Taiche is a smooth talking lion cub found in Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain.

Taiche, the son of Antonio and Lumina has a nose for adventure and a head for mischief. Sometimes his pranks and his tendancy to sneak off get him into trouble, but it's never anything he can't talk his way out of.

Taiche is a burnt brown, scruffy cub with yellow underparts and markings. He has a large tuft of cream mane between his large, usually-twitching ears. Taiche has a pair of brght green eyes that never lie about his intentions.

Lord of the Plain

Taiche is one of the first of the male cubs in Antonio's pride to take a liking the the orphan Garoe. Along with Mifi, one of Taiche's best friends and half-brother, Taiche convinces Garoe to come with him to a secret valley. Garoe reluctanly agrees to go, but continues to tell Taiche that he has a "bad feeling about things."

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