Lion Guard: Collision of the Worlds - Written story by Martyna Lwica Gaming (Martyna The Lioness) and Kanapkuba.


the characters from Martyna's universe will join forces with the characters from The Lion Guard : new Beginning universe to defeat Makucha Scar and Zira


From The Lion Guard: New Beginning

Kion (New Beginning)

Jasiri ( New Beginning)

Mohatu daughter of Kion (New Beginning)

Ahadi son of Kion

Simba Junior

Askari son of Kion

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Cadance Flynn

Stacy Hirano

Hiccup the Night Fury

Astrid the Light Fury

Kenai (bear)

Nita (bear)

Koda ( bear cub)

Merida (bear)

Brietta the pegasus

Zosia the wingled unicorn

Jenny Brown

Rani ( New Beginning)

Vitani ( New Beginnig)

Mohatu's Lion Guard

Vitani's Lion Guard

From Martyna's fanfics

  • Kion (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Rani (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Bunga (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Binga (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Fuli (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Azaad (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Beshte (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Lumba-Lumba (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Ono (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Anga (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Hadithi (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Baliyo (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Surak (Martyna's fanfics)
  • Nirmala (Martyna's fanfics)


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