Saka Sefu

Saka Sefu hunts for Peter in the jungle.

Saka Sefu is a Deinonychus (terrible claw)/Afrovenator (african hunter) hybrid from Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain. He is a bounty hunter and a some-time assasin. He sometimes rivaled Qymaen and other times teamed up with him. Saka is also known by his nick-name "Hammerhead" and his wise cracking, cocky personality.

He has the size proportions like a Deinonychus, and inherited the "killing claw" on each of his feet. He has mostly the same, slim body type as an Afrovenator, including the small line of triangular crests on the back of his neck. Saka has reddish scales with zebra-like stripes in a pattern. He wears a bullet belt and a hat that almost covers his cat-like, yellow eyes.

Lord of the Plain

After being hired by Murali to work with Qymaen, Saka was more than exhasperated when their quarry escaped; no thanks to Jabari who intervened just in time. Qymaen relied on Saka to pick up Peter's scent in the thick undergrowth, but the raptor couldn't find a trace of him. Tired and frustrated, Saka pressed that they search elsewhere. With no leads, Qymaen had to agree.

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