Nala-the protagonist of the story.

Sarafina-Nala,Teka and Mheetu's mom.

Scar-The King of Priderock.

Sarabi-Ex queen and Mother of Ishana and sumai.

Sabona-Sarabi's sister.

Zira-Scar's Queen.

Zingela-Tama's mom.

Chumvi-Sabona's son.

Kula-Sabona's daughter.

Teka-Sarafina and scar's son.

Tama-Nala's best Friend.

Tojo-Zingela's son.

Malika-Zingela's son.

Ishana-Sarabi's Daughter.

Mheetu-Sarafina's son.

Nuka-Scar and Zira's son.

Sumai-Scar and Sarabi's Daughter.

Nubila-Nala's Daughter.

Chapter 1

Nala awoke from her mother's side.Last night Sarafina gave birth to Teka. Scar had most of the Females bring up his cubs. She saw her young cousin Ishana, The sister of the one she loved Sleep peacefully next to the Pregnant Sarabi. "Hey Na." It was her cousin Tojo. "hey To!" The to greeted each other. "hey the others wanna see if you could go out and play with us out on the savannah." Nala nodded and followed Tojo.

All six cubs looked at the Pridelands as they walked. The land's glow was dying along with the land and the herds. "This place is looing like the Elephant gravyard. "said Kula sounding depressed. The cubs saw a couple of hyenas gnawing on some wildebeast bones. "I hate hyenas." Chumvi said in a whisper so the hyenas couldn't hear him.