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Scientific Name
Panthera leo
Lions are animals that appear in The Lion King franchise.
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While males can hunt, Lionesses are the main source of the pride's prey. While lacking the magnificent mane of the lion or their heavy muscles, they make up for it with speed and the ability to run longer without being overheated.

A lioness can run about 40 miles per hour and their cooperative nature, highly unusual among the cat family, allows them to take down large game such as buffalo or wildebeest.

When lionesses come into heat, the male lion will indiscriminately mate with all of them to increase the chance of spreading his genes via offspring. Cubs may be born to different mothers and share a father if only one male is present.

Cubs born in the same litter may also have different fathers, especially if the pride that they and their mother are a part of is dominated by more than one male. Even if the litter consists of only two cubs, there is still a chance that they may only be half-siblings, whether their mother mated with a rogue male in addition to the pride male or if the pride consists of two males and the mother mated with both of them.


Physically, lions are a tawny golden color, and are the only cats whose sexes can be told apart at a distance. Males bear thick, shaggy manes of either blond, black, red, or brown, while lionesses are barren around the neck.

Both sexes have a tail tuft, always black in color, though cubs are born without this tuft. Lion eyes are most commonly amber, but brown-eyed, green-eyed, and blue-eyed lions have been observed. Loop

A male lion is roughly twice the weight of a female, being around 420 pounds, while lionesses only weigh about 290. The age of a lion can be told by examining how dark its nose is.

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