"You want me to get my dad on you then? He killed lions before!"
—Nira to Kamba

Nira is Kovu and Kiara's eldest child in the fanfiction the returning evil and dark hours, both made by Yourfaceomg. His younger siblings are twins Hasira (male) and Jasiri (female) and his mate is Shemba towards the end of the returning evil.

Appearance and personality

Nira is described as a spitting image of Kovu, and has brown eyes like Kiara and his grandfather Simba. He is shown to be clumsy and physically weak, being described as a 'scrawny underweight lion,' He shows his caring and protective side when defending his family and long term friend, Shemba.

He is also shown to have a resentment towards being king.

The returning evil

"Oh shut it you!"

Nira to Kamba.

He has a major role in the returning evil. He is born in the third chapter of the story. Nira, although unable to admit it until halfway through chapter 12, is shown to have feelings for his friend Shemba who quickly becomes his mate. He participates in the rescue of Kiara, who a possesed Kamba captured. He is shown to like his grandfather very much and unable to win any fight he undergoes.

The dark hours

"Dad, I'm not going to prove I can kill by just killing for no reason! That's homicide and I won't do it!"

Nira to Kovu

He has a far smaller role in this story. He eventually provokes Kovu to attack him by insulting his family. Kovu slashes him across the face and is immediatley yelled at by Nira. He dies in the second chapter when Kamba kicks him into a river and he drowns.