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Mbuni (The Lion King: The Full Story)
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Black and white feathers, lighter underbelly, white tufts, toned white neck

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Pride Lands


Mbuni's Flock

"Oh, at last. Thank you, 'Lion Guard  Thank you!"
—Mbuni to the Lion Guard

Mbuni is an adult, female ostrich and a minor recurring character in The Lion King: The Full Story. She resides in the Pride Lands where she leads a flock of ostriches.

Mbuni is shown to be kind and respectful, though not a talented singer and is very panicked. During the Kupatana Celebration, Mbuni performed Our Kupatan Community. Years later, she attends Kion's funeral at Mizimu Grove as well as Mheetu's presentation at Pride Rock.

Personality and Traits

Mbuni is shown to be very friendly, empathetic, compassionate, cheerful, and calm at most times ostrich. She is quick to take advice despite how poor it may seem (such as that from Bunga when he believes he is the wisest), and has confessed to being afraid of hyenas. When frightened, she will run in any manner of direction until she finds some sort of solace. Mbuni is also incredibly respectful for her King, Simba, and will bow whenever she is in his presence.

Physical Appearances

Mbuni is shown as a tall, slender, adult, female ostrich. She is shown to have a long neck and orange beak, with brown eyes. She has black and white feathers, alongside having fringed feathers on top of her head. Her beak is shown yellow alongside and with slender greying feet, covered with spots colored the same, though the spots are shown lightly larger. Mbuni's black feathers are outlined white, though before the outline they have a grey outline. She has fringes of white fathers on top of her head alongside grey toes.


The Kupatana Celebration

"Yep! Can't wait!"
—Mbuni to Beshte

Mbuni appears at Mizimu Grove as she is seen rehearsing Our Kupatana Community alongside Twiga, Muhanga, Mtoto's Ma and Basi with Zazu conducting. However, she makes a mistake, with Zazu stopping the rehearsal, correcting Mbuni as they continue to rehearse, with Simba and the Lion Guard listening from afar.

She is then as Beshte wishes her happy Kupatana, Mbuni replying that she can't wait. During Jackal Style, she is seen chasing after Dogo, who is holding her egg and subsequently surrounds Reirei's pack alongside other Pride Landers. She is then seen at the Kupatana Celebration where she officially sings Our Kupatana Community, where she makes no mistakes. She is then seen shocked as Simba confronts Reirei and her pack.

Pride Landers Unite!


Journey of Memories

Mbuni appears in a non-speaking cameo alongside the Pride Landers as she says farewell to the Lion Guard and Kion as they depart to the Tree of Life after Kion and Ono sustained injuries during the battle, bowing.

Return of the King

Some years after Kion's coronation, Mbuni is seen peacefully grazing in the Pride Lands alongside the Pride Landers. However, Makucha and his army attack, Mbuni runs off in terror, leading to Simba declaring a final battle against Makucha's army, Mama Binturong, Smun and Ora. Later, Mbuni attends Kion's funeral at Mizimu Grove and later attends the presentation of Mheetu, Kiara and Kovu's cub's presentation at Pride Rock.

Behind the Scenes



  • Mbuni is voiced by Russi Taylor.
    • Taylor, who voices her in The Lion Guard is dedicated in the film due to her passing.
    • Taylor also voices Muhanga.
  • Mbuni appears in 4 chapters out of 36 in the film.
    • Mbuni speaks in 2 out of the 4 chapters in which she appears in.

In Development

  • Mbuni was to attend Kion's wedding to Rani alongside his coronation, joining in as they sing Our Kupatana Community, the original song that was to be used in the episode.
    • Similarly, Mbuni was to have a speaking role in the same episode, though she was then given a cameo later on in the chapter.
  • Originally, Virginia Watson was to be credited for Mbuni's voice.



  • Our Kupatana Community (partially performed)