A sketch by me of Rushwa

Rushwa is the rouge lion in my Fanfic story (inspired by the song Bullet with Butterfly Wings, not because of the lyrics, just the tone of the song). He was abandoned by his father and never had met his mother. He was often made fun of by the other members of his pride, so he ran away. He kept running, until one day, he meets Akili and Kubwa while they are playing and asks where they are from. Frightened, Akili hides behind Kubwa. Kubwa tells Rushwa to stay away, but Rushwa insists that he means no harm, but Kubwa claws Rushwa and runs back to pride rock with his twin sister. Rushwa then picks up his scent and follows it to pride rock. Rushwa attempts to persuade Kovu, who is now king, that he just wants a pride where he can fit in. While Kovu does belive him, but puts him through a series of tests to prove himself. After passing the many trials, he marries Vitani, and finally learns to enjoy life with his new wife and pride


Rushwa has a black mane which is smoothed down over his right eye. He also has tawny fur and brown eyes.


Rushwa often refers to himself to be "Mentally Scared," because he was abused by his father as a cub, leading to his running away. He often cries to himself when no one is around, and is said to be a "Buzzkill" due his depressing personality. When made fun of, Rushwa often admits the insult is true, or just ignores who is making fun of him.