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Falcons and Mongooses

Snakes are animals that appear in The Lion King franchise.


Snakes are carnivorous reptiles that swallow their food whole. They may feed on rodents, birds, lizards, fish, insects, eggs, or even larger mammals such as deer or antelope. Depending on the species, some snakes may kill this prey using a venomous bite(venom is injected through hollow fangs), such as a black mamba, while others will constrict their prey until it succumbs to pressure or lack of oxygen, such as African rock pythons.

Female snakes lay eggs, and though these eggs are often abandoned, some species have been known to remain with them and guard them. This is common in pythons, most of which will curl around their clutches until they hatch, departing only for sunlight or water.

Some snakes are arboreal, residing in trees, while others remain on the ground. Certain species of snake are semi-aquatic, spending some of their time in water. These species include the banded water cobra, Naja annulata, and the common brown water snake, Lycodonomorphus rufulus.


Snakes display a variety of colorations, and traits differ from species to species. All snakes, however, are covered with scales, have forked tongues, and do not possess legs or eyelids. The longest species of snake is the reticulated python, while the Barbados thread snake is the smallest species.

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