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Back Lands/Gallery/The Wisdom of Kongwe to Beshte (The Lion King: Revisited)
Beshte (The Lion King: Revisited)/Gallery to Canon Songs/The Lion King
Canon Songs/The Lion King II to Chuluun (Myers' Fanfics)/Trivia
Chuluun (Night gaurd member to Diku (Billy's Fanfics)
Diku (JamesIFan's Fanfics) to Feliks
Feliks (A New Journey) to Grace
Grass Walls to Hila (Relatives of the King)
Hippopotamus to Janja's Den/Gallery/The Fall of Mizimu Grove
Janja's Den/Gallery/The Hyena Resistance to Kamaria
Kamaria (A New Journey) to Kiburi (Katy's Fanfics)
Kiburi (Kenny's Fanfics) to Kitendo (Ava15’s Fanfics)/Trivia
Kitendo (Billy's Fanfics) to Kuta (Tales of Mhina)
Kuta (The Journey of Two Siblings) to Lion king relationships
Lion king theam songs to Makucha (Myers' Fanfics)
Makucha (PaulRhineII's Fanfics) to Mboga (A New Journey)
Mbuni to Mountain Pass/Gallery/Little Old Ginterbong
Mountain Pass/Gallery/Long Live the Queen to Mwoga (The Lion Guard : War Without Borders)
Mwoga (The Lion Guard War Without Borders to Ni (A New Journey)
Ni (Ava15’s Fanfics) to Nzee (The Lion Guard War Without Borders)
Nzolo to Pasha (The Leopon Legacy)/Relationships
Pasha (The Leopon Legacy)/Trivia to Pua (Percy’s Fanfics)
Pua (Return To Pride Rock) to Reirei (Billy's Fanfics)
Reirei (Billybug) to Scar (Relatives of the King)
Scar (Sapphirejas’s Semi Canon) to Simba's Pride (The Leopon Legacy)
Simba's Pride (The Lion King: Revisited) to Sun Rise Ch. 6
Sun Rise Ch. 7 to Tenuk (A New Journey)/Relationships
Tenuk (A New Journey)/Trivia to The Lion Guard: A Grandmother's Support
The Lion Guard: A Grandmother’s Devotion to The Lion Guard: An Intense Argument
The Lion Guard: An Intense Brotherhood to The Lion Guard: Helping Willow
The Lion Guard: Hope Restored to The Lion Guard: Rafiki's Support
The Lion Guard: Rafiki’s Devotion to The Lion King: Vitani’s Pain
The Lion King (Luxlenchner) to Till the Pride Lands End
Tim'ka to Twiga (Ava15’s Fanfics)/Relationships
Twiga (Ava15’s Fanfics)/Trivia to Verlig Pride
Vermillion: part one to Yun-Mibu
Yun-Mibu's Forest to Ākāśa (Tales of Mhina)
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