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This story is on hiatus. This means that the writer of the story is not actively continuing it.
Garoe and Manzi 2008

Manzi (left) comforts Garoe

Lord of the Plain is a unfinished Lion King based fanfiction written by Nala15. The story is set in the savanna of South Africa, and mostly centers on the Savanna Pride.

NOTE: This story is on hiatus. The story will continue when the creator returns to the wiki.



Savanna Pride members:

Antonio: Leader

Dafini: Antonio's mate; second in command

Ruka: Antonio and Dafini's first born son; Taiche and Tibali's half-brother

Mifi: Ruka's little brother; Taiche and Tibali's half-brother

Tanari: Dafini's sister; second-best huntress

Manzi: Tanari's daughter; Shani's best friend

Neona: Tanari's daughter; Manzi's sister

Tibali: Antonio's son; Lumina's oldest son; Neona's boyfriend; Ruka's half-brother

Lumina: Antonio's other mate; third-best huntress

Taiche: Antonio's son; Lumina's younger son; Ruka's half-brother

Naomi: Fourth-best huntress

Kenobi: Naomi and Scar's illegimate son

Zolta: Naomi's younger sister; fifth-best huntress

Chee: Naomi and Zolta's youngest sister, a chion (cheetah/lion)

Maverick: Chee's love interest

Garoe: Antonio and Dafini's adopted son; the heir to The Northern Plains


Kamaria: A teen cheetah female

Kiran: Kamaria's friend

Liam the Messenger: Kamaria's boyfriend and a messenger in the savanna.

Mala: Kamaria's little sister


Shani: An adolesent; Manzi's best friend

Zareb the Wanderer: A strange rogue zebra

Fina: Zareb's former mate

Leia: Fina and Zareb's daughter

Other Characters:

Peter: Fina's adopted son, a lion cub, Leia's "brother"

Likku: A LeCheegre (lion/cougar/cheetah mix); Chee's friend

Jabari: A cougar/lion ninja; nuisanace to Qymaen

Rogue: A lone cheetah; Chee's estranged father

Ethro of the North: A lion guardian of the Northern Plains (deceased)

Norina: A gray lioness; Peter's mother (deceased)


Murali: A snow liger kingpin, Qymaen's employer

Qymaen: A mercinary and assasin cheetah

Saka Sefu: A prehistoric bounty hunter, Qymaen's rival and partner

Katan: Murali's snow liger saber bodyguard and hitman.


Summary: Two cubs from two different prides, who have both lost their parents, find foster familes and new problems; all with a snow liger, a cheetah, and a raptor on their trail.


Peter, while traveling with his mother on the border between the desert and the savanna, was surprised by a creature that was hiding in the tall grass. Frightened, Peter ran to his mother, but the strange, reptilian, bipedal creature blocked his path. Snarling and snapping the creature pushed Peter back until he backed into a large rock. Finally, the creature stopped his attack and turned to look over his shoulder. Peter looked past him to see his mother dead, a masked cheetah standing over her. Peter screamed in denial, but the cheetah and his partner, who called himself Saka, only laughed. As the cheetah approached Peter, he introduced himself as Qymaen, and tells him "that is the last thing that you (Peter) will ever see." Before Qymaen could strike, out of nowhere, a lion-like creature intervened. The tawny creature knocks Qymaen back and surprises Saka, while telling Peter to run.

Peter took a chance and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, leaving his mother's body behind him. He managed to run into a thick forest before Qymaen and Saka were able to catch up to him. Exhausted, he hid in a tree and waited, breath held, for his enemies to pass under him.


Manzi and Shani are taking shelter under a tree from a rain shower when Manzi spots a lone, brown lion cub lying in the grass. Manzi feels sorry for the shy, abandoned cub, who calls himself Garoe and offers to take him back to the Savanna Pride. Shani is reluctant to the idea at first, but with coaxing from Manzi, he decides to let Garoe climb onto his back and ride with Manzi.

Garoe is soon accepted into the pride by lead lioness Dafini, Antonio's mate. Manzi is delighted, as are the other cubs in the pride. Kenobi, however, is not pleased by the outcome. He is hoping to be acepted into the Savanna Pride as Antonio's son, but has yet to do so.


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Climax and End

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