This story belongs to NotAGothChick101 and is currently incomplete.

Hunter, Guban, Ahote, and other original characters in this story are hers as well.

Chapter 1: Dawning of a New Era

Simba slept soundly in his cave, his mate by his side. Somewhere nearby, his daughter and son-in-law were also fast asleep. All was peaceful and quiet--when suddenly, a familiar voice whispered his name.
"Simba..." it whispered.
"Father?" Simba said, quietly. He yawned and stretched, then sleepily trotted outside of the cave.
A ghostly figure stood in the sky, looking down at him. Simba trotted towards him and stopped, frozen in place, his eyes widening as he stared up at his father's spirit.
"Simba," Mufasa said, gently. "Your time is nearing. Soon, you shall join me among the stars."
"What is required of me?" Simba asked. "What must I do to be sure that my kingdom is in good hands when I'm gone?"
"Make Kovu the King tomorrow," said Mufasa. "I know you still don't trust him, but you should if you trust me. He has completely turned from his ways. If he ever thinks of going back, Kiara, his beloved, w]ill set him straight. Do not fear."
As Mufasa began to fade, so did Simba's vision, as tears swelled in his eyes.
"See you soon, father..." he choked.
As he continued to stare at the place where Mufasa had just been, Nala came walking out of the cave and stopped beside her mate.
"Nala, my beloved," said Simba. "My time is near. My father spoke to me and said that. And..."
" have to make Kovu the King," Nala finished.
"How did you know that?" Simba asked, turning to her in surprise.
Nala laughed. "Logic," she said.

[To be continued.]