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Ufa(father) Pili(brother)
A Friendly Lion

Pacha is a lioness cub.


Pacha is small and round-faced, with a naturally heavy build. Her legs are short, the reason behind her low height. Her muzzle is short and thick, with small milk teeth. She has large ears, a large nose with a bridge that is darker than the rest of her fur, and a wide forehead. She has a cream-colored coat, thick and soft, that is kept neat and orderly. However, on her chest and ears, it is fuzzy and refused to be smoothed or flattened. Her muzzle and underbelly are slightly paler, and spots, darker than those normally seen on a lion cub, are scattered across her legs and atop her head. Between her ears, her fur fluffs up, curving slightly towards the middle. Her expressive eyes are a very deep blue-green with a slight gray tint, giving them a stormy appearance.


Pacha was once a bright and playful cub, like many animals of her age. However, after being brutally driven out of her home with her mother and brother, she became afraid to even peek out from between her mother's legs, where she often stays. She conveys her emotions with her eyes, and does not like to vocalize her feelings. She does not complain about their life, but she greatly longs for the life she once had. She dislikes water, but has grown used to staying in uncomfortably damp areas and does not speak up about her distaste for it. Her mother and her twin brother Pili are the only animals she trusts and believes are good. Seeing her mother ruthlessly attacked has convinced her that all others animals are bad and care only about themselves.


Early Life

Pacha once lived a happy, peaceful life with a small pride composed of a single male, Pacha's father, Pacha's mother, two other lionesses- one of which was Pacha's aunt- and the two cubs. The third lioness was in fact Pacha's cousin, a young female who was everyone's friend in the pride, especially Pacha's. One day, another pride attacked them and drove them away, blinding the male in one eye and killing the young lioness. Pacha, horrified at seeing her friend killed, stood frozen with terror. Her mother picked her up by the scruff and carried her away, while Pili ran alongside them.

They just barely carved out a life for themselves, living at the edge of what was now the enemy pride's territory. Pacha's mother kept them safe while she scavenged for food by placing them in old burrows, which were usually wet and cramped. Pacha's mother usually returned empty-pawed, as the pride was hunting most of the nearby prey. Pacha's mother did her best to feed them all, but eventually was only able to sustain herself. Pacha and Pili starved to death.