Chat is a Feature that allows Users to Comunicate over the Chat Box. I was enabled by TheNewGuy01 in January, With not that much usage of it, Except when someone Asks.


  • Don't call A User names.
  • Users must be Active editors
  • Make sure that if You ask a Question, The Following applies:
    • You don't ask to Block someone.
    • You don't ask for a Blcoking because you feel gulty for something.
    • You don't ask for Rights. You can gain rights If you have at least 150 edits.

About the Feature


Chat is used like regular Chat rooms over the Internet, However, You can Chat only with Logged in Users. It is for discussing The Wiki, Or Just Chatting with friends. The feature is not strongly used, Only once in awhile will a user come on it. But in the Near futuer, It pick up traffic.

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