Qymaen is a male cheetah found in Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain. A ruthless mercenary and assasin, Qymaen made his living by taking in any quarry that he's hired to.

Qymaen's harsh personality is matched only by his rival and some-time partner, Saka Sefu, a Deinonychus/Afrovenator hybrid.

Lord of the Plain

Born in the Sahara desert, Qymaen's cubhood was spent in harsh conditions that hardened his hide and strengthened his body and mind. The fate of his parents is unknown, but for reasons known only to himself, Qymaen left the desert as an adolesent and made his way to the lush grasslands, wearing a strange skull-mask. The orgins of the mask are unknown, but it was rumored that Qymean inherited it. The mask is ivory-colored, bares tusks, and is painted with lion's blood.

Sometime later, Qymaen started making his living in the savanna by eliminating creatures for a price. Rumor had it that he worked for the dark Snow Liger, Murali.