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This is an article for all shippings that are canon in Legends of the Lion Guard Chronicles.



Ajani and Ayo

Ajani mets Ayo. Ajani was very nice and affectionate towards her, which made their relationship become stronger and eventually start loving each other. They get married after a few months of knowing each other, which Ayo becomes the queen consort.

Amira and Koti


Atka and Merah


Bunga and Binga

"Bnga" is a minor ship in the series. Bunga got excited to meet another honey badger. The two bonded over their love for dares. Bunga thinks that Binga is stinkier than him.

Baliyo and Mansa


Denahi and Malka


Duka and Vitu


Fuli And Jasiri

Fuli and Jasiri is a minor pairing.l


Imara and Kasi


Janja and Jasiri

"Jani" is a minor ship in the series. Despite their initial rivalry, once Janja joins Hafsa's Clan, they never stay away from each other for long, and she seems to find him funny, even when he is scared.

Jivin and Maya


Kingiza and Rani

"Kingi" is a secondary ship in the series. Although they're close friends, Rani has strong feelings for Kingiza which started when they first met when they were cubs.  

Rani even helps Kingiza out and is always worry about him whenever he gets hurt or when he does things that are dangerous just to help others. Eventually, Rani asks Kingiza to be her mate. And in Legends of the Lion Guard: A New Journey, Kingiza and Rani become mates.

Kito and Varya


Kopa and Kenai


Kovu and Kiara

Kiara and Kovu are a canon pairing. Kovu is an Outsider lion and Kiara is a lioness princess. They become mates in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. A song featured in the second film, Love Will Find a Way, is centered around the two of them wanting to be together.

Mhina and Kion


Makucha and Chuluun

Makucha and Chulunn are mates.


Nguruma and Mahuluti


Ono and Anga

"Onga" is a minor ship in the series. Anga cares greatly for Ono, and is very supportive and protective of him. Ono is shown to be very attached to Anga, and enjoys spending time with her.

Shimoni and Z'Usho


Simba and Nala

Simba and Nala are a canon pairing. Simba is a lion prince and Nala is a lioness who is betrothed to him. They become mates in The Lion King, and are together in all of the subsequent media. A song featured in the first film, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", is centered around the two of them falling in love.

Surak and Nirmala

Surak and Nirmala are mates.

Tatu and Jiwe



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