Scar looked at his lioness headed out to hunt. Nala was with the other cubs babysitting her brother Mheetu. Scar knew he couldn't get rid of the cubs. Their mothers agreed to their safty by baring Scar cubs. Suddenly, Scar was visited by Shenzi. "Boss, we have a problem." "What is it now?" "Some lioness named Zira claimed she's bare you a son." Scar remembered Zira. The lioness and her rouge family he excepted. He excepted her prides new born daughters, too. But just nights before, Zira and him spent glorious nights together, and now she's given birth to his son. This was going to boost up the lionesses respect for their king. "But boss the thing is, the cub's a premmie." Scar's hopes were dashed. A premmie wouldn't survive the night! But then, Scar remebered something: Sarabi was still queen. She could produce healthy cubs that could be his heirs.