The Lion Guard: New Beginning
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The Lion Guard: New Beginning
Princess Ava15 and Kanapkuba
January 7, 2019 year
'The Lion Guard: New Beginning is a written series by Princess Ava15 and Kanapkuba. The series will set after the events of " The Lion Guard: War Without Borders ".


Main Characters

Other Characters


Supporting Characters



Season 1

  1. Lion Guard: New Roar
  2. Queen of Jaquins
  3. Gold Daughter of Miranda
  4. Queen of Unicorns
  5. The New Mbali Fields Migration
  6. A New Threat from the Outlands
  7. The revenge of Zira and Zuri
  8. New threats, Old enemies
  9. The lion Guard: Into the Guard Verse
  10. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  11. Three Jaquins and Bunga
  12. The Lion Guard and Little Ones
  13. Kopa and Asante's New Daughter
  14. Trobule with father
  15. Troblue with Spinosaurus
  16. Invasion of the One-Eyed Leopard
  17. Help for Kion
  18. Help from Dinosaurs
  19. Meeting with Raptors
  20. Fiendish or Friendish!

Season 2

  1. Bears to the rescue
  2. Mohatu's Dare
  3. The Kupatana Celebration
  4. Two Lion Guards
  5. The Lion Guard ,Together!
  6. New She-Bear
  7. Song of the Future
  8. Dinosaur day
  9. Dawn of a New Dinosaur Age
  10. Follow the Tyrannosaur!
  11. Heroic Pegasus
  12. A chance for Isabella
  13. Hyena and dinosaur
  14. Doe in Danger
  15. Brietta in love
  16. Return to the Main Dimension
  17. Adventures with Wolves
  18. Zuri's Return and Reformation
  19. Zosia's Adventure
  20. Dino Adventure
  21. Brietta's New Herd
  22. Guests in the Kingdom
  23. Winged Sisters
  24. Mhina and Dragon
  25. Bambi and Mhina
  26. Lucky's fate
  27. Dhahabu in Danger
  28. gift for Mhina
  29. Elsa in Danger
  30. Two kingdoms

Season 3

  1. Kenai and Elena's Adventure
  2. Kiazi's Tour
  3. Swan Princess in Danger
  4. Beginnings of Mohatu's Guard
  5. A Daring Rescue
  6. Kate's family and Dinosaurs
  7. Carolina and Wolfs
  8. Makini's Parents
  9. New Beginning- Protectors of the Pridelands crossover
  10. Christine Adventure
  11. Brietta and Gorillas
  12. Koda in danger
  13. Nita and Nala Adventure
  14. Simba and Kenai Adventure
  15. Pregnant Kiara
  16. Adveture of Daughter of Kopa and Asante
  17. The Lion Guard: Olympic Games in Lion style
  18. Day for Mhina and Mohatu
  19. Pregnant Nita
  20. Mares Adventure
  21. Newborn Daughter of Brietta
  22. Kate's Pups and Jerobas
  23. Bears and Royal Family
  24. Memories of Kion Beginning a King of Pridelands
  25. Queen Jasiri and Birds
  26. Newborn Daughter of Beshte and Mtoto's mom
  27. Carolina is New Leader of Dog Pack
  28. Della Duck and Hiccup Adventure
  29. Askari (First Leader) takes Scar's Guard
  30. The Kupatana Celebration
  31. Day of Love

Season 4

  1. Tale of Love
  2. Day for Sarabi and Sarafina
  3. Odetta and Elena Adventure
  4. Visit in Tree of Life
  5. Gorillas and Royal Family


  1. The Lion Guard : Valentine Day
  2. Mother's Day on Pridelands
  3. Christmas in the Pridelands


  1. "Planet of the Dinosaurs"
  2. Isabella the Big Pride Lander
  3. Dinosaurs: Return to Life
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