It was a peaceful evening in the Pridelands.

The Pridelanders, Zazu, and Rafiki were heading to Mizimu Grove to celebrate Ukumbusho.

Kion, Kiara, and Mari were walking together.

"Are you excited, Mari?" Kiara asked.

Mari nodded.

When they arrived at Mizimu Grove, Simba assembled them on the ledge.

Kion leapt down, and padded towards Matembo.

"Hi Matembo" Kion said.

Matembo bent down, and pressed her cheek against Kion's.

"Are you ready to perform?" She asked.

Kion nodded.

He climbed up onto the ledge.

Simba stepped forward, and cleared his throat.

"Tonight marks a special moment in the history of the Pridelands." Simba began.

His expression softened as he glanced at Kion.

”Many seasons ago, the lions and elephants of the Pridelands joined together to make the Pridelands a safe home for everyone who respects the Circle of Life. It is this peace and friendship that we celebrate tonight.” Simba said.

Rafiki moved to stand beside Simba.

"Kion will now perform a song" he said.

He stepped back, and Kion moved forward.

He cleared his throat, and began to sing.

So many paths to peace
But who's to say what's best
So long as they help lead us all
To hope and togetherness
We might not look the same
But take a look within
What's inside matters so much more than feathers, fur, or skin
May there be peace, peace in the Pridelands
And let me help it start
May there be peace, peace in the Pridelands
And I will do my part
When he'd finished, Matembo's Herd and the Pridelanders cheered loudly.

Kion leapt down, and approached Matembo.

Matembo leaned down, and pressed her cheek against his.

"I'm very proud of you" Matembo said quietly.

"Thank you" Kion answered.

He watched Simba and Nala approach.

"That was wonderful, Kion" Simba said.

"We're very proud of you" Nala added.

"Thanks" Kion said.

He leaned against Matembo's foreleg.

"I love you" Kion said.

"I love you too" Matembo answered.