"G'day, Mate. The Name's Mhina. "
-Mhina introduction

Mhina is a teenage male leopon who is the leader of the Heshima Leap. He is the son of Ajani and Ayo, the brother of Tatu and Kicheko, the adopted brother of Kopa, the mate of Kion, and the King of Leopon Plains.



As a young cub, Mhina's appearance is the same as when he is older cub. Except he doesn't have the marking on his muzzle.

Older Cub/Early Teen

Mhina has a pale tannish brown coat, lighter tan muzzle and underbelly and light sky blue eyes.  A mask of dark fur rises from his muzzle. He has a Diamond mark on his Chest. His rosettes are light tan color outlined in a darker tan. He has Light tan colored paws, a red nose.

Teenager/Young Adult 

As an teenager, Mhina is more stocky, well-built. His fur color is the same as his younger appearance. He has a scar across his right eye.


Mhina Pushing Kion Into the Waterfall

Mhina playfully pushing his mate Kion into the water

Mhina is an intelligent Leopon and has excellent photographic memory. He is also very playful and mischievous, often using his abilities to shape-shift into others for fun. Despite this, Mhina's got a good heart and will go to great lengths for his friends, not backing down no matter what.

As a Teenager, Mhina is very curious about the world and didn't want to become king. Just like his friend Rani, Mhina can be quite short-tempered and is incredibly stubborn, assuming things before thinking it through. He can be a confident in his fighting skills, such as when he told Kion and his friends that he is the best fighter in leopon plains. Mhina is also shown to be excitable and curious, but at the same time, he struggles with the weight of his new leadership role.

Mhina is very friendly, kind, and caring to all his subjects, whom he considers as his friends.


The Journey of Two Siblings

Chapter 1: An Exciting Journey


Chapter 2: An Intense Meeting 




  • Ajani: Father
  • Ayo: Mother
  • Tatu: Sister
  • Kicheko: Brother
  • Kopa: Adopted Brother
  • Uhuro, Kabili, Nuru, Ushindi, and Ogelea: Adoptive Sons
  • Malkia and Uzima: Adopted Daughters
  • Kion: Mate


"You’ll make a great King one day."
-Mhina to his adopted son, Uhuro
"Of course. Anything for Rani and her pride. Kopa, gather the rest of the Leap! Tell them we are fighting alongside Rani to stop Makucha and his Army!"
-Mhina to Kopa
"So, Lion Guard, this is goodbye. Thank you for helping me defend Leopon Plains. I consider each of you a member of my Leap."
-Mhina to the Lion Guard when they leave
Mhina: "I’m glad the Roar has returned to Leopon Plains again."
Kion: "This time, to stay."


  • Cub Mhina is voiced by Henry Kaufman, While Teenage Mhina is voiced by Cade Sutton and Adult Mhina is voiced by Christopher Jackson.
  • In terms of "not taking a mate", Mhina is more attracted to males.
  • Mhina made a rule for himself to never fall in love with anyone. However, he ends up abolishing the rule once he becomes mates with Kion.
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