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Pride Lands
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Pride Lands
Pride Landers
The Lion King

The Lion King II
The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

The Lion Guard

The Pride Lands are an African territory controlled by a pride of lions known as Simba's Pride.

Physical Attributes

The Pride Lands is very lush and bursting with life. Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls are scattered throughout, as well as groves of acacia and baobab trees. Boulders are common sights.

There are multiple water sources, including waterfalls and ponds. The lands become lush and green during the rainy season. There is a large gorge that splits a part of the lands. One of its most notable structures is a rock known as Pride Rock.

Appearances in Fanfictions

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  • In the real world, it is situated in the Serengeti, a region in northern Tanzania.


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