Musa is the Outsider son of Scar and Zira. He is genetically Kondo's cousin. His brothers are Nuka and Kovu, and his sister is Vitani. He looks like his father as a cub and as a teenager and he looks like his grandfather, Kalamu, as an adult. He is the nephew of Simba and Nala.


Father: Scar| Scar

Mother: Zira

Siblings: Nuka, Kovu, and Vitani

Uncle and Aunt: Simba and Nala

Cousins: Kiara, Kondo and Kopa

Grand Uncle and Grand Aunt: Mufasa and Sarabi

Great Grandparents: Ahadi and Uru

Great Great Grandparents: Mohatu and Lara

Mate: Zafira

Children: Vlad

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