Name Neo
Meaning None (named after the character in The Matrix)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) The Graveyard/Mountain Pride (crown prince)
Close Relations

Son of Kijinga and Ni.

Neo is a minor character in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page). He is the crown prince of The Graveyard/Mountain Pride, as well as the heir to the throne, by Kijinga's recomendation, and Zira's decision. She announced this much to Kijinga's excitement, although Neo didn't appear very interested. He will not be included in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.

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Neo is a teenage lion with the heavy, strong build of a Pridelander lion (smiliar to Simba's), as well as the nose of one. His coat is pure black, and his underbelly is a dark gray. Neo has fluffy cheek tufts, and unusual white ear-rims, as well as light gray inner-ears. His eyerims are slightly different shades of gray from each other. His mane is bi-colored: gray, like his mother's tail tuft, and brown, like his father's mane. His whiskers are long and scraggly. Neo's nose is a bright pink, and his eyes an intense blue.

It is revealed in Neo's cubhood picture that his tail tuft if brown, he has brown pawpads and Outlander claws, which he got from Kijinga.


Neo's personality isn't gone into, but he seems to be the strong silent kind. He both wants to be king, and doesn't really care. He is able to follow some rules, responding to Zira when she asks him 'what have I taught you?', and seems to care for his mother, as seen in chapter 11, when he tries to save her from Banzai. In the picture of him and Ni, it is aparent that they were seemingly close.


Although Neo is only mentioned a pawfull of times, if it weren't for him, Zira wouldn't have tried to invade the Pridelands at the time she did.


  • Zira was seemingly planning to wed Neo to either her grand-daughter, Upelelezi, or her grand-daughter, Speckles.
    Neo and ni

    Cub Neo, and his father, Ni

  • Neo, like all of the lions in his pride, has a cockney/newyorker kind of accent.
  • Neo is named after the main character from the The Matrix films.
  • Neo is Ni's (and Kijinga's) son.
  • He is one of the few lions to have cheek tufts.
  • Neo somewhat resembles Vitani and Nuka (his eyes and cheek tufts/whiskers), as well as Malka (his bi-colored mane)
  • Neo's design, like his mother's, gets some inspiration from Spear and Makenna.

Kijingi, Neo's mother.