Night Pride: Jacked Mind is a crossover fanfic written by billybug


Dr Blowhole Mind Jacks King Kion's Mind leading Queen Rani to trust 4 Brotherly Penguins 


  • Dr Blowhole
  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico 
  • Private


(In Dr Blowhole's Lair)

Dr Blowhole:I must have that Lion's Roar so I can be the most powerful villain so set sail to the Tree of Life

(At the tree)

Ullu:Queen Rani, King Kion i spotted a strange dolphin coming up here 

King Kion:Come on let's go stop him

Dr Blowhole:Too Late, I'm here and say goodbye to your memories King Kion (Mind Jacks Kion)

Queen Rani:NO!!!!

Dr Blowhole:Yes, now I have complete control of the Roar 

Queen Rani:You're an evil dolphin

Queen Rani:I need a way to gain info about that dolphin that jacked Kion

Pinguino:Hey Queen Rani You looking for info about a dolphin

Queen Rani: Yes

Pinguino:Well I just happen to know 4 Penguins who can answer that 

Queen Rani:Great Show me to them

Pinguino:Okay Penguins come on out

(Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private appear)

Queen Rani:Wha- Who are u 

Skipper:We are an elite penguin team that you'll need to rescue your lion Friend I'm Skipper that's Kowalski and That's Rico and That's Private 

(More Quotes coming soon)

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