"My son,my only son is dead... because of you!" Nala turned at slashed at Zira's ear."Agh!' Zira yelled as blood dripped from her ear."You murder!" Nala yelled in distraught. Simba steppedin between the raging lionesses. Zira her sisters, midwives and their cubs and the prideland alite were devided by the body of Kopa. "Oh, Nala the cub was weak and foolish he deserved to die" Zira said with snear before she countiued " It is clear now that Kovu is next in line now since he was Scar's heir and one of the now three remaining royal blooded male cubs" But immdietly Ishana, simba's sister steped forward. "You want your son to replace the king's cub you murdered. Ha, even though I share blood with him, Kovu is not my nephew, he is not simba's cub, he is a crazed lion's cub and therefore not king. At if scar's cub was to be king, it would be his first son Nuka but both you and Scar mistreat him and now you parade around here thinking Scar's second son will be king. You are poisoned Zira, poisoned!" Ishana yelled with rage but Simba could see tears drop as she said her words. "How dare you Ishana!" " Zira you and your followers must leave no for you've murdered your future king." Simba said trying to not cry." First of all we will never leave Scar's land and Kovu is our future King." "You will by force. Attack!" Though the two group of lions were evenly matched, Simba and Nala had more loyal lions at priderock that would love to sink their teeth into her and her followers. The now outlanders retreated to the outlands before Zira put Kovu down and yelled" Long live king Scar"

Zira led her family to the outlands. Sumai was caring her son, Afua. Sumai and most of the outlanders were Scar's children. Sumai had been Scar and Sarabi's daughter. Sumai really didn't know how simba's cub was killed but accusing Zira was just outrageous! "Mommy, what happened to Kopa? Who killed him? Why did we have to leave the pridelands?" "Afua, dear. Kopa was killed by a unknown lion and King Simba just went mad and decided to exile us." "Oh, i hope no one else is exiled." "Me too, Me too." "Is this are new home?" Hasira said looking at the dry lands. " Well, it's better then nothing." Zuri said. " I'd honestly would settle for nothing." Vitani said looking at the skeleton of a buffalo