figure out what causes the scratches, crying and golden fur. She hears the crying and finds a lion (Kiara.) Kiara runs away right when Esperanza sees her.


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