It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

The Lion Guard was doing a patrol in Kilio Valley.

"How's Mari?" Fuli asked.

"She's fine, Nada's been spending time with her" Kion said.

"Kion, how's Zuri?" Beshte asked.

Kion sighed.

"She hasn't left the den." He said.

He glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded and took to the sky.

He returned a moment later, and settled down on Beshte's back.

"It's all clear, Kion. Matembo's Herd is coming towards us" he said.

Kion's expression brightened.

He watched Matembo come up to him, and incline her head.

"Hi Matembo. How are you?" Kion asked.

Matembo touched her trunk to his cheek affectionally.

"I'm fine. I expect I'll be seeing you at the concert in a few weeks?" She said.

Kion nodded.

"Absolutely" he said warmly.

Meanwhile, Belee and Kiara had met up at the Meadow.

They were settled down underneath the baobab tree.

"I love you Mom" Belee said.

"I love you too. I'm so proud of you" Kiara said warmly.

"Really?" Belee asked.

Kiara nodded.