Monarchy of the Pridelands
Grandniece of Simba and Nala
Shaman Apprentice of Pride Rock

Nita is the daughter of Kora and Vitani.


Nita's pelt is brown, while her muzzle and underbelly are paler in color. Her eyes are brown.


Nita is described as warmhearted and affectionate.

She is also very optimistic and friendly.

Nita is also very trustworthy, and is skilled at keeping promises to her friends and loved ones.


Father: Kora

Mother: Vitani

Sister: Marigold

Granduncle: Simba

Grandaunt: Nala

Great-Grandmothers: Sarafina and Sarabi

Great-Grandfather: Mufasa

Great-Great-Grandparents: Ahadi and Uru

Maternal Grandparents: Atka and Zira

Maternal Great-Grandmother: Dara

Maternal Uncle: Kovu

Maternal Aunt: Kiara

Cousins: Denahi and Belee

Maternal Half-Uncle: Nuka

Paternal Grandmother: Kata

Paternal Aunt: Maya


  • Her best friends are Belee and Kia.
  • Her non-lion best friends are Makini and Anga.
  • Nita’s the second-youngest cub in the pride.
  • She enjoys spending time with Pula.
  • Nita has an affectionate relationship with Bemba.
  • She is close to Tiifu and Zuri.
  • Nita doesn't know about Kion and Fuli's relationship.
  • She is very skilled at organizing and identifying herbs. 
  • Nita is very proud to be Rafiki’s apprentice. 
  • She has a very close friendship with Midnight
  • Nita is close to Timon, Pumbaa, and Ma
  • She refused Nala’s offer to be taught how to hunt. 
  • Nita has a very good relationship with Jelani and Dalila.  
  • She has a very close relationship with Kenai.  
  • Nita refused Naanda’s offer to be taught fighting techniques.  
  • She is friends with Bhati and Leaf.  
  • Nita is afraid of crocodiles.
  • She has a very close relationship with Mosi.
  • Nita doesn’t get along with Nefu.
  • She has a close relationship with Chumvi anKula
  • Nita and Rafiki have a very close relationship.
  • She has a good relationship with Zazu.
  • Nita’s aquatinted with KaribuFikiri, and Kitendo.
  • She and Belee are friends with Kambuni.
  • Nita and Kia are acquainted with Ameba.
  • She can sense the tension created by Kata and Maya.
  • Nita is friends with Kwato.
  • She is acquainted with Zarah, Rasha, and Anda.
  • Nita enjoys spending time with Makini and Mosi.
  • She and Belee are acquainted with Binga.
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