The Lion King: Story of Evil is a Lion King version of Story of Evil or The Evillous Chronicles. The story follows the so-called Daughter of Evil Dhalimu as well as her twin brother Sadaka.

Credits and Acknowledgements

First, to all my friends who inspired this idea. Also to all YouTubers who have done their own little version. Also to the creator of the songs, Akuno-P or Mothy.

Basic Plot

Dhalimu is the tyrant queen of a kingdom, far, far away, a very long time ago. She’s a princess, still a young adult. Her right-hand servant is her twin Sadaka, who is devoted to serve her. After Dhalimu’s crush Sio is found with his own mate, Uzuri, Dhalimu orders that Uzuri dies and that her kingdom is burnt to the ground. The people rebel, led by a mercenary called Jeshi. Dhalimu and Sadaka swap places, against the queen’s will, and Sadaka is captured and murdered. Dhalimu runs away. She then meets a white lioness called Pindua, a friend of Uzuri. When Pindua finds out, she tries to murder Dhalimu, but is stopped by an illusion. In the end, the two become great friends, and Dhalimu stays at the pride that Pindua is at, the Grey Pride of the Kingdom Green.


Dhalimu - The Daughter Of Evil

Sadaka - The Servant of Evil

Sio - Prince of another Kingdom

Uzuri - Queen of another kingdom

Jeshi - Famous mercenary and rebel

Pindua - The Daughter of White


The Daughter of Evil

The Servant of Evil

Regret Message

More soon!

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