I need to find my own destiny, Kion. Not one that is already laid out for me.
— Mhina to Kion

Mhina is the son of Ajani and Ayo, brother of Kicheko and Tatu, and the leader of the Heshima Leap.

Initially a prince, he has since taken his father's place as the current King of Leopon Plains. He is the mate of Kion.



As a little cub, Mhina's appearance almost looked the same to what he is now.

Older Cub/Early Teen

Mhina has a pale tannish brown coat, lighter tan muzzle and underbelly and light sky blue eyes.  A mask of dark fur rises from her muzzle. He has a Diamond mark on his Chest. His rosettes are light tan color outlined in a darker tan. He has Light tan colored paws, a red nose and two white sharp fangs. He has a ridge of Tan and Brown fur running along his head and upper neck.

Teenager/Young Adult

As an teenager, Mhina is more stocky, and well-built. Despite being the same age as Kion, Mhina is slightly taller than him. His fur color is the same as his younger appearance since he is not a adult yet.


Mhina is an intelligent Leopon and has excellent photographic memory. He is also very playful and mischievous, often using his abilities to shape-shift into others for fun. Despite this, Mhina's got a good heart and will go to great lengths for his friends, not backing down no matter what.

As a Teenager, Mhina is very curious about the world and didn't want to become king. He is shown to be incredibly stubborn and insists he can take care of himself, when in reality he is not capable of doing so. He gets easily irritated when kion thinks he needs help.

Though he is scared of lions, he is willing to give them his assistance, as seen when he saves Kion and Nguruma from quicksand.


Of The Same Leap

 Chapter 1 - The Kindness of Strangers


Chapter 2 - An Incredible Journey


Chapter 3 - Encountering the Kgosi Pride


Chapter 4 - Exploring Leopon Plains

"I thought a demonstration would be the best way to convince you. Even in this kingdom, it is not quite paradise."

-Mhina to the Lion Guard


Mhina takes kion and his friends a tour around the kingdom, and Mhina shows off his visitors to the fantastical creatures of the kingdom. During the tour manages to save Yun Mibu from a falling tree branch


Chapter 5 - Meeting the Night Pride


Chapter 6 - Operation: Training


Chapter 7 - Rescuing Friends

After being absent for the morning patrol, Kion decides to go check out what's going on. Once the Lion Guard makes it to Chakula Plains, they ask Ajani and Ayo if they have they seen Mhina. Ajani informs them that they haven't seen Mhina all day either, and are starting to get worried. The Lion Guard and the Kgosi Pride start looking for Mhina all over Leopon Plains and ask any animals if they've seen him anywhere.

The python, Chatu, tells them that Reth and his Pride have been terrorizing Mhina's Leap for so long that they flee at the very mention of them.

Chapter 8 - The Extreme Drought


Chapter 9 - Play?

Mhina is extremely busy trying to get his leap ready for the dry season. Kion and his Guard are willing to help him, but Mhina tells Kion to stay out of their way. He later tries to catch fish from his leap's Pond for the dry season


Chapter 10 - An Epic Confrontation


Chapter 11 - Where the Bad Ones Go


Chapter 12 - Traitor!


Chapter 13 - Into the Leopard's Lair


Chapter 14 - Broken Hearts


Chapter 15 - Sleep Tight, Lions Bite

Kion Rani roar

Mhina has a bad dream where he sees Rani with Kion at the Tree of Life, which leaves him confused. Mhina also sees that Kion has a scar across his eye, remembering that he saw it in a painting before. He then watches as both Kion and Rani let out the coronation roar.

As it turns out, Mhina is having a nightmare. He then turns to his plush and hugs it while tearing up. He then goes outside, where he talks to Lenga about what happened.


Chapter 16 - A Special Introduction


 Chapter 17 - Meeting Simba's Pride


Chapter 18 - Scars


Chapter TBA - A Special Love

Kion Seeks advice from the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa, about whether he should return to the Pride Lands or not. He explains that he could use more training with the Roar of the Elders and that the Kgosi Pride needs help protecting leopon Plains. Mufasa tells Kion to choose the path that is best for him.

Khina Post Kiss Blush
Mhina approaches and comments that he and Kion make a good team. The two travel around the territory together and confess their love for one another ("Of the Same Pride"). Afterward, Mhina asks Kion if he will be his king and Mhina kisses him. However, before he can answer, Bunga approaches them to tell them that Makucha and his army are attacking.


Chapter TBA - An Amazing Wedding



"That's why I'm never falling in love, Lenga. I can take care of Leopon Plains on my own."
-Mhina to Lenga
"I thought a demonstration would be the best way to convince you. Even in this kingdom, it is not quite paradise."
-Mhina to the Lion Guard
"You might wonder what makes the Tree of Life and Leopon Plains such a special place. As you can see, these kingdom are the home to every kind of habitat"
KionWhy couldn't lions and Leopons become friends too?
MhinaWe are friends, aren't we? And now, catch me if you can!
—Mhina and Kion

I sprained my leg while on my patrol. I need you to take my place until it feels better.




  • Ayo: Mother
  • Ajani: Father
  • Kopa: Adopted Brother
  • Tatu: Sister
  • Kicheko: Brother
  • Nguruma: Brother-in-law
  • Kiara: Sister-in-law
  • Simba: Father-in-law
  • Nala: Mother-in-law
  • Mufasa and Hasani: Grandfathers-in-law
  • Sarabi and Sarafina: Grandmothers-in-law
  • Patch: Uncle
  • Shabaha: Aunt
  • Naanda, Diku, and Dwala: Aunts-in-law
  • Mheetu: Uncle-in-law
  • Adoptive Sons: Ushindi, Nuru, Uhuro, Ogelea, and Kabili
  • Adoptive Daughters: Malkia and Uzima


  • Mhina is voiced by Cade Sutton. Henry Kaufman voices him as a cub, and Christopher Jackson provides his singing voice.
  • Mhina's catchphrase, Tupigane, means Let's fight in Swahili.
  • He enjoys exercising his mind, and is skilled at organizing scavenger hunts. He also enjoys singing and has a lovely voice.
  • Mhina has a fear of Snakes and Spiders and is allergic to bird feathers and would sneeze when the feathers touches his nose. However mhina never sneezed once when he is around Ono or Anga. This may imply that Mhina is only allergic to certain types of feathers.
  • Afraid to go through what his grandparents went through, Mhina made a rule for himself to never fall in love with anyone. This changes when he falls in love with Kion.
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