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Right angle
Moyo Hodari Pride
Strength of Heart
Close Relations
Askari(brother) Lubaya(mate) Zafarani(daughter)
A Friendly Lion

Pembemraba is a male lion and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride.


Pembemraba is a short lion, without any of the height and ranginess present in the build of his brother, Askari. He has rather sharp features, like many lions in the Moyo Hodari Pride. He is stronger than he looks, with powerful legs; the strength in his hind legs was passed onto him by his ancestors, but he gave his forelegs their well-muscled quality by play-fighting with Askari. His coat is soft and long, but fairly thin. It is a dark spice color, paler on his muzzle and underbelly. Because of its length, he has excess fur hanging from his face in near-perfect right angles on either side. His small, pointed ears are rimmed with darker fur. He has dull gray-blue eyes, set far apart. Located just past the interior edge of each are two darker spots. His whiskers are dark brown, and his nose is russet brown. He has a long, wavy mane with a silky texture.


Pembemraba is a conscientious lion, doing his very best to serve his pride and his family. He is sedulous and careful, afraid to make a mistake and messing up. He does not like to be left behind, and is always eager to be doing something important, such as fighting off invaders. He is very determined and never surrenders unless he is forced to or ordered to. When left behind or alone, he grows anxious, preferring to be with others in order to help them and take part in the action. He is overly confident about his skills, believing himself able to take on anything, and does not like to be bossed around because he believes that those who give him orders believe that they are superior to him. Though usually honest, he is willing to lie if he must. He occasionally wonders what it would be like to hunt large animals, and has considered joining hunts. However, he has yet to do actually act upon his curiosity.


Early Life

Pembemraba was born and raised in the Moyo Hodari Pride, along with his brother Askari. He was always watched over by Askari, who behaved liked Pembemraba's official protector since their birth.

Strength of Heart

Pembemraba, an adolescent, is called by Hodari to look for a rogue. When Kimeta joins them, she notices Hodari's hesitance and points out that she is a better fighter than Pembemraba. Angered by this, he growls at her. With Kimeta coming along, the group follows two members of Sikiza's drove to the place where a hare was dragged away by the rogue. Hodari catches lion scent and remarks that it seems the rogue has been found. Pembemraba asks if he is sure, and Kimeta tells him that there is no other explanation.

Pembemraba later is sent on a patrol with Ushidi, Elewa, and Nguruma.