Shani is a young, "teen-aged" zebra as found in Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain.

Shani is a funny but gullible zebra who happens to be Manzi's best friend. He makes friends easily and seems to always have a hint of mischief about him. Though he is pretty sensible and can be pessimistic, Shani can be talked or bribed into just about anything.

Shani has large, alternating black and brown stripes running along his back, on his shoulders, and the upper parts of his legs. Shani has a black blaze on his face, outlined by a small stripe that ends at his dark brown muzzle. He also has green eyes and a scraggly gray mane.

Lord of the Plain

Shani was with Manzi when she discovered the orphan cub Garoe. They had been hiding under a tree waiting for a rainstorm to stop when Manzi spotted the lonely cub. After she convinced Garoe that she could be trusted, Manzi introduced him to Shani. Shani caught on to Manzi's plan before she spoke. He didn't want to taxi both of them, especially since he didn't know Garoe. However, after nearly a half-hour of convincing from Manzi, Shani accepted the proposal.

Nevertheless, Shani's worst fears were realized when Garoe started to slip off his back when he picked up the pace. Garoe's claws dug deep, therefore prolonging the eventual bond of trust between the two. After Manzi, set Garoe upright, Shani continued on, but with a smoother pace. After Shani dropped Manzi and her new friend off at her pride's resting place, he went out onto his section of the savanna. It was the where the lionesses of Antonio's pride had told him to sleep so he wouldn't be mistaken for another zebra.

The next morning, Manzi informed Shani that Antonio and his mate, Dafini, had accepted Garoe into the pride. Shani, though uninterested, told Manzi that he was happy for Garoe, but sensed that the strange cub was nothing but bad luck and trouble.