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Masai giraffe
Close Relations
Aste(mate) Choka(son)
A Friendly Lion

Mgunga is a female Masai giraffe and a member of the herd of giraffes that consists of females and their young living close to the Imeatuka Desert.


Tall and slightly chubby, Mgunga is a rather distinctive animal. She has oddly thick legs that resemble acacia trunks and wide black hooves. She has rather beefy shoulders, broad and muscular, and an even back. Her smooth, short coat is buff-colored, dappled with numerous hickory brown spots. These spots do not have a distinct shape, though they vaguely resemble stars and squares. Her large, deep-set eyes are a dull golden-brown hue, positioned low on her face. She sports large, sleek brown eyebrows the same color as her spots and a tawny brown nose. Her small ears, which are dappled with small brown speckles, have bright pink inside. She has a very weak tawny mane and dark orange ossicones tipped with black. She has a thick tail with a bushy black tuft at the end.


Mgunga is a kind and understanding giraffe. She is somewhat shy, but in spite of this she has several good friends within her herd. She is very generous with praise and can often be seen giving compliments to animals that she hardly knows. Though frightened of predators, she tries to be open-minded with them. She is very often startled when approached from behind or the side. She is hesitant to take risks and prefers to keep herself and her son as safe as possible. She is fairly alert, but can be distracted when having a meal; she quite enjoys eating and spends much of her time with her head in the trees. She still grieves for Choka's father, who was taken down by a persistent leopardess, Jua. However, she is beginning to move past this tragedy, though she has no plans of seeking out a new partner. Though she loves Choka and would die to protect him, she is often annoyed by his spoiled behavior.


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