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Biological Information
Species Lion
Age Cub
Gender Male
Close Relations Nurisha(mother)
Other Information
Affiliations Moyo Hodari Pride
Residence Drylands
Theme Element Air
Theme Color Light blue
Fanfiction Information
Featured Alpenglow
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Mentioned None
Creator A Friendly Lion

Taala is a male lion cub and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride.


Taala is a lanky cub, tall and thin, with sharp, severe features that contradict the softness of his eyes and the fluffy fur that hangs down from his high cheekbones. At the end of each of his lengthy, bony legs, he has a round, slender paw with small gray claws and a smooth dark brown pad. His soft, vaguely scruffy coat is a deep, rich, tawny color that quickly lost its cubhood spots, though many were present at the time of his birth. His muzzle, underbelly, and toes are very pale in comparison- an off-white hue. It has a slight glossy quality, though this is only visible in bright sunlight. However, there is no shortage of this in the Drylands where Taala lives, and as such, his fur is most often seen glinting in the bright illumination of the day. Atop his head, where their once was a line of longer fur, he now has a short, newly-grown tuft of dark tan-brown fur that is directed forward. The tuft at the end of his long, slim tail is the same color. His long, tapering muzzle ends in a small ruddy-colored nose and clusters of brown whiskers. Set close together on his face is a pair of honey gold eyes, very large and clear.


Taala is unusually high-minded for a cub, principled and honest. He never fails to tell the truth, unless it will hurt someone with good intentions. He is somewhat shy, always nervous about meeting other animals. However, he quickly adapts; he is allocentric, focusing all of his attention on others. He cares about all animals, and is especially fond of hearing their stories. Taala loves to sit down and relax, listening to the history of his pridemates. Never once has he grown bored of this; if anything, his interest grows with every story he is told. Though he is a curious cub, he rarely feels inclined to interrupt, believing that it ruins to mood of the story. Taala is also very intelligent for one his age. He would be the first in his litter to come up with a plan, if he had interest in such things. However, he spends most of his time listening to his pridemates, so his cleverness is not usually noticed. He has an excellent memory and rarely forgets anything he is told.



Taala is born to Nurisha and Kimbilia. He suckles at his mother's belly, his body molded against her hind leg. His father, Kimbilia, gives him his name.

Hadithi Ya Hodari

Taala serves as the protagonist of the series. He appears in every episode and asks his pridemates for stories.