Meaning Heart
Gender Male
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Rouge (currently)
Pridelanders (later)
Close Relations Future Mate of Mara

Moyo is a character in Kiara_M249's fanfiction Lion King 4: Journey Begun.


Moyo has similar features to male Pridelanders, with light brown/tan fur and his Pridelander nose. Though shares two common traits with the Outsiders, his dark eye shades and dark mane. Moyo has blue eyes, and a reddish pink nose. His mane is swept back, he seems to be Mara's age.

Moyo seems to resemble a lot from Leo, a lion from Vulture Shock, with his brown mane, light tan fur, and red nose. Though having these similarities, it has not been revealed if he is family/related to him or not.


Not much is revealed yet, just that he doesn't know how to hunt well, but he is very outgoing and is very friendly, and a little bit shy.

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