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Shanti is the daughter of Kiara and Kovu. She was born in a litter of three. She was first born, though and her brother and sister were born 5 minutes after she was. Her paternal grandparents are Kojo and Zira. Her maternal grandparents are Simba and Nala. Her siblings are Chaka, Nama, Dembo, Sahala and Mai. She is the future queen.


Shanti looks like a mix between her mom and her aunt. She is a light tan with a little orange. She has electric blue eyes and has an Outlander nose like all her siblings.


Shanti is like an independent princess. She sometimes argues with her brother, Chaka, who thinks he would be a better king. She is clever, like when Zazu was babysitting her she tricked him into telling Kovu and Kopa the hyenas were in the Pridelands. She then went to the Outlands to explore. She was punished for lying but she kept on doing it, and soon she later learned how to lie without getting in trouble. Sometimes, when nobody's looking, her mother compliments her on her lying.