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After discovering the Pridelands with the help of a lion named Kao, and taking it back from a hyena clan, Nubia and Kao became the first Queen and King of the pridelands. Soon Nubia and her sisters, Safia and Abeda started producing cubs. Together these lion formed the first lion pride in the pridelands for years.

Demisse Reign

After The death of Nubia and Kao there eldest cub Demisse,Who was two years old at the time became king.When For Years old he and a female,Nia Had twin cubs but Nia gave birth to them away from PrideRock and asleep.Demisse,who did'nt want his cubs fighting for the position.But a few years later Demisse took his Teenage sons away from priderock and made Negasi walk to the North of him while Negash walked to the west of him and when demisse died his body turned into a border which seperated the brothers where they would start their prides.Nagash won priderock and half of the lioness stayed with him while the other half helped Negasi form his pride.

Chaka Reign As king of western pride

When king Chaka,Negash's son,was old he only had two cubs Tamtriat and Tamu.They were his only surviving cubs and As he was getting old he couldn't hang on to the teretory for long and when a male lion came to mate with the females they killed Chaka and Tamtriat and Tamu's mother gave the cubs to The King of the Eastern,Sultan so they wouldn't be killed.

Sultan reign as king of the Eastern pride

The kind humble King Sultan was 5 years younger then His cousin Chaka.When he found Tamtriat and Tamu he helped them by letting them stay in the pride.His son Akia became good friends with the two new cubs.Sultan was king until he retired and was able to see the birth of his grandson.He died after a fight with some hyenas.

Tamtrait's Reign

When full grown Tamtrait left the Eeastern pride and found a lioness Named Aza and her son Obi. Aza conviced Tamtrait to Return to The Western Pridelands and take back his thrown. He did Just That and killed the Residant males And He and Aza became King and Queen of the land again.Soon they had Mohtou and Akin. Tamtrait loved all his sons and was a great grand father to Obi's Daughter, Subura.

Akia"s Reign

As a cub Akia was good friends with Tamtriat and tamu.when His father died and Tamtriat left to get back his own kingdom,he and Tamu Became king and queen of the eastern Pridelands.They had four cubs but the oldest,Tau was his heir.Akin was a bit of a care-free king but when trouble threatened his pride or family,Akia was a well trained mean,lean Fighting machine.Akia also is caring an a powerful ally. No wonder he and Tamtriat are still friends.