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Scientific Name
Mandrillus sphinx

Mandrills are animals that appear in The Lion King franchise.

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Like lions, mandrills are social creatures and live in large groups (one is recorded to have had over one-thousand individuals). These groups are called "hordes" and are led by one alpha male. Their mating season takes place from June to October. They breed every two years.

Mandrills mostly eat invertebrates, such as ants, beetles, termites, crickets, spiders, snails, and scorpions. They will also eat eggs, and occasionally vertebrates, such as birds, tortoises, frogs, porcupines, rats, and shrews.


Mandrills are easily recognized by their olive-colored fur and colorful faces and rumps (though females have duller colors). They are mainly found in tropical rain forests and occasionally woodlands. They are omnivores, but prefer plants over meat since it is easier to access.

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