The One-Scratch-and-Spotted-Field is a fictional place within the world of The Lion King. It's the home of the fancharacters Damy and Deirdre.
The name is strange, since it concerns a fairly normal forest.

The One-Scratch-and-Spotted-Field is mainly inhabited by meerkats who wished to escape their destiny of hiding into holes from predators. That makes the location similar to Hakuna Matata. It was never visited by common threats, like lions, hyenas and humans, but one day a vampiremeerkat named Cheekah moved in and started terrorizing the residents. Afterwards, her son Damy took over for her.

While Damy is the top cause of death and fear in the once peaceful community, the forest is still inhabited, though everyone tries to put more distance between them and Damy's house.

The meerkats mainly live in or under trees and rocks, which they transformed into living spaces the best they could.

As Timon was able to travel from his original home to this place (see: Deirdre's story), it's implied that it's located in Africa, though it raises the question if it's actually a "forest" then.

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Damy's house

Outside of the forest is a neverending field with high dry grass; this is where Damy's house is located. It looks like a small rectangular, box-like castle, which naturally stands out.

Damy's house is humanlike and has furniture, electricity, water, gas/a boiler and a sewer system. It was built on request of his mother, who was born and raised in the vampire world, where these things are normal. The home is connected to the vampire world, which allows for these modern features to exist.

Deirdre's house

Deirdre lives under a big rock with a tree stump, somewhere in the middle of the forest. After she moved in with Damy, she pretty much abandoned her house. The both of them visit it occasionally.


  • The name "One-Scratch-and-Spotted-Field" comes from the artist's mother, who once called a dirty, scratched movie DVD the "One-Scratch-and-Spotted-Field".
  • Before Damy and Deirdre became an official duo, Damy's house was described to be on a floating island just outside this forest.

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